Comments for Marvel Artist Accuses MCU of Stealing Artwork, Fans Launch Boycott

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Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Ascender

    If dude is gonna go after Marvel for this, he better pay up to the photographer who did the poster for Robin Hood: Men in Tights. What a joke.

    1. mike murphy

      He can’t they’re paid as contractors and don’t have rights to any of ther work under marvel vor DC same thing happened to Frank Kirby

      1. Fred Caron

        Who is Frank Kirby?

  2. Babs

    Wow a few people on Twitter are upset about something. Stop the presses

    No one cares what they think

    1. Sunny

      Agreed! These articles based on Tweets are getting out of hand.

      It may be a real issue but unless we see how the originals works we’re contracted then this push may not even be merited.

      If it was a work for hire type of thing and Marvel has full ownership then this is nonsense.

      Credit maybe but compensation depends on the original agreement.

      1. Brooke R Elliott

        All Marvel work is work-for-hire. I also find it amusing that these people are only mentioning Aja, who did tge drawings, and not David Hollingsworth, who colored them, and Steve Elipolous who did all the letters. They are equally using their work
        None of it is stealing though because marvel legally owns all of it. Also, no one says any of this when marvel takes inspiration from all the other comics the movies use. Twitter is just hung up on something they know nothing about, as per usual

        1. Fred Caron

          I think you mean Matt Hollingsworth, colorist, and Chris Eliopoulos, letterer.

  3. Ronan Jaldo

    Most of this boycott people thing are just nobodies, just really want to dent the mcu with something bad. I wont boycott something i paid for and enjoy. If Aja is confident, sue disney, either push through and win or reach a settlement.

    I think marvel be like, we already paid you when youre dping the series, that material is licensed to us anyway. The series is done. We can get inspiration or ideas from what we own so there is no harm.

    1. Swarley

      For real. Calling for a boycott because one artist is bent out of shape he’s not getting more money? Gimme a break. I personally will never boycott a show, film, game, or book. I’m experiencing it for the content that’s produced, and don’t care about the real world issues or behind the scenes drama.

  4. Patrick

    How do you boycott a show on a streaming service?
    Disney owns D+ and owns the show. If you have D+ they already have your money whether you watch or not. If you don’t have D+ you probably weren’t going to watch it legally anyways.

  5. Shaun

    Dude needs to stfu and be glad anyone wants to even see his BS. Never heard of the guy till today and I’ll forget about him after this comment.

  6. James

    When you work for a company as for hire and you sign on knowing that your work belongs to them, you have no leg to stand on. You knew what you were getting into. Plus he didn’t create the character and I can make a bet this pose was used before he did his run of it.

  7. PF

    I’ve written a lot of software for a lot of companies. I got paid when I wrote it. They still use the software. Do they owe me money every time they use the software I wrote for them?

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