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Chris Pratt as Star-Lord

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  1. Marie

    When I first read of the Pratt comment, I thought, “Good grief, PEOPLE!” The offense mindset in today’s society is RIDICULOUS! Seems to me the post was a way to publicly thank his wife. In no way was it a slap to Jack or ex wife. Stop reading into things and making up grand delusions to spread.

  2. Cj Brown

    Chris Pratt wrote a heartfelt online post to his 2nd Wife and Daughter – and that’s all.

    Anyone assuming, or comprehending, something else needs to please stop …. and go seek help for yourself (please stay away from Social Networks until you can comprehend without being destructive).

    FYI he won’t, because he’s a nice guy, but Chris Pratt has a Legal right to go after anyone for ‘defamation of character’ (and one of these days? a Celebrity will in order to protect themselves and their families).

    1. Ackbar

      Lol, defamation of character?

      Sure bruh…

      1. Kelly Connerton

        Actually it is defamation of character. especially if he suffers any loss of income because of it.

  3. Cathyd

    Frankly I don’t believe it was a dig at Anna or Jack… people now days want to find fault in everything someone says, it’s ridiculous….. Chris has always showed his love for his kids….. to many people want to use their children from previous marriage’s to get back at the ex’s but I don’t believe that of Chris & Anna! All children are a precious gift from God and you better enjoy and take care of them since they’re only loaned to us by God! From a Mom who has two daughter’s God already took home!

    1. Wife, Mother, daughter

      Yup. And as 2 Timothy 3:13 says “wicked men” (this includes women) “will advance from bad to worse.”
      I’m glad he was able to push through and not let it keep him down. Those people opinions do not matter. Only his wife, family and God matter 💜

    2. Dland

      Dear Sweat CathyD, May our Heavenly Lord & Saviour hold you a bit closer & hold you a lot more longer. Children ARE A GIFT FROM THE LORD & am I ever so Grateful for my 4 grown adult children & Now my Beautiful 8 Grandchildren (with one of them being an Angel up in Heaven as well.) People need big time prayers for All of the unkind words that they share on here and Everywhere. My youngest son was born with a deformity and I didn’t read or see Anything wrong with what he shared about his present wife & new child. It wasn’t a kick in the face to his past wife Anna or to there son Jack. He still Loves his son very much. Nothing has changed, but people get so butt hurt so fast and misconstrue things up just to cause problems. I’d Love to be one of there Friends, Chris & his wife. Ya know why? It’s because they BOTH LOVE & SERVE THE LORD, that’s why 🥳🎉

  4. Brendan F Kelly

    Chris Pratt is a fine man, a nice guy, and OPENLY CHRISTIAN. That last one means a huge number of Twitter Trolls and Tumblrinas and the like are out to cancel him…. no matter what.

    What pitiful and wasted lives they must have to put so much time an energy into this quest… really makes me feel sorry for them.

    1. Raven

      When did all the ugly, nasty & outright mean social media presence become so prevalent? I’d say around 2016, when it was an everyday occurrence from the president, but that’s just my observation.

      1. Bob

        It’s an erroneous observation. Nastiness predated Trump. That’s just your bias showing.

      2. Kent A Harris

        Raven, intetrolls and hatred were around long before “orange man bad with mean tweets”.
        Please check your obvious bias at the door.

      3. Rich

        Trump dog whistle is getting old as Virginia found out.

      4. Bri

        You’re right, forget these guys

      5. Badwqlf

        Think you meant the Obummer president who basically torn the country apart and gave justification of the hatred on social media by telling them they were right to hate.

  5. Lisa

    Honestly, the negative comments to his post gave me more insight to the commenter and their trauma. Seems there are a lot of people dealing with their own personal trauma and pushed it onto Pratt.

    1. Wife, Mother, daughter

      I agree. They’re miserable and unhappy so they took the opportunity to push that onto someone else.

  6. Sue

    It should be a requirement for everyone to read or listen to Chris Pratt’s 9 rules for life.

    1. Ackbar

      Or, hear me out…
      Not everyone is a Christian.

  7. Mimi

    The tweet isn’t the most problematic part here. The real issue is his affiliation with and support of a church (Hillsong) that is actively anti-LGBTQ.

    1. Wife, Mother, daughter

      He has every right to be affiliate with any religion he chooses just as I or you do. Also if anyone is a TRUE Christian and follows the Bible to a T then they would keep in mind the words found at 1Corinthians 6:9
      “Or do you not know that unrighteous people will not inherit God’s Kingdom? Do not be misled. Those who are sexually immoral, idolaters, adulterers, men who submit to homosexual acts, men who practice homosexuality,” ” will not inherit God’s kingdom. ” So really what’s problematic is those that find his choice to religious freedom a problem. Have a great day🤗

    2. Badwqlf

      They hate Pratt BECAUSE he is Christian and not a Liberal. They hold no tolerance to live and accept others whose views are different from their own. Dude was having a sweet with his current family. The people who got offended need to get their own lives

      1. clowd

        It’s really great to know that I won’t be inheriting God’s kingdom. Seems like it’s kind of a judgy kingdom, tbh.

        1. Kelly Connerton

          As compared to your comment now?

  8. Mother of a special needs child

    A lot of trolls out there that can do nothing better than tear down others… and with that Pratt and his family need to move on. Anna Farris certainly knows this wasn’t a dig about Jack… as would anyone else.

  9. Daryl-Rhys Taylor

    Fans are arseholes. Pass it on.

  10. Samuel G Alterio

    It’s not “many” people, it’s a few mentally ill individuals that are overwhelming dissatisfied with their own lives that love to lash out and try and make others miserable so they can feel better about themselves for just one minute.
    These people are vile, and the reason I no longer use social media.

  11. Javier

    All those negative comments to Pratt shows just how little is going on in the lives of those people, who think that a better use of their time is to tear someone else down. I say good luck to Pratt and his whole family including his ex and son. I hope that you all are doing well and have a good end to 2021!

    1. Wife, Mother, daughter


  12. It is so sad that people in the industry have to watch every word they say because they are ridiculed and judged by the public. Instead, they are ridiculed and beat up by the public who wouldn’t think twice when using the very same statements. I don’t feel Chris Pratt meant anything other than love when he made that statement! Also, let me say it was wonderful to see he doesn’t have a problem when mentioning God in his statements! It is so good to know he believes in God and thanks him for his blessings in his life. If more of these outspoken people believed in God, they would stop thinking they have the right to judge others so harshly. People, get a life and leave Chris Pratt and his family alone!

    1. Sue

      Amen 💜

    2. Wife, Mother, daughter


    3. Wife, Mother, daughter

      I agree P. Jones. May more find God and the peace that surpasses all understanding! 🙏🏻

  13. Britty Barnett

    I was more offended that he felt like this would be an acceptable gift if he forgot his wife’s birthday. Nah, you rich, you have smart phones, calenders, personal assistants who can even do the shopping for you. I’m sure it was a joke.

    Don’t want to be hated on? Get off Twitter. It’s the absolute worst.

  14. Sue

    Chris Pratt is a strong Christian and super good guy. He wasn’t speaking harshly about Jack or Anna, he was complimentary about Katherine and Lyla. People assumed the worst and put him on blast for their ignorance. Shame on them. And good for you, Chris for finding comfort in the Lord 💜

    1. Wife, Mother, daughter

      2 Corinthians 1:3,4 Praised be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of tender mercies and the God of all comfort, 4 who comforts us in all our trials so that we may be able to comfort others in any sort of trial with the comfort that we receive from God.

      1. IamnotGod

        For being a “Christian” you sure are judge full of people who you disagree with. Sounds like you have a problem with yourself as well.

  15. Chris

    I don’t think his post was meant negatively toward his ex-wife or jack, but he came off as a seriously huge douchebag.

    What could have been a nice tribute post to his wife was all about himself. I don’t know if Hollywood creates narcissists or attracts them but his post was gross.

    1. Joe

      How exactly was this narcissistic

  16. Dland

    Dear Chris & Katherine, what a Joyous time to celebrate the birth of your New child 🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉How exciting for All of you. I doubt if you’ll ever see this, but I know regular people like me will & I hope and pray 🙏🏼 that one day, THEY TOO WILL COME TO KNOW & SERVE the LORD 👑JESUS CHRIST👑like You & I do. 👑 JESUS👑 is the ONLY REASON FOR ALL THE SEASONS & having children are a Huge part of that. Way to go Big Brother Jack 😃👏🏼😃👏🏼😃👏🏼 You have a New Baby sister & you’re going to be Great at it too 👑 JESUS 👑 Loves you all, who are reading this.
    “HAAPY Early THANKSGIVING “ 🦃 🍽 🍁 Everybody

  17. Robert

    Good job Pratt, stand your ground and resist the woke culture.
    Its unfortunate we live in an age where folks attack you and cancel you by reading in between the lines of comments you make.
    Christians are under attack and will continue to be whenever we come out in our culture.
    God bless you my friend .

  18. Bri

    I would just like to thank insidethemagic.net for allowing there to comments on this story. You don’t see that very often anymore.

    1. Badwqlf

      Ill second that

  19. Melinda A Pardo

    Is anyone else bothered this article incorrectly spelled her name? It’s Anna Faris, not Ferris.

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