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  1. Jd

    Once again the CDC has decided to break people into two classes based on shot status. That seems right doesn’t it? Now they cant go on cruises and eat indoors at certain restaurants but what’s next? Back of the bus? Not allowed to shop in stores? Separate drinking fountains? Concentration camps? Yeah they country is definitely learning from history.

    1. Jaxx


    2. Brad

      Since when we’re the Bahamas made a part of the USA and/or subject to USA Regs or the CDC? Must have missed that part of history or it is a very recent event. Typical snow flake conservative whining about other countries’ rules. 🤪

      1. Tammy

        I, for one, don’t want to be around unvaccinated yahoos in my Disney Cruise so yay for mandates.

        1. Curious George

          So I’m assuming you’re vaccinated. Please explain why you don’t want to be around unvaccinated people? If the vaccine works you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. If it doesn’t work, why are you for mandates forcing people to get whats not working for you? Very curious about this, nobody can seem to answer.

        2. Sheeple

          Vaccines don’t work. So yay for being a sheep.

    3. Nope

      Oh the oppression.

      *Heavy sarcasm.

      1. Mimi

        Right? White privilege right here to compare a vaccination choice with people who can’t help the skin they were born with. He can spare me his crocodile tears, especially since I have a feeling he’s from the South and would gladly go back to the Jim Crow era.

        1. EpicFail

          Spoken like a true racist

    4. Mimi

      We have no jurisdiction to tell another sovereign country how to run things. Their country, their rules. If you don’t like it, then you won’t be permitted to cruise. No one is forcing you on those ships. As for me, I chose not to live my life in fear of a needle, so I’ll think of you when I’m on board my Disney cruise next month enjoying life.

  2. Jaxx

    Well, no Disney cruise for me in the near future. Until they stop asking questions about my PERSONAL AND PRIVATE medical issues, I will NOT be embarking! They don’t ask about TB or Hepatitis or Measles, all of which are transmissible and just as dangerous (if not more dangerous) than COVID.

    I guess the unvaccinated will have to start wearing yellow stars and be sent to “re-education camps” next!

    CDC = Center for Disinformation and Control

    1. Jordan

      1. None of those things you listed as to compare are currently going around killing 1000s of people a day currently. Small pox is way more deadly, but it’s not the current problem.
      2. Your private medical business isn’t exactly private since it’s sometimes required to do multiple things, like go school. If your medical choices can effect others, it’s not against the law to verify or refuse you service.
      3. Comparing people that can’t go anywhere since they choose not to get vaccinated to people that could literally be killed for just being alive is completely different.
      Looks like the one who needs to get their information checked is you.

  3. Kenr

    The CDC is out of control and so is this complete over reaction to this very survivable virus. There will be no sailing for me until all cruise services and amenities are open and normalized. And more importantly, no masks mandate.

    1. SC

      Please get COVID.

      1. Sheeple

        Please have a very negative reaction to the death jab booster

  4. JJ

    You people are idiots. Vaccination status is not a protected class and has been decided — and upheld — by SCOTUS on multiple occasions. Don’t like it? Then DO THE RIGHT THING and protect yourself and others from the worst pandemic in a century so you can rejoin society like the rest of us who didn’t throw a temper tantrum about it like a screaming toddler so you can go on your darn Disney cruise. Oh the irony!

    1. WakeUp

      The true idiots are those who believe the WHO and CDC tell the truth versus all the data showing the vaccines don’t work and have massively negative side effects. The scamdemic is all about power and $.

      1. Jordan

        Where do you get this info from? I got vaccinated and the only side effect I felt was being tired and sore all over. My coworker didn’t and she got covid and felt horrible for over a week. Considering people are dying from this, maybe you should do a better job of researching rather than spreading misinformation.

  5. Ken Brenner

    What I don’t understand is why the Bahamas government puts these restrictions on a cruise line’s private island, especially since access is controlled.
    As for the shots, I know of people who have either had severe reactions to the vaccines, or died.
    My grandson (age 22) had a very severe reaction to the first shot, his doctor said no more shots! He is just now starting to return to normal life after 8 months…
    As for the comments made here, it is obvious that Biden and Covid have divided this nation more than in my lifetime (69) for sure, if not since the 1860s.
    My reaction is still, let people do what they feel is best for them and their family. The government (including the CDC) should do their job of informing the country, and making sure the shots don’t have negative and/or long-term effects. Nothing else.
    I also find it interesting that it seems that we rarely hear of anyone getting the flu or dying from it. Typically, a lot of deaths occur each year from the flu. Curious…

    1. BSsuperdetector

      Ken said: What I don’t understand is why the Bahamas government puts these restrictions on a cruise line’s private island, especially since access is controlled

      Ken who do you think works on the island? Many are Bahamian citizens who return to the main island. A sovereign country has a right to make rules, you don’t like it? Don’t travel. The rest of is are enjoying travel without you.

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