Comments for Developing Story: Bob Chapek No Longer Attending D23 Event

bob chapek with mickey and minnie

Credit: Disney


  1. EM

    I guess he doesn’t want to hear any boos.

    1. SG

      Right on or they aren’t paying him enough!

    2. Marc Disney

      Good! No one wants to see his greedy, ugly face anyway. His pressence would lower the whole tone of the event.

  2. Chris

    Hmm…..wonder if Disney is starting to get the hint yet that he isn’t doing a good job?

    1. CT

      Probably not. He just doesn’t want bad optics as the press might report him being booed. Also, he doesn’t want to face the criticism from the members. He is in his own bubble, where he tells himself everything is just peachy keen.

  3. Michael roobian

    He knows he’s done detrimental affects on the Disney franchise for the sake of the almighty buck. No parking lot trams. Let him walk across that parking lot on a hot day. That’s just one of many things that has tinged the Disney experience

    1. CT

      What about mobility disabled people that are unable to walk that distance? How is that ADA compliant?

  4. Tom

    We need to cancel our Disney+ subscriptions until Disney addresses the trams; the stupid park reservation situation; the DLR PeopleMover track ugliness and EPCOT’s JIA attraction. If we unsubscribe from Disney+ that will get Chapek and the Board’s attention more than anything.

    1. They are probably considering charging for tram rides.

  5. Annie

    It’s casual fleecing of the loyal Disney goers is what is absolutely discussting. These families love Disney so much they will save for years just to be able to share the magic with families. And to have someone a company be so callus. It use to be quality and quantity for your buck. Now it’s give them the cheapest, the worst quality, and don’t bother going the extra mile they’ll come back anyway. Shame on you Disney! Mr. Disney is rolling over in his grave.

    1. Julie Grant

      We can’t even afford tickets for three of us and absolutely refuse to make another bill named Disney, just for long lines, mask wearing, expensive food and items in gift shops that are for the rich. We’d rather go to a tropical vacation and our money would be better spent.

    2. Kathy

      Agree absolutely

    3. Melissa

      Disney is now producing low-quality merchandise. My five car magnets I bought are separating from the magnet and faded and it hasnt even been a year!

  6. Wahler

    Bob is attending a funeral Friday and is not flying back immediately after. Get over it

    1. Titan

      Bob is that you?

      1. Kathy

        🤣 probably

    2. Kathy

      Nope. You get over it sweetie. Pay those big prices if you want. Stupid.

    3. Robin

      Where did you get that information? I have not been able to find anything about that. Why wouldn’t they just say he is attending a funeral instead of “schedule conflict”, which sounds like a cop out. I think telling the truth would cut down on a lot of fan speculation and hate.

      1. SG


    4. Julian H

      The article says a pre engagment, just how long do you guys arrange a funeral in advance, what a load of Bull, the guy is a greedy coward.

    5. TC

      A funeral is a previous engagement?

    6. Sarah

      We are over it. Not a soul alive wants Chapek anywhere near D23. It’s the last decent bit of Disney we have left. We’d all be thrilled of that “funeral” were his!

  7. M

    Hmm…..overpricing customers, erasing Walt Disney’s legacy, as of now ignoring #SaveSplashMountain customers, putting politics & agendas in the theme parks?! Here’s a question, how can he not be booed. Also D’Amaro, I don’t trust either, if he’s in charge of the parks, he needs to go too. They are destroying what Walt Disney built. Fire Chapek, Fire D’Amaro.

    1. Dave

      For years they have been making plans to leave their base fir the high-end consumer because the they can. It is obe of the strongest brands ever (thanks to Walt) and leadership has streched that magic to the limit. Now they will offer specials every no and then to appease the masses but don’t be fooled they are far and getting fewer each year.

  8. Another blogger report he got heckled and he ran off. Cheapskate’s people said he had a conflict and had to go back to California. Cheapskate said the blogger website had reached a low for reporting the truth.

    1. Marc Disney

      Good! No one wants to see his greedy, ugly face anyway. His presence would’ve lowered the whole tone of the event! #JoshDAmaroforCEO

  9. Anonymous

    Well I guess the increased prices of food and gifts, cancel culture garbage (on things like Jungle Cruise or what they tried to do on Splash Mountain), ride changes, etc are not working out. Now he and Disney seem to be paying the price.

  10. Terry

    Please sign the petition to fire bob chapek at change.org this scum bob paycheck is destroying Disney. Walt would be so ashamed.

  11. Mickeymouse3

    Hah! “Scheduling conflict”. Good one Bob. I would think you’d be able to come up with something better than that, but then, you can’t make money off of it sooo…”scheduling conflict” it is.
    Reality is more like he doesn’t want to be booed off stage or have the masses turn their backs on him, like he did them.

  12. SG

    * How about for the 50th Anniversary everyone gets one day at 1971’s price – I know we had paper tickets but just add that coupon book to the price of admission. *

  13. Barb

    I think he’s made a good choice. After all, people just might throw things at him. LOL!

  14. Sarah

    Yeah! Every fan hates the guy and with all the violence at the theme parks lately thanks to the added stress of visiting following Chapek’s changes and insane price increases… it just wouldn’t be safe. Not that I feel bad for Chapek. He can’t have expected fans to like him. Maybe investors do… idk

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