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bob chapek onstage

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  1. David Jose Hernandez



    1923 – 2023

  2. Ray

    HA this guy is RUINING Disney and the fact he cant fix the parks now hes joining the Meta verse….. what other wreck is he going to do

  3. Terry

    Petition to fire bob chapek on

    1. Eloisa

      So i saw that Disney is going to do a new series called Primos. So fun and happy memories of a child gathering with her family during the summer. I unfortunately call bull crud. I am a Hispanic woman who did not have happily ever after we worked hard!!! I remember from 3 years old working to help provide for my family. Please portray the reality.

  4. Rroe

    Bob Paycheck thinks that just because he makes millions so does everyone else. Raising Disney prices constantly……..Disney is now for the rich and he could care less. Paychecks got to go……………….

    1. Jeremiah

      Well, this is what happens when you artificially raise the minimum wage for thousands of employees. Instant inflation. It’s not all his fault. But he’s not helping the rest of the problems.

      1. Fred

        Are you for real?? Go eat a Snickers!! Disney raised prices for years w out raising wages! Explain that you potato!

  5. Jeremiah

    So, everyone in a while we see really bad CEO’s come into Office at Disney. This is one example, and it is also a question as to why the other Bob really has to step down before finding a suitable and qualified person to fill his shoes, not just some connected suit.

    But when you don’t have any good ideas, you cling to the first shiny thing that flutters by you and hope it works. Then you do it again and again, until you are kicked out of that position. Hope he’s not there too long to do too much damage like the Ole Son-in-Law did.
    Disney Needs a Visionary and a Creative personality as well as a Leader at the healm. When it doesn’t have that, it falters, sputters and starts to fail. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen too much before it is corrected this time.

  6. Jeremiah

    Also, for everyone complaining about the super high prices, this isnwjat happens when you instantly and artificially raise the minimum wage as well as the other wages. Inflation. That money has to come from somewhere.

    1. Robin Pauline


    2. Paula151

      They shouldn’t getting higher than minimum wage. What about execs not take salary for a year

  7. The ” metaverse” is coming as foretold in “ready player one.”. The majority of the worlds population will be plugged into a false reality to escape the real world. Next up: Soylent Red, Soylent Yellow, and new Soylent Green..

  8. Paycheck Chapek sucks

    FIRE PAYCHECK CHAPEK!!!! He is ruining Disney! There is definitely something off with this guy, don’t like him and don’t trust him!!!

  9. Andrew

    This inept bastard disgusts me to no end. End of story.

  10. Aaron Cobb

    Bob is driving Walts world into the dirt. GO SIGN THE PETITION!!! If you haven’t already. Get rid of this piece of garbage.

  11. Joe Foss

    Chapek’s description if reminiscent of the “phantom zone”. Very well. Lets send him there.

  12. Rosa

    Wasn’t he going to be Fired?…how on earth can you risk WDW…for this ONE person?

  13. Chris

    All I read was “we’re creating more expensive technological means for you to spend more money. ” … He is only focused on just sucking every penny out of the Disney fans until no end and have no regards for the loyal Disney fans that have supported company.

    Wishing and hope the petition works. 🙏🤞🤞

  14. Claire

    Disney is losing all its charm and being revealed for the money-grabbing organization it has become. The magic is pretty much gone for me and that makes me very sad.

  15. Paula

    Fire him. He’s ruining the company.

  16. Mickeymouse3

    Bob Paycheck will NOT be fired from a petition. The only way he will be shown the door is if, and only if, the shareholders start taking a hit on their investments. We all know Paycheck is keeping those dividends high. Want to get rid of Paycheck? Stop buying Disney.

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