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  1. Frank

    Wow method acting can be VERY BAD for one’s health.

  2. CR45H 0V3RR1DE

    A class act, really starting to like him. See how he made it sound like it was a mutual decision by both parties to avoid each other? If you read between the lines, understanding Dunst’s attitude, you realize that she was none too happy with this and only acted in kind, because shes a petulant child. Avoiding him only because he’s avoiding her. 🤦 This is the same broad that squawked about her spider man paycheck, trying to inject misogyny where there is none. Her pay was drastically lower then Tobey’s because her character is not as profitable. Has nothing to do with male/female, it’s business. But don’t tell her that, she’s too busy standing on her soap box. 🤷

    1. Lurky

      You’re proving her point about misogyny calling her a “broad”.

    2. McMargie

      Tobey’s character is nothing without her. Women have unfortunately been making less in the same job as men forever. It didn’t say she avoid him because he avoid her…she went along with it out of respect. You don’t need to read between the lines…you are causing trouble, a bully, and a male chauvinist pig. P.S. Learn to spell Spider-Man.

      1. Jack

        That is complete fiction, there is zero wage gap. It has been proven false numerous times. Women already won equality, move onto something else like slavery still existing in this world.

        1. CJA

          Are you for real? That statement is bogus.

    3. Scott P Kelley

      Talk about standing on a soap box. I think you live in a box. Now I’m standing on mine. Your comment says a lot about how little you care to acknowledge that men get paid more than woman when doing the same job. Your point about her getting paid less because her role is less profitable is weirdly put. Sure having the lead role should you better paid, however she was paid “significantly” lower than him. This is a common issue with actors in regards to the pay gap. It happens to woman even when they are the main lead or considered equal leads in a role. Females get paid less then the man, even when the man is the supporting role. Denying that it’s a gender issue is just supporting the wage gap and keeping it alive. Someone had to play Mary Jane, why should that actor get paid little when the main role needs this character to tell the story? Dunst is a household actor. She’s been around since a kid, she should get paid for being an experienced actor and because she is valued for her work and talent. There are plenty of wage gap examples out there for you to explore, that may help explain the wage gap in a better way since you dont feel this meets your standards. You could go find out about them but I have a feeling you’ll just resort to it being a person “standing on a soap box.”
      I hope it comes out soon that they get along great besides there roles in the film. You seemed to be making up your own bull. You call it “reading in between the lines” and I call it making something outta nothing. Your making it all about her in a very negative view, when she’s not even interviewed. Misogyny does not read well for you.

      1. Robert

        The reality of this so called gender pay gap is not real…people get paid in accordance to how many hours one puts in…has nothing to do with gender…if person a works 20hrs and b works 10 hrs obviously person a will get paid the most…be realistic stop acting like this is about the semester when it’s not

        1. CJA

          Only men seem to be claiming that the wage gap is not there…

      2. Jack

        There is no wage gap. You are trusting propaganda instead of actual facts and studies.

        1. CJA

          Then cite those studies, for they are certainly not matching many others.

    4. Una

      Actually you can see why they both chose to do that when you watch the actual movie. Both their parts are extremely intense, especially any time they are together in a room.. you can feel the hate and the repulsion the characters have for each other. I can see why the actors wouldn’t want to taint that dark, hateful energy by being friendly with each other onset. You can feel the wall of disgust they have for each other, and being friendly on set might have tainted that. So I can absolutely see why it would be a mutual decision to avoid each other in those circumstances. Nothing to do with her trying to “be nice” – they both just wanted to make the most of these demanding roles.

  3. Tj

    Dude, if you were positive and she was negative, you would attract, not repel.

    1. Una

      But as characters she is a positive force trying to work for good, and he is a negative, angry, cruel force. In real life (not talking about magnets but human beings) those forces repel each other. You can feel it each time they are near each other during the movie, it’s like a wall of hate and distrust etc repelling them from each other.

  4. Beef

    “Fellow Marvel Star”…thanks for lying.

    1. Gnome de Plume

      Kirsten Dunst was in 3 movies about a marvel character, cope harder

      1. Gnome de Plume

        “My dear boy, why don’t you just try acting?” Laurence Olivier

  5. Bernard

    Smoking just for a movie roll? You couldn’t pay me enough to sabotage my own long term health. It’s not like the money can buy your more years of life or even a second set of lungs that could ever compare to the originals.

  6. T

    Can’t believe this whole article doesn’t even reference the director which is actually one of the main reasons people are excited for this movie. Didn’t even need to be an article including her but to not even mention who the director is even once seems a bit odd tbh…

    1. Una

      The movie is already out I saw it two weeks ago. It’s a lot more like Campion’s Holy Smoke than it is Piano. The Piano storyline tied together quite well and had an overt conclusion. Power of the Dog was a good movie, but I found myself really confused over a lot of what happened and why it happened, and by the end I couldn’t work out what the end even was exactly. I need to watch a few more times I think to try to discern the meaning more clearly. I hope you enjoy it when you get to see it!! 🙂

  7. John

    What a fool.

  8. Ashe

    ” ” “I didn’t want to be really mean to Kirsten, but I needed to stay in character. So I didn’t speak to her on-set. She was the same. We were the negative to each other’s positive. [We were] repelled by each other.” ” ”

    Uhm, that’s not how magnets work my guy.
    Negative attracts positive.

    Pls you play a surgeon who became a wizard you should know how magnets work.

    1. Una

      Well you took it too literally. In the movie, he is very cruel and she is very different, so they have a visceral disgust for each other and you feel it every time they’re in a room together – like a wall pushing them both apart.

  9. Una

    It’s already out as of 25 Nov, and it’s directed by the Jane Campion (director of The Piano). I watched it a couple of weeks ago.

    I really didn’t understand what happened in the end of Power of the Dog so will need a couple more watches I think 🙂

    Cumberbatch, Dunst, and Neil Gaiman were all stuck here in NZ for the whole 2020 lockdown. Cumberbatch and Dunst would have spoken offset but the title of this made it sound like he ignored her perpetually 😛

  10. Adam

    Actors are really lame. I would never trust one. They really should go get a real job so they can see how to behave in the real world.

    1. Joel

      Magnets repel when the SAME poles are put together.

      That was the point they were trying to make but it was undermined by their last sentence.

      “He’s not a doctor, he just plays one on TV.”

  11. Matt

    And I’m sure her repulsion had absolutely nothing to do with the visible stank cloud wafting up from his crotch. 🤮

  12. Jeremy

    🤓 I hate to nerdsplain, but there are not two but three MCU stars in the film. Kodi Smit-McPhee, who plays Peter, has played Nightcrawler in two X-Men films, plus in a cameo in Deadpool 2.

    The title of the article implies or at the very least seems to want readers to infer that the snub has something to do with them both playing MCU characters. I’m curious about how Cumberbatch interacted with Smit-McPhee?

    If you want to get super nerdy, another MCU actor shows up in a cameo in Power of the Dog. The Native American character who wants to buy cow hides is played by Adam Beach, who also appears as the father of Dani, one of the New Mutants, in the movie of the same name.


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