Comments for Agatha Harkness’s Nemesis In New Marvel Series Will Shock You

Agatha Harkness WandaVision episode eight

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. JZ

    So sorry I read through this twice: who is her Nemesis in the Marvel television show?

    1. Cuffe

      They are guessing that it may be Wiccan, which is the super hero name for one of Wanda’s sons, should he come back. Their logic is that it will mirror what’s currently happening in the MCU.

      1. Cuffe

        Sorry, I meant to say that it would mirror what’s currently happening in the comics.

  2. Cuffe

    You misspelled Hulkling. There’s a second ‘L’ in the name.

  3. An-D

    Her personal nemesis will be, Mephisto!
    Because the MCU portrays stories from the 60’s-70’s, not the current storyline playing out in the comics.
    It makes more sense than having a nemesis that, currently, doesn’t even exist in the MCU.

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