Comments for Zendaya Spills That Filming ‘Spider-Man’ Was “Difficult” For Boyfriend Tom Holland

Zendaya and Spider-Man

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Mark Crouse

    Great article, interesting information, normally I try to separate the actors from the characters to help with the suspension of disbelief, but knowing they are dating is an interesting aside. I love doctors and characters, Spider-Man has always been my favorite Marvel character. Zendaya’s portrayation of MJ has been interesting and I love where she has taken the character.

  2. Skester816

    I have never been so excited about a movie release as I am about this and the Dr strange movie. My husband and son have turned me into a giant marvel junkie, we read all the Marvel articles, always have something marvel playing on TV, and my husband forwarded this to me today, and I will admit I have a hard time separating actors from a major character. I can’t see RDJ, Scarlette J, Tom Holland, Chris Pratt or Chris Hemsworth as anyone but their marvel character. I can’t watch them as anyone else, I just can’t. I can totally see why that would be hard for actors, especially the part where she said he’s ALWAYS Spider-Man, if I saw him on the street I’d be the first to scream Spider-Man and run up to him. I just wouldn’t be able to stop myself.

  3. Aaron

    I would think the most “difficult” thing for this girl would be being an ugly Latino girl attempting to portray the role of a hot, white red-headed chick. Oh well, though, maybe with all the Hollywood affirmative action race-swapping will eventually result in the long overdue recasting of Black Panther with a white dude just so we can someday watch absurdly hypocritical leftists squirm taking the same medicine that they mandate on everyone else.

    1. Jeremy

      Sounds like you’re just as ugly as her with your racist comment. She’s also a black woman, incel. Get your head out of the dark place you secrete from and enjoy how wonderful these movies are.

    2. Paul

      You’re legit mentally disturbed and factually wrong.

    3. Kenmcwilliams

      Exactly. We’ll said. This racist thing Hollywood has with changing white characters to other things needs to stop.

    4. Joy

      You sound so miserable. It must be so exhausting carrying all that hate on your shoulders, sheesh!

  4. Kenmcwilliams

    I hope she’s not supposed to be Mary Jane Watson. She looks nothing like the character.

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