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Universal Studios Hollywood


  1. Jet.Screamer

    Why Not Orlando?

    Because Orlando is in America. California is not.

    1. Jordan

      Actually it’s because LA alone has more cases than other counties. Sorry to break it to you, but California is still in America

      1. Melissa


        1. Keith Anderson

          Give it to Mexico for free, than the illegals will stop coming.

      2. Chris

        It is actually because LA is run by a bunch of idiots and this comes from a Californian. LA doesn’t have that many cases (case rates are substantially lower than in Florida) and the case rates are dropping, they simply want to control everyone’s lives.

        1. Jordan

          I just checked and I saw that LA is over a million and nowhere in Florida shows that none of their counties are in the millions yet.
          Yeah, they totally want to control people by forcing one park to do this. That makes total sense…

          1. FUJordan

            Glad to see LA school systems are still teaching proper sentence structure.

      3. It’s because of an LA County ruling, has nothing to do with Universal itself, that being said it falls in line with all the nanny-state behavior we are seeing in CA. But watch all the libtards try to justify it here.

    2. Franchise History TV

      Big facts

  2. Christopher A Henrickson

    “Because Orlando is in America. California is not.”
    Communism isn’t one of our goals here in Florida.

  3. Bill Nye not a science guy

    Wish they would do it in Orlando, this way we wouldn’t have to worry about the anti-vaxx and the liars. Make America safe again!

    1. Bill Reid

      Stay home sheep and let the normal people live their lives again.

      1. Bill Nye not a science guy

        Actually an ignoramus like yourself should be home, instead you would rather be a troll and spread the virus and you’re false claims about the virus. So I hate to tell you Bill you’re not normal. More like a self righteous entitled blow hard and I pity you. Being the human I am I still wish you good health.

        1. Chris

          Actually, Bill Reid is right, from someone who is not Anti-Vax, in fact is fully vaccinated, you should stay home and let everyone resume normal lives.

          Why is it a bad idea to require proof of vaccination? Well, every time we humanity has gone the route of “papers please”, even when it was “for the public good”, which is essentially what this is, it has NEVER ended well and we are already seeing hospitals refusing to provide life saving care to those who are unvaccinated, even if they have plenty of room.

          Please take a look at history, yes including the Holocaust and you will find that the worst moments in human history generally started with “paper please”.

          So, Florida’s governor is absolutely right to forbid requiring proof of vaccination.

          1. B

            Well, said Chris. This is a very slippery slope, and one we don’t want to go down.

        2. Dawn

          Not too lenient at all. Let people choose their own level of perceived protection . We are part of the mass exodus from Commifornia and cannot wait to call Florida home!

    2. Heather

      thanks for putting “not a science guy” in your name that way i dont have to point out the obvious, but you do know that the “jab” doesnt prevent anybody from getting or spreading the disease right? the only thing it does is lessens the severity of the symptoms if you happen to get the virus, those are all facts, so why should anybody have to prove that if they get the virus they wont get as sick as others just to get into a theme park?

      1. Bill Nye not a science guy

        Oh another anti-vaxxer I’ll play along Heather. You’re right all the anti-vaxxers should get covid and drive up the cost of healthcare to keep them alive for days or months before their untimely death because healthcare is so affordable for all. I’m glad you feel entitled as well. I wonder if you are aware that probably before your 18th birthday you were “Jabbed” as you say approximately 20 to 30 times to attend school? *Gasp* I wonder if all those “jabs” caused your insensitivity to all mankind and having a civic duty to help others? Food for thought.

        1. Chris

          Depending on age, it may have been substantially fewer than that, for me it was about 5 times and that was only 30 some odd years ago. Additionally, they may have been in school at a time where religious exemptions were allowed or they may have medical exemptions. Nice though that you assume and don’t bother to consider these things.

          Honestly, we are trying to shove too many vaccines into kids and way too quickly, this is part of the problem that has caused the anti-vax movement to become so strong. There are bound to be reactions when they are all shoved in so quickly.

        2. Heather

          ha! im not an anti-vaxxer, i had several vaccines before attending school, and those were actual vaccines . . . you know, the ones that prevent a person from getting and/or spreading a specific disease, and if you happened to have a specific disease (like polio or measles) then you weren’t required to get the vaccine, can’t say these things about this so-called covid “vaccine”, so no, im not an anti-vaxxer, most people arent, you on the other hand are a “pro experimental medicator” and thats fine, im not gonna tell you what to do, and you still havent answered my question . . . why should anybody have to prove that if they get the virus they wont get as sick as others just to get into a theme park? (you do also realize that everybody who gets the virus doesnt go to the hospital, theres been millions of survivors and only a fraction go to the hospital, youre being a good sheep bill)

      2. Chris

        Actually, Moderna is about 90% effective, Pfizer about 85% and J&J about 75% effective at preventing you from getting covid and slightly less effective at preventing you from being able to give it to others if you do get an asymptomatic infection.

        There are plenty of reasons why requiring proof is a bad idea, but please don’t spread false information to try to prove it, it defeats the legitimate arguments against it.

        1. Heather

          what false information am i spreading? i simply stated that getting the jab does not prevent you from getting or spreading the disease, and based on your reply you’re agreeing with me, so wheres the false information?

          1. James

            Don’t expect a reply. Since you don’t agree with the reason they have, anything you say is labeled as misinformation. There’s a lot of that going on.

      3. J

        Well Universal just loss business to Disney for this stupid decision. You could still transfer the virus if your fully vaccinated, but stupid people still believe that they are safe. Supposedly that is the main reason for the vaccine, stop the spread, but it doesn’t even do that. Wake up people

        1. Franchise History TV

          Well Universal is in LA county and Disneyland is in Orange county that’s the difference

  4. C H

    Difference in how people view the role of government. It is either to keep people safe or to protect their freedoms.

    You can’t effectively have both. What I find annoying is that California will probably mandate the COVID vaccine, but not MMR, HPV, or the seasonal flu.

  5. Keith Anderson

    It’s because of an LA County ruling, has nothing to do with Universal itself, that being said it falls in line with all the nanny-state behavior we are seeing in CA. But watch all the libtards try to justify it here.

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