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Universal Hollywood

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  1. The moment any politician is shown at ANY gathering without a mask, that is when all of these mandates should be removed. If I am required to show a complete stranger my vaccination card, then there needs to be a copy of all.employees cards available for public display. Show me yours and ill.show you mine.

    1. jill a glasser

      This is totally unacceptable and overreaching and None of THEIR DAMN BUSINESS. What I do with my body is none of your concern and what you do, I don’t want to know. This is outrageous!!!!

    2. Sue

      I totally agree. All employees should be required to show their vaccination status to guests as well. Maybe have pinned on their uniforms right under their name tag.

    3. N9rma

      I Agree!! Thank you!

  2. Jarvis

    A Democrat Party Theme Park in a Democrat State, in a Democrat County.

    What did you expect? Personal responsibility, liberty and justice? Halloween horror nights 24/7.

  3. Jamie

    It’s in California. I wouldn’t go there if someone paid me to go there anymore. Completely destroyed it

  4. A

    Hard pass.

  5. Bill3

    I have been vaccinated, but this is just a bridge too far. Also, I refuse to go to any park that requires me to wear a mast outside. That’s just insanity.

    Fortunately, I live in Florida, so vaccination discrimination for customers is illegal.

  6. Andrea

    Tyranny. Universal will loose many guests. A big company like them should fight the corrupt government, the stupid democrats. It is no one’s business who has the killer shots or not. Wake up an start fighting for people’s rights.

    1. jo

      I was vaccinated in Feb. and I am still alive and working and paying my own bills without the gov. paying me to stay home.

    2. Sue

      And Universal Studios is the perfect example of a major corporation that should be fighting this tyranny.

  7. jo

    Its about time.. I hope all other major business, theme parks follow suit. Its time to stamp this covid in the dirt and get our lives back. People have had the chance to “make my own choice”. It is no longer about personal choice, its a national crisis. Yeah Universal… you go big dogs.

    1. Sue

      You drank the democratic kool-aid.

    2. L

      Jo, a 1% mortality rate for something is hardly a national crisis, and considering that the vaccinated can still catch it and infect others, it isn’t relevant if you are vaccinated or not, so why bother to require it as a condition of admission? It makes no sense. How about we all do a little critical thinking instead of knee-jerk virtue signaling. Fortunately, “all other major businesses and theme parks” won’t do this sort of thing if it affects their bottom line and it most certainly would.

  8. Mike

    Finally! Thank you leadership of Los Angeles. Now we can finally take our young child out somewhere fun and SAFE!!!

  9. SG

    Good for you Universal! I hope Disney makes us show our proof of vaccine as well.

  10. MrsWeasleysTwin

    People who think they are now safe to go anywhere & everywhere because other people took a shot that does not give them immunity make me laugh. You are so deceived. Literally from the beginning in the press conferences announcing the “vaccines” it was stated these shots do not give you immunity. They only supposedly lessen your symptoms. If you are scared of this virus or have other health issues that make getting sick (with any virus) continue to shelter yourself. I survived this covid, as I have others, & I am going to go out & about with my antibodies & enjoy my life.
    I will have to travel to FL in order to enjoy a theme park.

    1. Mike

      Sounds like you will be stuck in FL for the rest of your life while the rest of the civilized world enjoys all that this great country has to offer.

      1. O

        No, not really Mike, she’ll be living her life normally, while you try and cope with steadily more and more restrictions on what you can do and where you can go. Sounds like fun.

    2. Eugenia

      I know, right? Why are people so ignorant? What happened to critical thinking and logic? What happened to examining the real world, one of manipulative greed from both powerful leaders and corporations? When did Big Pharma become saintly and good? Oooh especially Pfizer, they sure have a long list of indictments for health and marketing fraud…..

  11. Sue

    I totally agree. All employees should be required to show their vaccination status to guests as well. Maybe have pinned on their uniforms right under their name tag.

  12. Sue

    All this nonsense over a virus that has a 99% recovery rate with 3 known therapies.
    Wake up people. This is NOT and NEVER has been about our health. It is about the 1% wealthy elite wanting to control you.
    Get vaccinated if you want; it is no one’s business but your own. If you are scared wear a mask. But make no mistake this is a power grab, especially by the democratic party, to keep you in their servitude forever.
    Do not bow down to tyranny.
    Universal Studios needs to stand up and fight for their constitutional freedoms as well as those of their employees and guests.

    1. DD

      Well said Sue, the hysteria over something with such a low mortality rate is completely out of hand. We are being manipulated daily and it is time common sense makes a return.

      1. Eugenia

        You are so right DD. Some people are too scared and proud to even consider they are being manipulated, have too much faith in systems of people that really have money to make and have found a very easy way to do just that without selling a thing….force people to consume and make them pay for it with their tax money. It’s downright evil.

    2. Eugenia

      Sue, you are SO RIGHT! Diseases like polio and smallpox had no treatments and the death rate way higher yet that doesn’t stop the small minded fearful from comparing those, being so fearful and virtue signaling that they are enabling government to decide our health care from now on, no matter the need or not, as long as it makes money for Big Pharma…this will be a very regretful path, they just don’t get it. When they do, it will be all but too late.

      1. K

        Eugenia, on the one hand, you would think this will all blow over eventually. After all, the media can only try to scare people for so long with the constant refrain that the world is on the verge of collapse any day now, until people realize that nothing of the sort is happening. However, the frightening thing is what kind of world will we have if and when that finally happens. How much of our freedom and privacy will have been stripped away under the guise of “we know what’s best for you, this is for the common good of all”? We are already being bombarded with messages that whatever reservations we might have about the safety and validity of the most lightly tested drug in history (the average vaccine is put through 10 years of trials), should just be set aside for the sake of conforming. The more frightening thing is that we are being manipulated to believe that anyone who doesn’t conform should be ostracized and treated as a second class citizen. Having to show “proper paperwork” to participate in normal life is a step down a road that we really do not want to travel. Did we learn nothing from 1930’s Germany? A lot of small changes can lead to a long fall down a very dangerous slope.

        1. J.

          And all for an illness that 99% recover from. It is mind-boggling. If exploiting the situation for control and money wasn’t proving so enormously profitable to some, Covid would have been written off as exactly what it is, something that is a bit more dangerous than a flu and able to be managed as we do the yearly flu threat.

  13. Ken Brenner

    This is what California gets for basically re-electing a socialist, big-government governor (basically, a “bad king”).
    I feel sorry for the “normal”, traditional Americans still living in this socialist state.
    Very sad indeed…

    1. John

      All the “normal, traditional Americans” living in CA have been vaccinated.

      1. B

        No John, no we haven’t.

      2. C

        Sorry John, this normal, traditional American already fought off Covid just fine on my own and won’t be partaking of a vaccine that doesn’t offer as much protection as my own natural immunity.

        1. John

          Well the rest of the vaccinated world will be able to enjoy all the FREEDOMS of this great country. Not only here, but the rest of the world too. Sorry to hear that you will be missing out.

          1. Marz

            Not really John, companies won’t institute the whole “papers please” nonsense if it affects their wallets, and it would. You won’t see it in a wide-spread manner. Those who don’t bother with a vaccine will be just fine. (Pretty similar to how only a few bother with a flu shot every year)

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