Comments for Universal Studios Crowds Disappear on Busy Holiday as COVID-19 Vaccination Rules Begin

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Credit: Inside the Magic


  1. Freddyford

    I don’t need to go anywhere I have to wear a mask all day. Hope more people stay home!

  2. Brandon

    Hmm. Does 2 + 2 = 4?
    (Maybe not in Common Core math. But certainly in REAL math it does)
    It seems like you answered your own question in the article.
    I find it amusing how writers seem to be trying to carefully skirt the line so as not to be canceled by the left with regards to anything COVID related.
    Obviously this is the reason for the low crowds.
    Not to mention the Mask mandate both in and outside? If you are requiring EVERYONE to be vexed and/or negative test then what is the mask for???
    It’s amazing the stark contrast from west coast to east coast where Universal Orlando doesn’t require masks of its guests.

    1. Amazing even in Liberal New York State, you don’t need Vax or test proof for events and some businesses mandate or request masks indoors. Of course the exception is NYC Liberal Loon Mayor Dumblasio who requires proof for dining museums and “Broadway”. Haven’t checked but business must be booming with those genius restrictions. Oh and of course being assaulted by by mentally ill homeless anytime of the day is a huge selling point to make a day of it in the Big Apple. 3 more months of Billy Boy and maybe just maybe some sanity returns.

  3. Ursula

    This is a lie. I am a season pass border and I was THERE! There were half hour to 45 minute wait times for rides. Everyone was having a good time and no, we weren’t asked for a vax card nor were we forced to wear a mask. Liars.

    1. I guess u r special Ursala, because the website says u need Vax or negative test proof. The story is about universal Hollywood did u go to universal Orlando. Maybe u were dreaming about a trip from pre covid.

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