Comments for Could Universal Soon Lift Its Mask Mandate?

Universal Hollywood

Credit: Universal


  1. Chris

    Considering that the mask mandates are more about control than stopping spread in LA County, I don’t see them lifting it any time soon.

    1. Bryan c

      If you hate wearing a mask then come visit Orange County CA.

      No draconian mask rules here

      1. Chris

        Oh, I do, I live in Long Beach, so Orange County gets most of my business.

  2. Bryan C.

    Honestly they can do what they want. Any business forcing me to mask up is not the type of business to get my money.

    On the other hand Knotts Berry Farm and SeaWorld have been letting fully vaccinated people choose to not wear masks for a while. Come Visit Orange County CA if you don’t want to wear a mask.

    Screw LA County their mask rules have been stupid since Day 1. Theres a reason why I do all my business and shopping at Orange County not LA County for a while now

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