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  1. Colleen Anne Anderson

    As older parents, maybe we were more attentive to our children’s abilities to ride certain attractions. I have a bad back from being hit by another car mid-’80’s (with more extensive surgery planned) and I make choices to ride things with HUGE warnings against it. The Hagrids Motorcycle ride is actually fine (and a great ride!) for me, even after a broken neck… I’ve noticed that some parents put “tall enough” kids are on rides where they don’t have the WEIGHT or bulk necessary to handle some rides, especially drops, the restraints aren’t snug enough & kids aren’t being “pushed” down snuggly into the seat (it’s MY job to double check MY CHILD’S final “fit.”) In a ride with one bar restraint over several people this is a problem even for me..
    I’m 6ft tall but am slender. Hubby sitting next to me ensures that I’m going to bounce all around, Hubby likes my cooking, he weighs 150lb more than I do. As such, I hold on and HE holds on to me! Getting hurt in a play area is usually due to tripping over or squeezing under a kid size obstacle and THAT’S not a park injury, just parenting aggressively. We get bruised, scratched, bumped, etc. playing with munchkins and I really hate parks being blamed for injuries which would happen in their own home while playing with the kids. Any child that never gets a little bruise from play is probably spending more time playing video games than healthy, exuberant, or outdoor play.

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