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  1. Steven Eldredge

    It’s been a few years since I have gone to Disneyland and Universal Hollywood, but I remember spending 3 days at Disneyland and 2 days at Universal. I enjoyed Universal more. My strongest memory of Disneyland is the hundred times that a baby stroller was pushed into the back of my shins. Universal was a little roomier, and much more laid back and relaxing. The Waterworld show was stunning.

    On the other hand, a vacation at Universal Orlando is a much better deal than Disney World. When you look at the total cost this is especially true. The absolutely beautiful premium Portofino Bay Hotel cost the same as a moderate Disney resort, and it comes with unlimited express passes. Food is cheaper, the tickets are cheaper, and the annual pass is a lot cheaper.

    Compared to Disney World, Universal Orlando is a better guest experience. Universal’s stand by lines actually move. No Planning is required. You are not a slave to a schedule like you are at Disney World. It makes for a much more relaxing and enjoyable vacation. Disney is just an expensive rat race. Disney is going out of their way to wreak the guest experience, they seem to have the attitude that they can do whatever they want and you will keep going there. They are correct about that, at least until they are not. My last trip to Disney World was 2017, I am a Universal Orlando annual passholder and I travel to Universal 2 or 3 times a year.

    The theming of the Harry Potter areas is phenomenal, especially when you consider the dedication to the actual books and movies. Nintendo land in Japan looks incredible, I can’t wait for it to come to Florida. Disney has nothing like it, not even the made up galaxy’s edge.

    Disney World is already loosing market share to Universal, and when Epic Universe opens, Disney will loose even more market share.

    I think it’s funny how the rabid Disney fans look so hard to find ways to critize Universal, just as you did in this article. I went to both Disney World and Universal Orlando twice a year for years. I have voted with my pocketbook, and Universal won.

    1. Fiona

      Thank you. Disney fans and Universal fans are like Democrats and Republicans and you won’t change either one’s mind. Just be glad most stay at Disney and don’t come over to Universal.

      1. Steven Eldredge

        I don’t agree with comparison. I love Disney, I have loved Disney for a long time, and I miss going to Disney. The problem is, Disney keeps building resorts and not adding additional capacity to the parks. The parks are so packed with people that you have to plan and schedule everything months in advance, no room for spontaneity. The magic is gone. Disney needs to stop building resorts and build a couple more parks, and they need to stop grabbing their guests by the ankles, flipping them upside down, and shaking every nickel they can get out of their pockets.

        Universal on the other hand, sees that their parks are becoming more crowded, so they are building another gate before it becomes a problem for the guests.

        I know Disney fans don’t like to hear this, but Universal is fast becoming the leader in the theme park industry. Especially when it comes to attraction quality and guest satisfaction. Disney needs to learn from this.

  2. Juan

    Universal Studios Hollywood has something Disney doesn’t, the world’s famous amous Universal Studios Tour!

  3. Renka

    Universal would always be my number one park I’d go to. I don’t have a car and I can take public transportation to Universal in a time frame of almost 2 hours. Disney? Almost three, I won’t be going to Disney on public transportation.
    In Universal I can buy alcoholic drinks without getting babied.

  4. Joshua

    We did both parks this summer and we will NEVER go back to Universal Hollywood. Not only were the attraction choices limited but they are mostly ride simulators, very unimaginative. Once we went through all the attractions we left, my kids(11 and 12) did not want to go on any of the rides a second time. Disneyland was way more enjoyable for all of us.

    1. Steven Eldredge

      I’ve heard that old “simulator ride” trope about a million times from misinformed Disney fans for a long time.

      I can’t speak for Universal Hollywood because I haven’t been there for a few years, but in Florida, they have really stepped up their game. For the most part, Universal puts more effort into theming. Universal’s latest attractions are phenomenal. (Fast and Furious excepted) Disney is getting cheap and lazy, what’s up with those weird plastic bubble headed anamatronics with the projected faces? Cheap and creepy looking! I am glad Universal didn’t cheap out like that when they built the Harry Potter areas, Hagrid’s, and the Velocacoster.

      Your kids must be very unusual, my kids, then my grandson, wanted to go on every ride they could over and over again at Universal, Disney, and even SeaWorld,even the ones that suck. That’s what kids do.

      1. No

        No, Universal Hollywood focuses more on their actual studio tour and working studio experiences. Other than the few rides, most of which are forgettable, there’s not much to do as a kid. I remember being very bored for most of my day there when I was a kid. I love visiting as an adult, but it’s definitely more Studio Tour than theme park. It’s pretty much the opposite of Universal Orlando, which has no working studio and leans heavily on theme park attractions. They’re really not the same experience at all.

  5. Kai

    Universal does have land to expand its just all on the Burbank side of the hills which would mean getting rid of soundstages and lots. I think in total universal is 400 acres give or take

    1. Mendy

      I love them both but Disney is starting to make things too complicated and they are starting to price me out

  6. cheryl

    We always go to both but now Disney is just priced us out paying for eveything and taking away a lot. My grandkids love Unversial and Disney both. It is like comapring apples and oranges. Both good in different ways but Unversial more afforable.

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