Union Confirms Disney World Workers Will NOT Participate In Historic Strike

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Earlier today, we reported that International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) union workers voted to go on strike for a variety of reasons. This is the first strike that has been approved in the union’s 128-year history as workers demand higher pay, more breaks, a higher percentage of profits, and more satisfactory healthcare coverage.

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Per the official IATSE website:

In the 13 West Coast local unions, where members work under the Basic Agreement, it was required that 75 percent of members voting in each local union approve the strike vote for that local union to authorize a strike. The same conditions applied to the 23 locals across the nation located in production hubs including Georgia, Louisiana, Illinois, and New Mexico operating under the Area Standards Agreement. That threshold was exceeded in all 36 local unions with none reporting less than 96 percent voting to authorize a strike.

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Now, IATSE Local 631 President Paul Cox has confirmed to Inside the Magic that Walt Disney World Resort workers who are part of the union will not be participating in this massive strike.

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He shared:

The historic near unanimous strike authorization vote results of my Sisters, Brothers, and Kin does not impact the over 2,000 Workers we represent at Walt Disney World.

The strike vote that took place was for two contracts, the Hollywood Basics Agreement, and the Area Standards Agreements.

The Contract with Walt Disney World that IATSE Local 631 is party to is the Service Trades Council Union and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Agreement, and that contract is in full force until October of 2022.

IATSE Local 631’s Executive Board did vote to have full solidarity with our Sisters, Brothers, and Kin across the US in the Movie and TV sectors that work under the Hollywood Basic and Area Standards Agreements.

Their issues are one that we share; workplace safety, rest periods, equal working conditions, pay, retirement and health care. As we look forward to have discussions with Disney in the coming months during the upcoming Service Trades Council Union negotiations.

We understand the struggles of those that work in the Movie and TV industries, and will support our Sisters, Brothers, and Kin while living up to the letter, and spirt of the Contracts we are party to.

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Mr. Cox also encouraged ITM readers to learn more about the strike on the official IATSE website. You can also learn more about Walt Disney World Resort union workers on the Local 631 website.

At this time, it is important to note that it has still not been confirmed which — if any — Disneyland Resort employees will be participating in this historic strike.

Stay tuned to Inside the Magic for more on this developing story.

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