Comments for ‘What If…?’ Writer Shuts Down Infinity Stones Plot Hole Controversy

Ultron vs the watcher what if

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Zachary

    No, I don’t buy it at all, the stones are connected to their universe, remove them from that and they don’t work, using them on yourself when you’re from that universe isn’t the same thing. Loki stole a stone from his own timeline and it still didn’t work in the TVA-which was outside of his universe. The sacred timeline doesn’t dictate whether or not infinity stones work, Kang (or pre Kang?) Isn’t that powerful.
    I’m glad they did their homework but her explanation doesn’t fix any sort of plot hole. Unless they thoroughly explain that mechanic later which they won’t, because what if is not related to the regular MCU, so this is all just for fun.

  2. Thomas

    That creates more problems. If that explanation were the case then Killmonger wouldn’t have been able to use them in the finale but alas he was

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