Comments for Two Restaurants Near Disney World Shut Down Due to Health Violations

family in front of cinderella castle on VIP tour disney world

Credit: Disney


  1. Chris

    These are not near Walt Disney World.

    1. Steven L

      Not even close. What a joke

      1. Tonya

        My thoughts exactly. Not anywhere a Disney tourist would even accidentally go

        1. Missy

          I was going to say the same. I used to live in Merritt Island, which is 1 hour from DW. Restaurants close all over the country due to health violations. Not only does this have nothing to do with Disney, it’s also not even newsworthy.

  2. Sheila

    And how close is too freaking far away to even consider eating at. Close to Disney is like Millers, Manny’s, Kyoto, Cracker Barrel, Benihann, Sizzler, Golden Corral, Ford’s Garage. Do you even know your surrounding area. I use to work for Disney, I know that area far better than you. Such misleading post for ppl that don’t know the area!!

  3. Darren

    Merritt Island is near Disney? Next time look at a map.

  4. Gregory Haladej

    Poorly posted item for Google to use. Pic of Disney mainstream and words of 2 bad restaurants! 30 min away not of disney propert! Shame, using Disney pic to hook readers. Not Journalism, piss poor writer!

  5. Joknows

    It seems like this site never mentions much about what is in the real world of the Orlando area, which is a shame. And now they do so to scare people back into the Disney bubble. There are so many great restaurants in Orlando and Winter Park and other nearby communities. Some of the places we have tried and really liked include: Bulla in WP, Tibby’s, Mrs. Potato Restaurant (right near Universal), Little Greek Fresh Grill, Millers Ale House, and others!

  6. Kristal

    This is disgusting journalism.

  7. Jan Bullock

    You must have been desperate for material to post this article with Disney pictures for attention!

  8. Rich

    What a misleading article. I was assuming y’all were going to mention something on I drive, but instead you mention places Disney travelers don’t even consider.

  9. Lourdes

    It’s a shame please do not use the Disney pictures
    People works to survive like you do , Damaging Images is not beneficial for them bad enough that they didn’t work for more than a year , its very discouraging

  10. Denise B.

    These restaurants aren’t even in our area.

    1. Johnny Stone

      This just in… some hole in the wall in the same state as Disney closes down. More to come at 7.

  11. Selina

    Neither of these are anywhere near Disney. Please if you’re going to write an article at least be accurate and truthful.

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