Comments for Viral Video Shows Massive Disney World Fish Tank Breaking and Gushing Water

fish tank

Credit: _disney._stuff_


  1. sam

    so many tik tok vids are just reshared youtubes, and people are acting like it’s new and fresh

    1. Stephen Brown

      Saw this and thought, “again”? Nope just an old story in a new medium reported like it’s just happened.

  2. Tommy

    Not to mention this is NOT a Disney owned/operated restaurant and the people working there are NOT Cast Members. Besides the fact that this is an old video.

    1. Yeehah

      Oh, shucks pesky facts ­čśë LOL.

  3. Old news that happened a long time ago! Why is it just now showing up, I guess someone’s trying to get some publicity, haha

  4. Deb

    This was huge news when it happened, so why doubt when it is pointed out that the videos are old?

  5. Jeremiah McKenna

    Could have used a few rolls of Flex-Tape.

    1. Parker

      Thought the same thing! Where’s Phil Swift when you need him?!

      1. Phil S.

        ” Phil Swift here…” Having dinner and guess what happens lol.

  6. Keith White

    Smh, whomever wasted their time posting this, needs to actually get a job!

  7. Haley

    Definitely old. I was there a week before it burst. Don’t know why it’s getting traction now, especially because it’s going to spread disinformation. It’s not even a little old. Like 7 years old.

  8. Keith

    So…….Not a Disney World fish tank???!!!!!

  9. Terri

    Why are you posting this 7 years later? Slow day and needed something? Booooo I use to ─║ike this site. No more.

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