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  1. Jay

    Stock is not up, has been stuck in this range for 7+ months and was recently downgraded. Also, Disney + numbers were so rosy. Overall, I’ve not seen the level of negativity like this ever with Disney.

    1. Bob is doing the right, not the popular thing

      Never mind the stocks, Chapek needs enough cash to pay the bills. Disney+ won’t be profitable for a long time, if ever. The movies are all losing money thanks to covid. The retail stores are also closed due to covid. Chapek’s only source of income is basically the parks. He is at the point where people will continue to go to the parks no matter what he does — charge more, serve less, doesn’t matter. He has to get Disney through this covid injury, and he is doing a good job. If it drives customers away and reduce profit, he can reverse course any time. But right now, he is making hay while the sun shines.

  2. Disney is not the magical place it use to be!! Decoration s are sparse, no excitement any more and the price is just ridiculous. This was supposed to be for all people not just the rich. Shame on this CEO. Did he get a pay raise?

    1. GottaBeJoking

      Decorations are sparse? Have you even gone recently? We’re quite excited for our next two trips that are just around the corner. If you’re not, that’s not a Disney problem, that’s a you problem.

  3. George

    He should be fired. He will run Disney to the ground. Once you lose a reputation, it’s very difficult to get it back.

  4. EricJ

    I’ve lived through Paul Pressler and Michael Eisner, and…yeah, kick Chapek to the train tracks.

    He’s gone Disney+ happy during the pandemic studio shutdown, and, like most every other online business, has tapped into that mentality that makes companies believe that frequent customers, esp. the smartphone-app customers, drool at the idea of paying a special “Elite” subscription for perks above and beyond their existing subscription.
    No one ever HAS, but they still believe that, and Bob bet the parks on Genie.

    (I mean, if he had just moved the Magic Band service over to the phone app, okay, but no…)

    1. I'd Pay More

      Are you talking about paying for new releases on Disney+? If so, it’s way cheaper for most people compared to going to the theatre. You don’t have to pay for premiere access either; wait 3 months and it’ll be included.
      If you’re talking about Genie+ and LLS heck yeah I’m going to use them! It’s way better than FP+, in my opinion, and if I can avoid a 2+ hour standby, I’ll pay every time.

      1. Reika

        Good to see that Disney’s small team tasked with monitoring fansites/keeping discourse positive got their jobs back.

  5. Jerilynn

    Bob Chapek has replaced pixie dust with stripper glitter as far as the parks are concerned. Most of the new shows and rides at the theme parks are cheap and unimaginative (kite tails anyone?) and are constantly out of service (rise of the resistance for example). It is now a chore to plan a Disney vacation with all the requirements for advance booking and the last thing I want to do on a vacation is constantly have to check my phone every 5 minutes. It’s work! Universal has actually been increasing attendance and delivering a better park experience than disney. If the emphasis was on disney+ you sure couldn’t tell it given the insignificant number of marquee series that have been delivered since launch. we have had the service since the beginning and are dropping it. We are also DVC members and are now looking to sell our points. We have started cruising Celebrity after 3 Disney cruises because they about 1/2 the price and in many ways deliver a better quality experience. You might say we are de-disneyfying our lives because we now see the Disney experience as yielding a poor cost to benefit ratio. I don’t think I am alone in my views. I would vote to get rid of Chapek and his management team.

    1. Whiny

      Rise of the Resistance is not a “Chapek ride”. That was in development well before he became CEO. It even opened before he was CEO. Rise is still the best ride on property.

      What new rides are cheap, unimaginative, and constantly out of service?

      If you don’t see the cost to benefit ratio, you’re blind. There’s been a long lost of new things added to WDW in the last 5 years. Of course the price will increase. Also, this thing called covid has caused prices everywhere to skyrocket.

    2. Ricardo Garcia

      Jerilynn I agree with you all the way. I miss Disney and the magic. Wokeness and cheap actions have been today’s standard. Very sad and empty for such a magical company with a astounding legacy.

    3. I love Disney

      “Bob Chapek has replaced pixie dust with stripper glitter” — Ew.
      Kitetails is good for a laugh. Besides, it’s cheap but not that cheap; those kites cost millions (I read that somewhere). It’s just a bad idea that got approved for some reason.
      Rise of the Resistance is designed to be down all the time. It’s the most ambitious and advanced technology, so it’s also the least reliable. It was a poor business decision made before Chapek became CEO (though he was head of the parks still) and may not be his fault, and there’s nothing he can do about it. It’s like an engine that runs so excessively fast that it has to stop and cool off frequently.
      Universal is a dump. So is Celebrity cruise. But there’s nothing wrong with trying out and liking cheaper options. In fact, it’s a huge advantage. But most people won’t be doing that because if they could, they would have done it by now.

  6. Danielle Pollet

    i support this petition, because that greedy sleazebag doesn’t give a flying hyuck about Uncle Walt’s true legacy. and i can think of better candidates to run Disney. hell, even I could run Disney, and restore Walt’s legacy back to its former glory.

    1. That's Funny


  7. Cj Brown

    If we still had a Roy Disney sitting on the Team Disney Board of Executives in Burbank? Bob “Cheapskate” Chapek would have never been a candidate for CEO of the Walt Disney Company!

    He is quickly ruining the Disney Brand! Bean Counters over Creativity (something Walt Disney would never embrace!) He’s using tactics to raise income for Team Disney that are going to drive Park Guests to go elsewhere! His poor ability with Artist Relations it’s going to make everyone from Imagineers to Actors reevaluate working for the Walt Disney Company (folks are going to retire quit or not bother signing a contract!)

    Team Disney Executives such as Josh D’Amaro are too busy brown nosing Bob Chapek to realize they are in danger of being pointed out as a Member of the Chapek Regime (and they will be called out later on!)

  8. R

    Yes! Fire the Lunatic Leftist, Child Raping Monster and ALL his minions.

    1. Jordan

      Look, I found a nut lol!

  9. Kevin

    it is unfortunate to see Chapek as CEO. A lot of people might remember Eisner in his later years when Frank Wells died and Eisner changed into a bottom line person. He thought he was improving everything, but it was the changes that didn’t show their long terms effects on paper that ruined him. Chapek is the same figure. He sees the bottom line and clear and obvious ways to increase it, but these short term gains will be long term losses. A simple example is the Magical Express. This will save the company so much money in the short term, but what they can;t visually see on paper is the long term negative effects that will destroy those savings. People who take the Magical express are more likely to stay on property and spend money on property because they don’t have a car to leave and don’t bother. But without the Magical express, many people will rent a car, and having that freedom available they are more likely to leave property and spend their dollars elsewhere. This is one example, and many of his changes are along these lines. These changes will have a long term negative impact to the company.

    1. I love Disney Resorts

      Nobody is renting a car due to DME loss because renting a car is more expensive than uber, especially if you count the parking fees. And don’t forget the lack of trams. People love the Disney resorts so much that they won’t stop staying there — at the least, the prices of resorts have gone up drastically and the booking hasn’t gone down at all. The easy way of making Chapek bring back the DME is for everybody to refuse to stay on property (put your money where your mouth is), but I for one ain’t doing that. I love Disney resorts.

      1. Shane

        In the new year I’ll post an article about vehicle rentals going up in Orlando due to the loss of DME then you can eat those words.

  10. Regina Phalange

    Please bring Michael Eisner back. The company was closest to Walt’s dream while he was around. Bob Iger was bad enough but Bob Chapek has all of Iger’s faults PLUS the total eradication of the Disney Parks. He’s eliminated every Disney Store across the country so everything can be virtual now like Disney+, which will one day be the bane of the company’s existence, mark my words.

    1. I love Disney

      Isn’t Eisner super old?

  11. Dhk

    Chapek is trying to make everything virtual and make it harder and harder for everyone to enjoy the parks. Raising the parking price without bringing the trams back first. Having to now pay for fast passes. Most of the character meet and greet restaurants are still closed in the hotels, maintenance on some of the rides seems to be non existent or lack of care (Indiana Jones rock ball, interior of the monorail). Chapek and D’Amaro need to go honestly. For those who don’t know, D’Amaro is President of the Parks.

  12. Barbara

    I honestly don’t know who is at fault but I do know that the park experience has changed dramatically. I have been going to Disney every year at least once a year, many times more than that. I am an annual pass owner and have DVC. If this had been my first trip it would have been my last. I will continue to use my DVC but my days in the parks are sadly over. Too much work!!!!

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