Comments for Palm Trees Could Disappear From Disney World Due to Ongoing Climate Crisis


Credit: Flickr


  1. I am from the Mid-Atlantic region. We have evergreens that do not provide shade, but we still have them. When we come to Florida, we want to see the palm trees. It is something that we do not have in our area. It’s a sign of being on vacation down south. Palm trees are quite expensive depending on the variety. They wouldn’t be expensive if there was no demand.

  2. Ryan

    No big loss here.
    We removed our palm trees from our property more so because of the annoyingly large palm fronds that fall off, land on our cars and fly into our screen patio during heavy winds. As long as Disney replaces them with some good shade providers, sounds like a win win to me.
    Though I’m sure some will stick around for decoration.

  3. GADonaldDuck

    Inasmuch as Disney like to virtue-signal they may one day do this, as long as it also serves their bottom line.

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