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  1. KenG

    I’ve only seen Enchantment online but I totally agree with your review and that seems to be the opinion of most every vlogger.
    Basically a good solid show but nothing emotional or special as Disneyland’s 50th was.

    1. Michelle Daniel

      I have seen Enchantment in person, and it really is disappointing and THAT bad. Disney missed a huge opportunity here to celebrate the parks, in particular
      the Magic Kingdom, and took out an amazing show with Happily Ever After, compounding this error.

      I think the message in Happily Ever After was still relevant (basically you determine your own future) and was a much better ending for a magical day at the Magic Kingdom.

  2. yoyo

    I watched it online and noticed it lacked the wonderment of HEA. Lights were ok. Still could not compare to HEA.

  3. Josh

    I share the same thoughts EXACLTY! This really needed to be a celebration of the parks, guests and cast members and not a celebration on new IP they want to promote.

  4. jim

    There are two mission statements for all shows now in Imagineering, integrate IP and as much inclusion and diversity as possible. Enchantment does that. Enchantment is more gender and ethnic diversified, and Happily Ever After was not.

    That is also why the choice of the narrator, a female version on James Earl Jones. HEA was produced and made before it was much more important to the company and they were accused of not being that way.

    I agree completely with the review. Didn’t give me goosebumps, but it’s just because “you are the magic” isn’t that kind of theme. BUT, If you compare scene by scene, length, when Tinkerbell flies, and everything else, the shows are close to identical, with the exception of better video mapping on the castle, and adding video mapping of main-street that most people have been oblivious to, even though Disney had highlighted it heavily in the previews. You even failed to even mention main street video mapping in your review, AT ALL. (just proves the point, not that your review is bad, and in fact in the reserved areas you can’t even SEE the main street video mapping even if you turn around and try to look at it like I did)

  5. The only thing I like about fireworks shows is that the lines for attractions are shorter during that time period. I rode the seven dwarfs mine train during a fireworks show. It was great and added to the experience. I also (on another occasion) rode Big Thunder during a fireworks show.

  6. JR

    I went to see enchantment twice to see if it would have a different effect on Main Street vs right by the castle.

    While it was done beautifully, it didn’t pull on the heartstrings or give a sense of nostalgia like the writer said. I watched the Paris illuminations show on Disney+ and thought even that would have been better with Mickey Mouse in it and without the water effects.

  7. Topdog

    It’s better then Harmonious. That is straight garbage.

  8. Mickeymouse3

    Welcome to the Bob Paycheck, Josh D’Amaro era. Where money is first and the entertainment is second…..rate.

  9. Erjen

    I have a feeling that it may have been meant to be a 50th celebration, but when they decided to scrap HEA, they had to change gears. Can’t have Cheapskate shelling out to design a whole new show after the anniversary or paying to reconfigure for HEA.

    I agree, it lacked a storyline and pulled 0 emotions from me. I’ll use that time to ride rides or beat the crowds to the buses.

    We didn’t even bother to watch Harmonious this past weekend, after hearing the reviews and the need for the perfect spot to view the whole show. Whoever thought that building that monstrosity in the middle of the lake, then only being to view the entire show from certain vantage points (same for the projections down Main Street) apparently wasn’t thinking.

    And KiteTails! Omg. Ridiculous. If this is the Chapek/D’Amaro era, I can’t wait for it to be over. Guests are questioning many of their decisions and considering that their dollars may be spent better elsewhere.

  10. Adrian

    I couldn’t agree more it’s emotionally lacking and no story and the songs were not the way I would have gone. I said yes the fireworks were spectacular but that’s it. Even the song was not as moving as HEA.

  11. K

    Saw it last night and agree with the review. Happily Ever After is one that I would want to watch over and over with each visit. Sadly, You are Magic is a one and done for me. :(. Neat, but not as magical as Happily Ever After.

  12. yoyo

    I watch it and again for the second day now.. It does not come close to Happily Ever After. It cute, but boring. Its more of light show than a good firework show. Its difficulty to see Cinderella castle stuff if you are back halfway down main street closer to exit.

  13. Walt

    We saw this online and I have to agree with others; there is a distinct lack of a story or even much Disney. I would be underwhelmed if I was there late into the evening after touring the park all day. At the end of the day I would prefer to hear classic songs from the Disney animated movies, remembering the positive emotions of each and going back to my hotel feeling good. By the end of the day, I don’t have much magic left in me and could use a boost.

  14. Rene

    The Show lacks emotions my wife and I used to go and watch HEA and she will cry all the time, when we went to see Enchantment she didn’t drop a tear also the covers of the songs they suck tbh

  15. Victoria Bell

    I thought the show was okay at best, even though I never saw it live. You do have a point about it not having more information on the park and its attractions since that was what Disneyland Forever and World of Color Celebrate did six years ago for Disneyland’s 60th. More of that was definitely needed. Lastly, I hope nobody judges me for this, but I did tear up at the Song of the Ancestors (I am Moana) part just because it has such an important impact on me. But, initially, I said that the show was good, but it needs some work. There are some things that need to be added, taken out, etc. The music was good, but it did feel like it needed something more. Some of the songs didn’t really match the sections in my opinion. It also needed a cohesive narrative, just as Wishes and Happily Ever After did. Heck, Once Upon A Time at Tokyo Disneyland had a more cohesive storyline. Night on Bald Mountain, I feel, isn’t a good song to represent all of the Disney Villains and Adversaries. If it were Fanstasmic, that would definitely be understandable, but not something for Magic Kingdom or Walt Disney World as a whole. It also needed more classic representation from the older movies instead of that one section. I did hear “I’ve Got No Strings” from Pinocchio, but there should be more Sleeping Beauty, Dumbo, heck, even more Tangled. I do appreciate the section on Princess and the Frog though. It needed some more movies to compliment it. Also, having the original songs from the movies could make the show better as well as well as having the people sing along to stuff and get emotional as well instead of covers.

  16. Debbie

    I’ve watched Enchantment three times now, including in front of the castle on opening night and this is a very spot on assessment. I will say that it’s much better in person than on the livestream and that the actual fireworks are some of the best I’ve seen. However, overall it’s just a very mediocre, disappointing show. I, too, would’ve loved for it to have included the parks and attractions instead of just the last few years of movies.

  17. Andrew

    I dont like enchantment. Wishes was great but no castle projection. Happily ever after is the greatest firework music show ever. Why change it after only 4 years. Only reason I can think of is money maybe because of pandemic and less crowds so I don’t know if this new show is cheaper or new ceo n imagineers don’t have the same vision as the past ones. Disney is suppose to be about a magical experience and telling a story about wishes and magic and the wow factor. They should of had tinkerbell start the fairy dust and have wish upon a star n starlight starbright and new orleans prologue where it says magic is in the air and anything can happen.. It needs better catchy music like happily ever after has. And this one needs a better ending. People remember the ending the most like happily ever after. And they should add in some of once upon a time. This new one had no efficience wen abt to surprise us with tinkerbell at the end. This new one is like cheaper version. Like it’s once upon a time b4 the main extravaganza show. Wen I want to bring my kids to disney n show them the greatest , now I can’t. I’ll say we can miss the last show. It’s no big deal. What a shame. They should have feedback so I can write to them with suggestions.

  18. Fanatic

    I saw this show 2 weeks ago and agree with you that there is no emotion in this it’s just weak, the music for the show was horrible and semi depressing. They need a character to tell the story to have a connection with the audience when you hear Mickey, Minnie, even Donald you connect with the voice. The fireworks were great but the voice over and poor music selection distracted from the show, and yes fireworks at Epcot are as bad as everyone says it is, also way to long and for the first time every I was board in Disney World.

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