Comments for Production “Buries” Potential Oscar Film Starring Johnny Depp as Abuse Allegations Grow

Johnny Depp in Pirates

Credit: Disney


  1. I personally don’t think the movie should be buried. What about Mel Gibson and his racist views against Jews but yet he continues to be on TV and movies. Let the public decide whether to go to the movie or not because this is a case of he said she said.

    1. Tiffany

      It’s not even that; the divorce judge dismissed her claims with prejudice years ago…she projected and switched the roles.

      1. Roganna M Church

        I’m sorry but what about amber why is her career still going Johnny has done and been around alot longer! He is loved by his fans and I will still watch any movie he is in I refuse to watch what that little miss liar is in

        1. Ronald Nicklas White

          The media including this website has completely portrayed johnny as the abuser when nothing but the contrary has been proven. Stop. Do research, and portray him as the abused which he is.

    2. Susanne J Primer

      I agree. Enough is enough. We miss Johnny Depp. Give him a break. It’s not like Amber hasn’t cashed in on all of this.

      1. HP

        Johnny will rise above of of this and his true justice will be served . The public worldwide is behind Johnny , we know his truth and SHE will be globally humiliated for the lying , abusive , gold digging , con artist , narcissist that she truly is !!! Watch this Space !

    3. Marcie Barnett

      I’m a long time fan of Johnny Depp. I don’t believe the accusation being brought against him. I think Hollywood should be ashamed to boycott his films
      Disney you need to rethink your decision about the Pirates movie. He is Jack Sparrow no one can take that away from him

      1. Tonya

        I think its ridiculous that Hollywood is even involved. Johnny Depp is not the first actor to be accused of something. I believe he is innocent. I believe she was a horrible person that used him to get a name for herself. Disney has list their mind if they let him walk away from Pirates. As many fans as he has why wouldn’t you release a movie you know people will see go see.
        Furthermore why is she still making movies? She admitted guilt.

    4. TNTonICE

      Right! They stuck their foot in it and now that Hurd’s abuse allegations are being challenged with his real evidence instead of her alleged testimony backed by only friends and her sister. Her own mother told the true story; she didn’t want to get kicked out of his penthouse. So Hurd got lawyers who would help her pull off this scam. They lie as much as she does. Who is MGM helping? We want to see the film. They are hurting everybody involved including themselves.

    5. Johnny Depp is apparently paying the price for his personal life. He’s being found guilty by Hollywood. He’s being punished and enough is enough. Let him come up for air so he can continue to make a living at what he does best (act). He said she said is not a conclusive argument. Lets move on and put him back to work. Pirates of the Caribbean will be no good without Johnny!

    6. Kate

      I actually find the title of your article inaccurate. Your title implies that abuse allegations are growing against him when I actually the abuse allegations are growing against his ex-wife and he is being shown more and more to be the victim of dv. Shame on you for trying to shape and an accurate narrative and imply something that very obviously is not true.

    7. Karen

      I want to see lots more of Johnny Depp! I don’t believe a word grom Amber Heards mouth and even if true he is an amazing actor and his marriage has nothing to due with his career.

  2. I love Johnny Depp loved all is movies and would still watch anything that is put out by him I do not care about scandel If there good I watch them.

    1. Livvy Cotton

      Johnny Depp is one of the most talented actors ever seen.The way he is continually treated is disgusting and Disney and Hollywood should be ashamed of them self’s. As for Amber she’s cashing in all the way Little miss innocent I think not.

    2. We all, who loves Johnny Depp, can start to boycott all films with Amber. Lets do it!

  3. Gracie

    I have always been, and always will be, a fan of Johnny Depp as an actor. ‘Burying’ a movie because of a scandalous marriage break up should never happen. It’s unfair to everyone, not only Depp, involved in making the movie. I was looking forward to seeing it myself, as I’m sure many fans were. I also think it’s horrible that Pirates of the Caribbean will no longer include Depp. And am I the only person who won’t go see any more Aquaman movies? I think not! I won’t go see them because of who they DO have in them.

    1. Matthew Moran

      I wish Jason would just speak up, and ask Warner Bros to give Amber the boot

      1. It should be her with her bullying ways and lies that is shunned.we will never watch anything she is in.and ,I believe Jonny Depo fans will give them a miss

      2. Autumn

        Okay. Since you asked. I enjoyed the beginning of his career. Havent kept up too much as he became an adult. I was sorta busy making a life of my own during the Pirates of the Caribbean films. I am repulsed truthfully by what ive seen in the mens cologne ads. He just doesnt carry it the way fashion house people try to throw at the public.. i litterally dont buy it i guess you could say. As for this cry baby stuff about divorce and all that comes with it. Again if i pay attention to what im (supposed) to be doing, i really dont care. As for this reply . Im just in a mood today . Its nice to actually admit for somene to understand. Could not care less.

      3. Totally agree. The film he is starring in will die a terrible death because of her. Bin Heard and get…well…anyone else!

  4. RJay

    And they let Amber, who’s proven to be the abuser through solid evidence and testimonials from her ex friends and assistant, as well as several staff who worked for the couple while together, still gets to walk a catwalk, be shown on screen and praised? She literally recorded him contemplating suicide asking her to cut him with the knife he was cutting himself with and she stood there and just recorded it. She didn’t sound concerned, she sounded amused. This woman is a demon and she is getting away with domestic violence on 2 accounts, abuse on 4 accounts and lying to police, a court of law and everyone. She claimed her assistants sexual assault as her own, she’s not paying her own legal fees, lied about donating to charity, broke up with poor bianca who’s currently fighting cancer AGAIN. she’s cheated on people multiple times and now there’s word she’s sleeping with an aclu ceo.

    1. Awsome, this statement needs to be heard over and over again. He’s far more better actor than anybody ever could have been. All the characters that he played, nobody can even top that or come close to it She is nothing but a two-bit loser that gets away with everything, what cuz she’s blonde he has way more qualities than she does. I don’t believe anything that girl says. I’m an avid lover of Depp and I always will be LET HIM BE!

      1. Again Hollywood playing judge and jury on celebrities lives and work. Mistakenly believing people will be offended by seeing an actor in a film, whose personal life is hung out to dry by the media. “Punished” by the judge, punished by the media, now punished by his employers. Disgraceful!

  5. Lola

    Can’t believe how many rabid Johnny Depp fans there are in this day and age… Outside of everything with the court case, I think he’s a washed up disaster of a man who has been doing goofy half-assed caricature acting for at least a decade. I have been so surprised to see he has so many fans, I find them vehemently defending him in every comment section! I had friends who worked on one of the later pirates of the Carribbean films with him and they loathed working with him, said he was so unprofessional, would hold up production daily for hours on end, would finally show up barely sober, had his lines fed through an ear piece because he couldn’t be bothered to learn them. I thought everyone thought he was a cringey, washed up loser. But ig not. But yikes can’t believe so many ppl love him, I find that so embarrassing

    1. TNTonICE

      Your reply shows how much you want to express your rabid jealousy and hatred. The only reason you’re embarrassed is you’re making up stories about people which is a hysterically transparent ruse. Sure, we believe you. NOT.

    2. DefyNormcy

      Amber Herd admitted to the abuse and hasn’t faced the same consequences as him so regardless of what you think of his work or not the standards should be held to the same for both either they both get to work or neither of them get to work. He is right in that cancer culture is being picking and choosing cases and selectively punishing him without hearing a proper court case on the actual facts of whether or not he did what Amber Heard claimed he did. The UK case did not present evidence on whether or not he did domestic abuse it presented evidence on whether or not he proved his case against the Sun and whether or not he could prove that they defamed him. The UK’s libel and defame laws are much different than they are in the US and he had an uphill battle there very rarely do you win in the UK when trying to fight the defamation case.

      So regardless of what you think of either one of them as actor, we need to be operating on the law of the land, and innocent until proven guilty and not cancer culture. Cancer culture is not operating in everybody is getting the same standards, but rather rules for thee and not me and creating a class system of bullies based on some preconceived set of what is acceptable to society. All it takes is for something to be deviant (and just take a look at what history has deemed deviant to see how bad of an idea that is) for someone to end up on the wrong end of cancel culture.

      1. I agree! He is being treated shamefully. I am a fan and I would go to any future movies he is in.
        I really miss him as Captain Jack Sparrow. No one else could play the role the way he does.

        I totally believe in the premise of “Innocent until proven guilty.

        All the fans want is that the studios stop punishing Jonny Depp. This is NOT okay!

    3. Lorra


      1. Lorra

        Lola! If you don’t like Johnny then why are you commenting? Just go away!

      2. Andrea

        She used him to get a name for herself and then decided she didn’t need him anymore so she fabricated a horrible story of abuse. Disney, MGM you studios are idiots to toss away a great actor and money maker for a bad lying so called actress. I back Depp up any day.

      3. jo

        exactly what court, jury, has found Johnny guilty?? Just like America, guilty until proven innocent.

    4. Sheila

      Embarrassing is you putting this out there. Amber has admitted hitting him. Yet she is still in aqua man too. That in itself says a lot about Hollywood. He is and always has been a great actor. How about you? We will boycott

      1. Carrie Neumann

        No one else can play Jack Sparrow but Johnny Depp. I stand by Johnny.

        1. Jeannie

          Totally agree – and I too stand up for Johnny Depp. So many great comments here, now if only Hollywood would listen.

    5. Anna

      Lolalolalola, so much hatred and frustration, so much judgment. Why?

    6. Dhivya

      Johnny Depp is innocent. He has not been proven guilty in any court of law. Plus the outstanding evidence clearly shows it’s his ex-wife wife Amanda Heard who is the real abuser. Let his movies play and let the moviegoers decide.

    7. Are you under her thumb.berating someone YOU PERSONALLY DONT KNOW.
      You sound jealous.no one to love you
      aaah such a shame

    8. Tammy Zoucha

      I think Amber Heard is nothing but a liar! There have been multiple people who have witnessed her violent behavior, the 911 calls and the officers that said she was the violent one! Also his ex’s have said he was never violent! She is a violent gold digging narcissist! Disney and MGM should be ashamed of ruining someone’s career over something that hasn’t even been proven in court! Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty! In this case it seems the other way around! They are ruining a Man’s career on the word of a psychopath!!

    9. Bracha

      IF any of this is true, the behavior you describe exhibited by Mr. Depp could be a manifestation of his dysfunctional marriage and personal life. Constant abuse and belittling criticism erodes one’s self esteem and causes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual shutdown.
      I like to believe that truth and human decency eventually win out.

    10. Mrs Marie M Pedrick

      Your obviously an Amber fan and just want to spew your poison.. if your “friend” has this evidence of how bad it was to work with Johnny Depp why have we not heard from them?? Go spew your poison to people who want to hear it!

    11. LilMissAurora

      Lola lola lola, All of your claims have been refuted by several people. No one complained about him on set, he was late because SHE kept him from going, and he listens to music through headphones to zone out. All been proven true. Next time say something at least up to date, like Amber has been found to have edited her bruises in the photos and she hasnt paid her legal fees, meaning she kept all $7m to herself to spend.

    12. Sanity

      I totally agree. I can’t believe how many people are so obsessed with this guy. I hope you did what I’m going to do and just left this comment here and didnt stick around to read these frenzied replies. I’ve been sick of Johnny since he showed his utter disregard for anything other than himself when he went on Jimmy Kimmel and mocked Australia’s biosecurity laws. He really thinks he’s more important than an entire ecosystem and mocks a country for caring enough to defend it. Gross old has been. These slobbering old fangrannies will follow him blindly through anything.

      1. MG Violette

        There is evidence that it was Amber Heard who broke sanitary measures by smuggling the dogs through Australian customs and it was she who was punished for it by Australian authorities because he it turned out that she is the only one responsible. But she blamed Johnny Depp when he had nothing to do with it.

        1. MG Violette

          * because IT turned out that she IS SOLELY responsible.


    13. Helga

      Did you come here to spit your daily dose of bile, Lola? The fact is your so-called opinion sinks in the sea of people opinions that negate yours. Good day, Lola.

      1. MissT

        No it does not negate. She is right on.

    14. M.G. Violette

      Even if those rumors were true, Johnny Depp wouldn’t be the only celebrity to be late on a film set, to use headphones, or to have addiction issues. Why should he be more lynched by people on social media and boycotted by Hollywood for causing exactly the same inconvenience many other celebrities do? Also, were you there to hear that people hated working with him? There has not yet been any actual testimony that he was unprofessional, only rumors spread by the media.

    15. MissT

      I agree with you! The point is – he is a man, he is stronger than she is, he should never have hit her! PERIOD! He’s a stupid washed up alcoholic narcissistic Loser with a capital L! Look at how he spent all his millions and is now almost broke. Film studios are in the business of making money. They can’t afford a flop. He needs to apologize and find another line of work.

    16. Jay

      How much are you being paid or are you actually this much of an NPC that questionlessly follows the narrative despite evidence against it?

    17. Virginia McCrum

      Movie companies have a right not to hire him if they think he might be bad for biz, but once they’ve done movies with him they shot or produced movies starring him they should not bury them and let the public decide, especially in America, where we are supposed to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. It’s also not fair to all others involved in the movie(s). The producers also are losing money by witholding film release in USA, unless they’re building it up for a later release once they get more comments like this, as controversy in the press
      Can be used to help boost sales, as people get curious to see it, or to see it on principal, etc. Wonder how it’s doing abroad?

      Personally, I don’t believe Johnny abused her, but I’m only going on the persona I’ve glimpsed at via news and clips over the years. He seems pretty easy going and down to Earth, but I could be wrong, and people do uncharacteristic things under pressure, which is not an excuse for bad behavior for snapping. But none of this applies, as we’re talking about what should be done before he’s determined innocent or guilty. In this case, I’d give him the benefit of the doubt. I wouldn’t have pushed Senator Al Franken to resign either b4 inquiries done, but I supported firing, legal action and public shamming and shunning of Harvey Winstead, Bill Cosby, some prominent news heads and personalities and believe Donald Trump should have been and still should, because all these have personalities have been accused by many women, often over 20, so there’s a lot of smoke around them, so fire 🔥 is very likely. But when there’s only or primarily one accuser, and that person has something to gain by claim, including revenge, rushing to judgment could be a big mistake. For all we know, Johnny Depp is the victim in this case. We just don’t know yet. Release movie, which I may or may not see, based on the preview, which I haven’t seen – never heard about it until this article. I do like most Depp movies, though, and Depp makes Pirates of the Caribbean movies the success they are – big miatake to let him and his gold tooth go! Besides, pirates don’t have great reputations, especially with women, so if he us guilty, that role would still be suitable for him.

    18. Gertdog

      You realise she was making his life hell during the filming of the last pirates film? She even cut his finger off, I’m not surprised he was a mess and yet he still managed to make a great film. She is the sole cause of this and its about time main stream media started reporting the truth instead of making her out to be some sort of Saint. The truth will out and the world will see what those of us who have bothered to look into the case already know. She accused him of violence so her and her buddies could stay rent free in his penthouses, she defied the NDA by talking about their marriage and has lied continuously since he told her he wanted a divorce. Read the evidence, listen to the tapes and then you’ll learn the truth.

    19. Kamm

      Opinions, like yours, are like a**holes…Everyone has one and your stinks like a pile of bull manure on a hot summer day.

  6. Barbara Brooker

    He was tried by the media. She admitted to lying and released tapes that prove it. Hollywood is wrong. Disney is in my state..I will never spend on their products. I have the films he’s in by them. No more. Fans can boycott Hollywood and Disney.

    1. Hi Lola,
      You believe Amber and the media and why wouldn’t you its what is splashed everywhere and to add to it all you dont like Johnny or his way of creating characters. You are most definitely entitled to your opinions but as someone who already dislikes Johnny you are ofcourse happy to accept all the negative coverage and not look deeper. Most Johnny fans have looked deeper and the evidence is all out there on the internet – it proves which was the liar and abuser . . . The tapes are there listen for yourself. Its not about you liking Johnny or not its about if he’s guilty or not and the evidence shows Amber is the guilty party.

    2. Sheila

      And MGM. The sun is just a rag magazine that most of their stories is just that. A story. Whatever sales

      1. Paula

        Why did he lost the case to The Sun if he was the only victim then? Why did he lied about cutting his own finger just to guilt her? Why did he sent all that horrible kind of texts about Amber to Paul B.? Let’s not forget about him writting absurds with his own blood about she being a complete wh*re. He didn’t denied at court about beating her aswell. You guys keep saying that people are unfair judging his case, but you are also stating that Amber is the abuser. It is pure hipocrisy.

        1. LilMissAurora

          What are you jibbering on about? He lied about his finger to protect her, you know he said he ate it to a kid in hospital? He did deny hitting her in court and those texts were revenge fantasy texts. He never actually did any of those things. He lost because it was against the Murdochs and the Sun, the most powerful men in the world some say, it wasnt against her. Evidence has now come out to prove she was the abuser. You should really read up on that.

  7. Livvy Cotton

    Johnny Depp is one of the most talented actors ever seen.The way he is continually treated is disgusting and Disney and Hollywood should be ashamed of them self’s. As for Amber she’s cashing in all the way Little miss innocent I think not.

  8. Marcela

    Já mu věřím. Ať je jaký je. Herec je úžasný. Prostě je svůj. Je to hodný člověk, a nezaslouží si to. Držím mu palce.

  9. Gloria Lopez

    Like it was stated it is he said she said. Personally I wouldn’t go to a pirate of the Caribbean movie without Johnny Depp it wouldn’t be the same. Look at Mel Gibson and how about Robert Downey Jr. Now Lori Loughlin is returning to hallmark. Tell me is this fair give Johnny Depp a chance.

  10. Lynn Dell


    1. Lynn Dell


  11. D.

    Yeah ya mean as the Case of Abuse is piling up against Ambers ass. Save the public the torture of having to watch her trash an can that Sh*t.

  12. Katherine Rucker

    I think all this is ridiculous. If even I believed this other women that he had relationships would of came out and said that he hurt them too. They did come out to defend him. What does that tell you? As far as that Engish rag of a paper. Shame on them for printing that nonsense just for money. The English courts acts like a crime has taken place. That’s the difference between the English courts and American courts. We say innocent until proven guilty and the English say guilty until proven innocent. It’s too bad they didn’t see the recording from the police cam after the so call fight? No broken glass no furniture out of place. She has caused all this to make a name for herself. Maybe if she acted better she wouldn’t have to fabricate lies. It’s terrible these big movie companies didn’t stand behind and defend him. They had no problem taking money from the result of his talent. I see this all the time some allegation comes out against someone and boom they are fired. I think they should prove the allegation first. People are constantly walking on egg shells because they might be politically incorrect. Why don’t we wipe out history completely too because it might hurt someone’s feelings? Give me a break. Everybody is in fear because we might say the wrong thing. We are going backwards instead for going forward. Let’s not make this another wrong that wasn’t corrected? This man has not done nothing wrong but to get involved with the wrong women.

  13. Barbara Garibaldi

    Leave him alone and let him do his job. I know women who were the abuser in a relationship, it happens a lot. I think he is a brilliant actor, I go by what I see, not what I’ve heard. I hope things go well for him. GOD bless you Johnny Depp.🙏♥️♥️♥️

  14. Dianne Hansen

    Ihope the next court hearing goes his way

  15. these companies need to recognize who’s bringing in the money for them.
    Understand that we don’t care about their stance or their opinion. We care about our movies being worth seeing, and that we’re going to be able to see them with movie stars like Johnny Depp. I’m sure if we dig around we can find a lot of crap on anybody. I’m not willing to spend money on going to a movie with a company that dropped Johnny. We’re not going to see Johnny Depp in a movie because we I think he is a perfect individual in his private life. We go because Johnny is the star of the show And he’s damn good. I’m tired of companies pushing their opinions of their interpretation of high morality on the public. All it is is a stunt. They couldn’t care less What happened in the privacy of Johnny’s house. The only reason I would have gone to see any of these movies is because Johnny was in them. so I don’t see any reason to go see thiese movies if he’s not in it. Unless you can pull Brad Pitt out of your ass I think you better stick with Johnny. You hired him to begin with because he’s good. He’s been a good role model as Captain Jack Sparrow And there is no franchise without him. I could not tell you who starred in the last 2 pirates movies other than Johnny. Because really, who cared.
    I’m not a super-fan, but this is wrong.

  16. Susan Holland

    Does the MGM guy know something we don’t or is he putting Depp in the same sinking ship as Weinstein and all the other sleazoid Hollywood producer types? And even if Depp is unprofessional on set, that would make him a cliche tabloid actor like Joan Crawford and all the other not so nice GOATs that no one should be surprised to find out about. After all, didn’t he allegedly trash a hotel room back in the 90’s?

  17. Jamie

    I personally have been keeping tabs on this whole mess. Honestly speaking, I’m not saying this because I’m a fan of Johnny Depp and dislike Amber Heard (Amber Turd), but I am saying this because I went through a similar situation with someone online. I’ve bounced back from it, and glad I did. I have heard Amber Heard make a confession on a live recorded tape that she did hit Johnny Depp and was trying to provoke him to hit her. And when Depp did not want to she got mad and called him a little baby. People forget that women can also be abusers and men can be the victims and in this case Johnny Depp IS the victim NOT Amber Heard (I mean Turd). From my understanding Ms. Heard was in massive amount of debt for her overspending habits and wanted to divorce Depp because she knew she would get his money to help her out. Amber Heard I mean Turd is a vindictive little person who is a never was has been who is so jealous that her husband now ex husband Johnny Depp is and will always be MORE popular than she will ever be in her entire life. And get this, now she has a child that she has a surrogate with someone. Why on Earth would anyone give that vindictive little piece of trash a baby? I certainly hope she takes better care of that baby than she did her ex husband. But mark my words, Amber Heard, I mean Turd’s, baby will grow up having major mental health issues because of her. If the relationship is over, you don’t need to ruin the other person’s career just because you’re jealous that your spouse is way more famous and way more popular than you. Just divorce and move on from it. But Amber Heard can’t do that. Even her own ex-girlfriend stated a few times that Heard was abusive towards her and that’s why they’re no longer together. And this is why I feel bad for Johnny Depp for getting the sh*t end of the stick.

    1. I don’t Like Amber Heard Fake

  18. Jamie

    Ever heard of skepticism? You can use some.

  19. Cameron

    This not right really and he did nothing wrong and he was not raised that way at all but his mother was just like amber but his mom is not the worst but she was with me and she was more like Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde personally and Mr. Depp does have a family a son and daughter and he does not want to be that way front of his kids and he was raised better from his dad the most and some from his mom and and not raised to a wife beater and he would never put a hurting hand on them and he was born and raised in Owensboro,KY and is hometown is in Miramar, FL and he is a polite southern man from the east coast.

  20. When is ENOUGH GOING TO BE ENOUGH?? I mean SERIOUSLY!? Despite the fact that Amber Heard has proven herself to be a known liar & hypocrite, the LAPD has also spoken on the fact that there was NO signs of domestic abuse or injury to her when they arrived on the scene. We’ve seen COUNTLESS video surveillance of her in the elevator where she lived with him with multiple people on multiple occasions, ALL with zero injuries. The “injuries” on her face appear two weeks AFTER he had all ready left to film. Take it from an ACTUAL survivor of domestic aduse, I can attest, it does NOT take two weeks for your injuries to appear, if this was real they’d have already been there when the cops arrived. I can not believe that an ENTIRE iindustry that creates “make believe” somehow can not connect the dots. #JohnnyDeppIsInnocent
    #StopThisMaddness &

  21. I don’t believe Amber Heard. I don’t know why her abuse of Depp is ok, isn’t being punished the same way they are trying to punish Depp since she admittedly and provenly abused him. Many people have testified to how nice he is.
    He should produce his own films if necessary. Plenty of us want to see him making more movies.

    1. Kristin Sullivan

      Women will cry and get sneaky. Men will hit. A nasty game.

  22. margaret egan

    I think it’s a disgrace.a woman can claim abuse if her husband so much as touches her arm.stand behind a guarded screen in fear of her life when all the time it’s her that’s the abuser.everyone believes a woman.poor little thing.knowing nothing about the facts.his ex wife is a spiteful vindictive piece of work.she wont be conttent until he is on the street or worse.let him work.we should all protest on line.twitter,Instagram.make her life a misery see how she likes it.there has to be some one in her past that she bullied because they dont change.

    1. Kristin Sullivan

      Let’s say both parties have their political backers, and this case Ambers is nastier.Lets say it could be a Hillary Clinton, a Mrs. Bush, a Nancy Reagan, a fat witch at Disney, a Fake Judge Pirro, a Mrs. Gotti. Or all in a game. A game that harms all. Child Trafficking by means of witch to harm by drugs, family, and love life.

  23. Hes actually not working for them is he

  24. Linda

    I have been watching Johnny’s career since 21 Jump street. He has always been a good decent man. Amber is a liar!! Police body cam proved her and her cohorts are liars!!

  25. CT

    Cancel culture has got to stop. We can choose to boycott any person or movie by not going to see it. What happened to freedom of choice? Once again “politically correct totalitarians” are trying to control the rest of us. Enough already, mind your own business, make your own choice and let me make my own choice.

  26. george w.

    He said she said, who knows what really happened. It shouldn’t have anything to do with Depp’s latest . movie, which should be considered for an Oscar.

    1. LilMissAurora

      Everyone knows what happened. Its in the public domain and the court documents and evidence are available to read. She is the abuser and she confessed to it.

  27. Dakk

    Johhny is not the abuser! Freaking Amber Heard is! Her story is unravvelling faster than she can stall the Virginia judge! Sopeanas sent to ACLU, Elon Musk, James Franco, and her former girlfriend.

    She was Booed yesterday at Paris Fasion Week!


    Not one new Disney movie is worth a hoot and it shows at the box office. I hope they lose more money until they bring Johnny back to get them out of the hole. Boycott Disney might help pushing them along.

  29. Vivian

    It is s shame this is being done to Johnny Depp. IF he was abusive just once to Amber Herd, all she had to do was walk out the front door the same way she walked in. She has plenty of money. She did not have to stay.

  30. Patricia Hughes

    As an avid Harry Potter and Johnny Depp fan I sadly won’t be watching any more fantastic beasts movies as they cannot be fantastic without Depp in it. After all, doesn’t the phrase go “innocent until proven guilty in the Court of Law”?

    1. Ken Brenner

      Thank you Patricia – exactly what I was thinking. He is being punished for speaking out against the ridiculous WOKE group…

  31. Angel Beurrier

    Fan OR NOT, truth OR NOT, this is a human being who’s life is being immensely affected to the degree of which many others are found guilty of yet do not endure the same consequences! His career should remain just that, his EMPLOYMENT,,, where are his rights & what kind of messages are we receiving by the injustices being done to this man? Shame on Disney & shame on Warner Bros!! Truth AND evidence matters not to these people, Amber Heard is a poor excuse for a ‘woman’,,, for a HUMAN!

    1. Kristin Sullivan

      Disney has a fat witch. The witch wants to own.

  32. Kristin Sullivan

    Terrorism. Wives and their Terrorist. Excellent idea. Disney and it’s monopolistic Fox News. Gays and their late life blessings: babies. What is it about Disney? Does it take a King Abdullah ll? Yes. Our First Ladies are that weak.

    1. LilMissAurora

      Are you feeling ok?

  33. Sharon Little

    I agree, they should not punish someone for what’s happening in his personal life. If they are doing him that way then they should do Amber Heard the same way for she also abused him. I don’t think she should be able to get away with it. They need to give him back his roles. A few years back they did the same thing to another great actor and director, Mel Gibson, for what happened in his personal life and what he said. They are great actors and shouldn’t be prosecuted for their personal life. Please give him back his roles!!!

  34. Lance Allen Smith

    It’s obvious that even if there was abuse it went both ways but he was willing to let her abuse of him go untill she forced his hand so should she not be black balled as well I believe it’s sexist not to either both should be getting the same treatment or neither should and since it at least went both ways I believe neither should it’s a good thing they both parted ways

  35. Ulysses Meneses

    That Depp dude was good in the Pirates movie….overrated actor that made tons of money. He is a grown man, a adult. get over it people…who cares ? They have there lives and pretty good lives….I read all this out of curiosity and well…get real

  36. I think MGM should not bury a movie that is as great as this one, no matter what. But, to take lies from an actress as the truth is wrong. This man has been a victim. She has even lied and kept money that should have went to a children’s hospital. Please, for all the actors sakes don’t bury this movie. They all deserve a chance. Hollywood has never been too kind to Johnny Depp. But, maybe they should start. People will start boycotting any of their movies if they see him treated any different than any other actor. I personally have boycotted watching ir buying fantastic beasts 3 or any move they have taken him out of. He’s a great actor and deserves to be treated as such. There are other actors who are drug addicts, drunks, etc…I don’t see them being discriminated against. Amber abused him but she got no punishment or disrespect from Hollywood. I enjoyed aquamarine 1 but I won’t buy or watch aquamarine 2 because of her. So, you need to reconsider Johnny Depp. It’s ashame how he has won awards in other countries but his birth country has acted like the cruel stepmother. Stop playing sides!

  37. lana owens

    Is there a petition we can sign?.. maybe when they see the volume of signers they will realize how much money they are losing

  38. Earl A. Hazel

    Abuse allegations are not growing, at least not for Johnny. Media continues to be shills for the woman who abused him an I wont stand for it

    1. Rhonda spelic

      First Read Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8
      Also totally relevant is that All Of Us are human and have THE A FULL SET Of Human Emotions and Responses.
      Johnny Depp and his wife have both loved and hated helped and hurt each other …We know this is so… it’s time served and time to let it go. Let the both of them injure One another no-more by keeping an Uncertain past alive: to no avail or benefit on the behalf of either Johnny or Amber… let us the movie goer move forward and them two overcome the wrongs of the past.

  39. Terrible biased trash writing *sigh*
    We all heard what Amber heared said to Johnny over the phone. She cut his finger off… she’s the abuser and it makes you wonder why she still has a job unless shes sleeping with everyone in Hollywood which I wouldn’t be surprised.

  40. Boycott AquaMan2!!!!
    Amber heared in a conniving ABUSER!

  41. Tim

    MGM- who cares if we offend the rest of the world, let’s make some money and then try to save face at home!

  42. Barb304

    I am 100% behind Johnny Depp. Hollywood needs to know his followers are loyal! Give the man a break for crying out loud!!!

  43. The MGM thinks that money is more important than the fate of families is bitter. I no longer know what to say or how many times i have to repead myself until the world finally understand it. But Amber Heard is just a abuser and Nicol is a liar.That’s the way it is. And anyone who wonders why we fans are giving so much support, they haven’t dug deeper. They don’t take a closer look. Because it’s so obvious, so simple. It’s just a shame and sad how people form their judgements even though they haven’t even really deal with it. In many situations, many people would have reacted in the same way, but nobody finds out. Think about how you would talk or write about people if they caused you harm. It’s nothing else. Maybe you had a really difficult phase and now imagine this being presented in public. And yet only Amber Heard became violent.

  44. Emily Petty

    Your just jealous. You must be one of that gold digger Amber Turd’s fans. You & her are both trash, that needs to be taken out & thrown away.

    1. Do you mean me?!

  45. Carl B

    Screw Disney, Screw MGM, Screw Warner Brothers and Screw #metoo

    Ruining peoples lives one allegation at a time.

  46. Annette

    What ever AH said in JD’s case against The Sun is irrelevant. She made the case be about her and most statements have been proven false.
    Disney and Warner are on the wrong side here.
    AH is the one who should be banned – not JD.
    JD has not have much work in the front of the camera but quite some behind it.
    He is fare from done.
    The trufh will be out in the summer 2022.
    #Justice for Johnny Depp

  47. Mac

    Amber Heard was the abusive one, and gollowed at up with claiming it was him. Your article failed to mention that, despite it being the most important piece of information required to report the truth.

    Ah well! He’s been accused, that’s all that matters right? Must be guilty!

    Pathetic. You’re complicit now too in he harm done to Mr. Depp, Ms. Author.


  48. Shel

    Imagine you are in posession of the one and only Magic Wand. Everything you point at changes into exactly what you want (better than buttons). Imagine the power! Then think about the things you would change. How you would change them? What and who would it effect? Did you ever walk in anyone else’s shoes? Live anyone else’s life? Do you understand all beliefs, and, if so, how every belief came to fruition? Will you’re changes be good or bad? Smart or stupid? Help or hurt? This is why BALANCE is necessary.
    Mr. Depp is only trying to defend and protect what is his, and rightfully so.

  49. Cat

    This is a crime. What is he guilty of? Bad taste in women? This has nothing to do with his acting. I don’t get why we have to suffer. Because of this new generation of what ifs. So over it

  50. Lora Peterson

    Before you put something out like this better make sure amber is not a lier. Her stores keep changing and found out 2/3 of her story’s is make up from someone trauma. What will be the next lie be coming out of her mouth. #Justinforjonnydeep

  51. Ken Brenner

    Innocent until proven guilty.
    At least, unless one is against the ridiculous WOKE groupees.

  52. Jade

    This is so ridiculous, you can clearly hear in videos that she’s is the liar, filming and saying things like no one will believe you. She sounds crazy. She seems like the abuser, and yes it is possible women can too be abusers. I hate how they brought this into his career, and these companies should be ashamed for doing so it should be pushed aside and his acting overtake that not his personal life. I believe he didn’t do this and hope he gets justice and that she doesn’t walk away not punished for this because clearly the woman needs to get what she deserves and has tarnished his name poor bloke. As a woman and as a fan for him truly hope that he cuts a break from this nightmare.

  53. jonathan d wint

    Well we know Amber is a liar.
    Sjw is just hold on to the nonsense now.
    We have emails for the graphic evidence film multiple eyewitnesses. And people forget Amber is an outlier. Johnny Depp in reality is a very small man who’s 30 is older than her not even a hundred pounds soaking wet Amber on the other hand goes to the gym 3 hours a day and has mastered about dozen martial arts. She comes from abusive family that used to do dog fights. She’s living embodiment of a wife beater she just happens to be female. Nearly every single person that’s lived with her has filed domestic abuse f*** charges. It’s kind of clear what was going on.

  54. jonathan d wint

    I mean she cut his finger off…. I’ve been in bad relationships with women but at no point did we ever cut off each other’s digits! Sheesh even now you take the crazy b*tches side!

  55. Aj

    For god sack he is innocent he doce a lot of good for kids who loves makeing kids happy who r ill.plus he gives Charity.what doce amber do nuthing depp has kids to feed and to be with them amber is just after money and she doce not care of eneyone except her self.her lies will cach up with her what gos a round cames around

  56. He does have a Halacious Fan base Worldwide…A.H. & some of these other women are lying to push a ProFemale agenda. I’m female & I very much detest A.H. & what she’s done. She has lost more fans than she’s gained friends. They come to.court in Virginia this February ’22…not positive where. I hope Richmond, bc I live there. Anyway-Johnny’s got a million tons of support & is a humble creative guy. I believe he will emerge from this scarred but stronger & HAPPY!

  57. Pie Rutz

    Stumbling into a discussion with Depp stans is like reading a thread by Trump supporters. They’re all suddenly legal scholars and see conspiracies around every corner.

    I’m certain the two groups overlap on a Venn diagram.

    Drepp is done and his plan to drag Heard down has failed spectacularly.

    1. Shel

      Can you make a diagram? No, make a pie chart, showing us the conspiracy you visualize, and the career that you claim is done. Then you can eat your humble pie!
      Why would you say that? What did he do to you to make you want to end his career?

  58. SumGal

    This movie is bigger than who the lead happens to be. Mercury poisoning is still occurring on our planet, large companies are shirking their environmental responsibility. By “burying” this film MGM are complicit in the suppression of a worldwide issue. The story needs to be told.

  59. Tracey Williams

    Leave him ALONE! He doesn’t deserve having his private life exposed by grubby greedy gossip. If he wasn’t famous, no one would care! I will never watch another Fantastic Beast Movie or others he lost roles to because these Studios are judging Mr. Depp as if it was their right. Amber Heard is not some innocent girl. Look at what she’s admitted to doing!! Abusers are not only men.

  60. Katherine

    I think there is a great actor here. Who should be heard. A career like this shouldnt be just discarded. What is personal in a marriage should be kept personal, and not ruin Johnny s career, as a great actor he is.

    1. jo

      Hey,,, who says he is guilty.. No court or jury has yet he has already been tried and convicted in the eyes of America. Maybe, just maybe, this Amber person is creating a scene to gain attention for herself and money. I personally will never see a movie, tv show or play with her in it.

  61. I decide what movies i choose to watch. I do not need a self imposed censor taking that decision from me. Any more of this and I will stop going to the movies completely

  62. Bodil

    It will definitely be Disney WB and MGM who’ll be the losers! Johnny can do without them, but can they do without him??? I wonder if they wished they had been neutral from the start! Now it turns out, that they have punished the victim and rewarded the abuser!
    Believe me the “customers” will punish them for it, in a way they’ll never imagine! It’s us the “customers” who have the money, and we decide who’s gonne have them, and be sure til will NOT be Disney, WB or MGM!!!
    Because MGM does not want to show MINAMATA, could be because they are in the pocket of an Industry that practics what the film shows, and has nothing what so ever to do with Johnny Depp, but use it as an lame axcuse!

  63. Henry Chun

    Of course Depp is slimy. You cant exist in that environment and not get covered in it, immersed in it. Hollywood breeds ick.

    I’m not a Depp fan. But he’s right. All of this is simply because Heard and her people are better at social media PR than Depp and his people. She’s if anything more disgusting than he is, and we already have documents of her abusive behavior.

    Cancel culture helps no one. It’s a pathetic echo chamber, where smug elitists try to hold the “social elite” to a higher standard than these accusers themselves are capable of meeting. It’s a massive hypocrisy, and proof enough that we’ve gone wrong as a society.

  64. Tami


  65. Amber Heard is an abuser! Liar and bully. She needs to be locked up.
    She is still a game whore gold digger.

  66. Dreama Flanagan

    Amber is a Horrible person and has a Vendetta to Ruin Johnny Depp!! She is a Liar!!! Johnny Never laid a hand on her!! She loves and wants attention. She’s really not even that great of an actress. Johnny has Always been a Down to Earth Wonderful Caring individual. He’s always tried to stay out of the Spotlight. He is Genuinely a very kind and humble man. Kind of funny that Amber abused people in past relationships whereas Every Girl friend Johnny has had said they were NEVER abused in Any Way!!! I hope she gets what she deserves!!! She is a downright Awful person to do this to him!! I love Every Role Johnny has played in movies. He is so Talented and it would be terrible to lose him because of Outright Lies by a Con Woman!!! Amber Heard is a Vile and Disgusting human being!!! How can she do this to him??? She has NO COMPASSION AND I PRAY EVERYTHING IS TAKEN FROM HER AND SHE IS THE LOSER IN THE END!!!

  67. Shel

    I appreciate truth, really. There are some great points made. We don’t have to agree with someone’s lifestyle to stand up against an injustice. PR or not, if an employer is going to cancel a career for a marriage gone wrong it should cancel the couple. Otherwise it sends a terrible message to the world.
    It’s easy to blame others for things gone wrong in our lives but we only have ourself to blame for allowing it to happen.

  68. Liz

    I want to know when she will be charged over the malicious and false allegations against him thats my question ? Anyone ?

  69. Sarah

    About time ITM stopped outright accusing Johnny. I guess this proves the media will eventually bend when forced to

  70. Nicholle Vecqueray-Booth

    I still love him always will and to be honest I watch him for his films not his home life, and after what the ex did why is she free flying and doing fine, its silly and unfair this is a man’s life, I don’t believe Johnny did it but, if it was any of us and not someone famous no one would bairly notice, but yet a man that has bought joy to many families with his movies for many years married the wrong person and the world takes everything he worked for away anyway just my opinion sorry for any spelling mistakes, stay safe and take care x

  71. Johnny Depp is the best Actor in the world and he is a great actor in Hollywood, attraktive
    Please Bring him back

  72. Why is it MGM gets to decide what to bury. The personal life of any actor shouldn’t have anything to do with his acting ability. They know it’s a great movie bilut they want another to win the Oscar obviously. I don’t think he has a thing to do with the lies that were told on him. I for one am boycotting the pirates if the Caribbean that he’s not in and I’m boycotting fantastic beasts 3 too. I do have the first 2 movies but I refuse to watch or buy the others. It’s ashame that Johnny Depp can’t be treated like tge rest of Hollywood. Why are they still letting drug addicts and drunks still act in their stupid movies? They are wrong in what they are doing!

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