Comments for Get Premium Lightning Lane Attraction Access WITHOUT Buying Genie+

You don't have to buy Genie to skip the line!!

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  1. Phoebe L Ho

    Okay…. We’ll see how long this lasts…..

  2. JS

    “You could save a lot of money!”
    … That’s not how this works.

    “Obscenely rich people can pay a ton of money to make the rest of us wait even longer and devalue our increasingly expensive admission fees!”


    1. Rhonda

      I already paid to get in the park to ride the rides. Not paying a 2nd time!!!!

      1. Barb304


  3. Cameron

    You are still having to pay for the lightning pass so there is no savings here… what a ludicrous article!

    1. Mike O'Drums

      Ikr? It’s not like they Changed anything and literally No One that I know of were Confused over the Diff between Genie+ and the separate LL purchase(This article was simply a Waste of Time)-smh.

      1. Cameron

        Propaganda at its best

  4. Tom

    I thought the article was helpful. Interesting Expedition Everest Is on the list because often that ride is a walk on. I often get to the parks early to avoid long lines on the big attractions. I could see myself occasionally using lightning lane.

  5. EM

    So you don’t need to purchase Disney+ for $15 you can just use the Genie Ap and you can still purchase the Lightening Lane rides that have an extra charge saving $15. It’s only for certain rides though.

  6. Sharon

    In my opinion the whole think stinks. To pay so much to get into the Parks and then have to pay more money to get on a popular ride is just greedy!!! Bring back fast passes. Better system that didn’t cost extra. And while I’m ranting….to have to pay a parking fee at all the resorts is also greed.

    1. Julian H

      With you 100% of the way Sharon, don’t forget all the other services that made the difference also being taken away but still the price goes up and they want extra on top, Greedy Fat Cats that is all Disney Executives are these days at Disney, not the most magical place on earth but certainly the most expensive. I’ve moved over to Universal and can confirm Universal will get my 14 day holiday money with Disney only getting a day or two at best. They used to get all but not anymore.

      1. Sheila

        $109/1 day/1 park is exactly the same at WDW and Universal. Universal’s Express (their version of LL) is a whooping $80! Disney’s is $15. They both charge $25+ to park. Free at Disney if you are a Passholder.

        1. Noah Trimbrake

          That pricing is not correct for Disney. As a Florida resident, I just paid $140 for a single day single park Disney pass a couple weeks ago. My out of state friend’s was even more. The universal tickets were not as expensive and we also didn’t need express over there to enjoy our day. The universal Express felt like more of an addon for people that wanted it over a “need to have” to get through everything.

    2. Nick

      A parking fee is justified, the parking areas have to be monitored, maintained and insured. However, the justification would be more meaningful if the trams were operating which they haven’t been since the reopening.

      1. Michelle Hawkins

        Soo the rest of the park doesn’t?? With the price of admission and everything else the parking should be included.

        1. Jordan

          Not everyone drives to Disney and uses their parking. You make that justification, then I’m technically paying for something I’m not using. Not exactly fair.

    3. SSWIFT


    4. Barb304

      I couldn’t agree more!

  7. Nick

    The price each person pays for admission/access, which isn’t trivial, should be enough. The sooner people send that message to Disney management by not buying the add-ons, the sooner they’ll scrap the latest money grab.

    1. Barb304

      I agree 100%!

  8. I think you are financially abusing your guest!! You charge a family tremendously high entry fees and then gouge them again on a system that was once free! Shame on you, after this already paid for vacation you will never see my family again!

  9. Greed

    Days of handing my wallet to Disney are over. Runaway greed.

  10. John

    The laws of economics dictate that a finite resource can only be regulated by either rationing or setting a price.
    An out of state visitor, already paying a fortune to take part in the experience, sees Genie+ as a welcome change. For the price of a single onsite meal, we get a near guarantee to ride. Fastpass was a frequent letdown. Now, if only Genie+ would stop making dining recommendations where no reservations are available!

  11. Barb304

    Sorry Chapek but I would rather stand in line for an hour than pay you anymore money! Standing in line gives me the opportunity to watch the many, many people that pass by and that is pretty entertaining on it’s own! Listen up people, anyone who pays for these ‘extras’ is just encouraging Chapek to come up with more and more ways to get your money. When you buy a ticket to get through the gate everything inside that gate should be free except food and souvenirs!

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