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Left - Johnny Depp holding a Disney Legends handprint / Right - Amber Heard

Credit: D23 (left) / Amber Heard Instagram (right)


  1. DJ

    Amber Herd is a horrible person. Anyone can look at all the evidence presented by both sides and be able to tell that Amber was the abuser in this instance. Countless recordings of her clearly faking being hit for the cameras while Johny Depp has suffered physical injuries and had countless witnesses testify saying that she abused him. Amber’s Exes have come forward and said she abused them. Amber’s own parents say she has anger issues and is prone to lying. Meanwhile Amber throws a bottle at Johnny that cuts the tip of his finger off and he still goes to cancer hospitals with a wrapped up finger dressed as Jack sparrow to give them joy. Johnny was clearly afraid of Amber and regardless of sex or reputation abuse is wrong! Yet with all of that Amber gets to continue her career with no interuptions and Johnny has to deal with being cancelled? This is not right. He does not diserve this.

    1. Clair

      Amber should be barred from acting. She desimated JD’s career and is an opportunistic lying golddigger. In addition, she’s a lousy actress and all around sorry person, IMHO.

    2. Raj


      1. Carmen Aguilar

        I say lock her ass up in jail and throw away the key she deserves to be in prison for what she’s done to Johnny Depp . No one deserves to be abused no one

    3. Elizabeth Thrall

      Yes! Well stated.
      I refuse to see anything Amber Heard is in. I’m disgusted how JD is being ousted from acting. She is the on that should be boycotted by everyone.
      I feel bad for the baby she just recently acquired. With her abusive history with so many individuals, that baby can’t be safe in her care.

  2. Francine Louise LaValle

    I will not pay a cent to see Amber Heard in any movie or anything. She is clearly a mean spirited vengeful person and the English courts let her get away with it. It is unconscionable that Warner Brothers and Disney pulled the contract, they acted as judge and jury of their own. SMH.

    1. Lisa Whitecavage

      Perfectly stated!

    2. The Va trial will expose exactly who the real Amber Heard is, & she’s terrified, as she very well should be. Bye Bye Amber Heard

  3. Jordan Guckert

    Amber Heard is a pathological liar and had abused the MeToo movie in an attempt to line her pockets with JD’s money. I hope she goes to jail for what she’s done. Meanwhile, I will never purchase another L’OREAL product as long as she’s an ambassador.

    1. Lisa Whitecavage

      I agree and unfortunately, as much as I love Jason Mamoa, I will not see another Aquaman film as long as she is in it! Horrible beast that she is!!

      1. Clair


  4. Ulysses Meneses

    Depp is a strange person who clearly has issues. Overrated actor, drunk, druggie, so its not hard to believe he abused her. If nothing else get him to dress in other clothes becuase he looks like an idiot the way he dresses.
    What an oddball human being he is. Too much money ?

    1. Elle

      All the negative things you said about Johnny Depp just because a sociopathic woman said so reflect back on you. Besides, you’re ignoring the fact that his abusive 2nd ex-wife is an alcoholic and a druggie herself.

      1. Mikkie

        Sounds like Amber’s lies just gave this idiot a reason to vocally hate Johnny as opposed to staying silent and seething over their jealousy.

        1. Tom Hazlenut

          Dump them both from you minds. You’re all idiots for thinking you know them. Stop, now.

    2. Michell

      So the way he dresses make him an abuser? Everyone is supposed to fit in ur little khaki box? What a rediculous statement+

      1. Carmen Aguilar

        She’s nothing but a fake a fraud a gold digging abuser

    3. B

      What does his appearance have to do with anything?!
      I think the fact that his Exes have actually backed him up is more pertinent than if he fits your standard of “normal”.

    4. DF

      Forget your comments about his appearance, that’s just rude and petty. But overrated actor? Not even close, he’s a fantastic actor, and you sound like a jealous person the way you’re trying to put him down for other superficial things. Also, he didn’t do the abusing, she did.

    5. So Ulysses, you’re judging Johnny by the clothes he wears? That makes him an oddball and an idiot? No…. he’s an original and apologizes to no one for that. Oh and he earns the money he has honestly. And he doesn’t troll other people on Facebook!!!

    6. No it’s not the money. He’s trying to find the right girl? It’s Ambers Greed!! She wants to destroy him!! Amber needs to be locked u up!!

    7. Emmi

      Have you listened to literally even 1 of the tapes?? Your comment tells me you haven’t. I’m a legitimate DV survivor and I can tell you after hearing those tapes, she’s absolutely the abusive one in the relationship. She admitted punching him in the face and then turned right around and tried to convince him he wasn’t hit, but that he “wasn’t properly slapped with a open fist” instead of a closed one. Just because Depp has money, doesn’t mean he deserves to be treated like absolute dirt and to be manipulated.

    8. so your logic is that he dresses strangely & drinks too much, seems odd to you – so its probably ok that she has lied & accused him of abuse (I just can’t believe her because she has been proven a liar time & time again) Donations, LAPD, no pics of all her broken noses, black eyes.- who wouldn’t take pics of abuse injuries!!
      its absurd!! show us some proof Amber…oh but you can’t because you lied about everything

  5. Raj

    She should be cancelled!

  6. tex

    Amber is kind gentle and Beautiful
    Hopefully Depp will leave her alone now.
    he is a wife beater.

    1. Dana

      She literally maimed him and there’s video evidence of her making false police reports!

    2. Gofkyourself

      Imagine ignoring all the proof that proves she was the abusive one not him.

      Youre a fkn moron. Amber heard simp who refuses to believe the facts

    3. Michell

      Were you paid to say this? Even she doesn’t portray herself as kind or gentle. Delusional much?

    4. BigMama

      I’d beat her a** too if she sh*# in my bed and threw bottles at me.

    5. The Va trial will expose exactly who the real Amber Heard is, & she’s terrified, as she very well should be. Bye Bye Amber Heard

    6. Sue

      Even her mother thought she was in the wrong. As for Andrew Nicol did you know his son worked for Murdoch. Conflict of interest to me. Just watch Amber Heard surely you can read between the lines.

    7. Cynthia Ryal

      Being a domestic abuse survivor from 3 marriages YOU have absolutely no idea of what you speak about! Pathetic sheeple you are!!!!

  7. Tiffany

    Anyone still questioning why he’s fighting to clear his name clearly hasn’t taken even the scantest look at the evidence. If nothing else, her video deposition from their divorce showed me her chief game is projection, which means it all happened to him and not the other way around. Suffice to say if the gender roles were reversed she’d be canceled AND in jail by now.

  8. Shel

    Thank God there is still justice. You have know idea how happy this makes me. I am so proud of you, Mr. Depp, and your team. Never give up! ❤

    Goes to show not all courts are stuck to a brown hole on a board!

    1. His beloved wife to be lindsey agrees, she’s so incredibly proud of her sweetheart 🍭💜 and both justice Penney Azcarte and the legendary rock ⭐️⭐️⭐️That is Benjamin chew and our dear friend Adam waldman have all done amazing brilliant work on my darling husband Johnny’s behalf

    2. jo

      What justice? Johnny has been treated as if he has been proven guilty already. In America I guess if allegations are made you are guilty until proven innocent. Sad. He has been repeatedly punished by the movie industry and has not yet been proven guilty. Amber is a hack. Wont see anything with her attached to it. Keep fighting for your innocence Johnny.

      1. Shel

        It’s not fair, but you can’t change the past. He can use what he learned from it to change the future.

  9. Minton

    I hope Aquaman 2 is boycotted, to the extent it provides negative returns. Amber should have been kicked out long before it started filming

  10. BigMama

    I will refuse to see any further Pirates of the Carribean films of Johnny Depp isn’t starring. He singularly carried a gamble movie based on a ride at Disneyland into a social icon. Disney and other film industry players need to re-employ Depp and stop the “believe all women” simpering. Most oof these women are liars and gold diggers who’d sell their firstborn for a starring role. They f*%# whomever they thought could land them a role then whines about it later. Enough is enough.

    1. His beloved wife to lindsey depp totally agrees with you NO JOHNNY NO PIRATES SAVVY

    2. Lee

      Finally someone with a brain

  11. Chloe

    Yes, just seeing the depositions you can tell who is at fault and just “acting”. (Terribly I might add). I can not believe the Uk judge would take Amber at her word she donated that money without even verifying anything. What a poor excuse for a Judge. Can’t wait to see what crap her Attorney’s come up with. Haha

    1. Mikkie

      She is a horrible actress!

  12. My darling husband to be Johnny Depp was far too precious for that goldgigging low level dime a dozen mushy pointless dangling overused flappy fish market, she couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag

  13. Amber

    Heard is a lying POS, yes. But I will not boycott any movies with Momoa in it just because of her. She may me a B#^?h, but Jason is an amazing person and he, and his movie, should not be held accountable for her actions.

    1. Jase

      I love Momoa, but I have to admit that I am a little disappointed that he isn’t the one to stand up and say “Get her out of my movie”. He has no problem standing up for important issues, this would have been a good stand to make. Even if you don’t believe Depp is innocent, they are both accused of DV, yet only one career has been impacted. Depp is villified and thrown to the wolves while Heard is given the benefit of the doubt. Just wrong. I might see Aquaman 2, eventually, but they’re not getting any of my money for it.

  14. TNTonICE

    Karma’s hard at work!

  15. Shel

    Absolutely future Mrs. Depp 🙏 Their dedication and drive shines through. This case is a game of minds, 90% is keeping a level head, the remainder is presentation. While it’s a near impossible job they are executing it perfectly. Mr. Depp, Mr. Chew, Mr. Waldman and everyone part of the team will soon teach a very important lesson: No person can control fate.

  16. John M

    Fire Amber and stop being 1 sided Hollywood. The world is crap when some people can get away with things while other’s lose everything

    1. Shel

      So true!
      Congratulations to PopRocks for making it known that he has more money than God (great article). Go ahead make fun. Nobody really cares how much money or followers you have. Don’t need followers or money to believe in God. All you need is love in your heart. Then you have FREE WILL! Do you honestly think money makes you more powerful than love?

  17. Mike Collins

    “I was hitting you , it was not punching you. Babe… you’re not punched.” Nothing she says or does will ever make us forget those words. EVER.

  18. CJ Brown

    Amber Heard is going to be ‘me too’d’ and rightfully taken to the bank!

    If Johnny Depp can be removed from a Blockbuster Film Series (technically two different ones), then it’s only fair that Amber Heard face the same consequences (please feel free to terminate her contract Warner Bros, AQUAMAN does not deserve her taint!)

    Lying for attention is wrong, lying to gain sympathy is wrong, please set an example Judge.

  19. Barb

    I’m on Captain Jack’s side 100% Without Johnny Depp there can be no more ‘Pirates’, at least not for me!

  20. Eli

    Amber Heard was arrested two times for domestic violence and she has abused her sister as well. No one cancelled her and she got away with it. After following the case and watching evidence files, it is clear to me that she is the abuser and master mind of all argues and fights. She thought that she can manipulate and talk down or discourage Johnny Depp not to take any legal actions against her. This worked for her in the past with her girlfriend and sister. However, Johnny is not a stupid guy. He has the right to defend himself against the character assassination.

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