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  1. Stephen Smith

    So if I buy the gold membership, and I’m given Genie+ for free, am I right to assume I can use Genie+ for all my family members listed on my MyDisneyExperience account?

  2. J

    Do you have to have Genie + for each member of the family, or do you only need one, but you have to pay $15 for each member in your party? I don’t understand this at all. I miss Fast Pass!

  3. Ed Marks

    Disney knows that people are angry over them getting rid of free fast passes & that people don’t want to pay for Genie+ or lightning lanes. This desperate attempt to get people to pay extra $ will fail & I feel that free fast passes will return in the near future. Universal will steal some of Disney’s guests until free fast passes return.

    1. Jean

      Universal charges $60 to $300 a day per person for express pass, it isn’t any cheaper

  4. JMH

    This sounds like product testing on first day. There will be kinks probably, might as well have them happen to people who didn’t pay for it.

  5. CT

    Membership for D23 Gold is $99.99 per year (individual). Cost for a one day Genie + pass $15. With economics like that of course Disney is losing money. Do they think we are foolish enough to purchase yet another of their add-on products, when they are already taking away value from DVC membership? They can keep their “special” d23 club and their 1 day Genie+ “freebie”. Just keep hiking up the prices Disney, and losing loyal customers. Universal is getting my business this year. I cancelled my WDW trip and am going to Universal. (Their rooms are quite a bit less expensive too.)

    1. May

      Pay $100 for D23 Gold and you get free Genie+ one day that’s worth $15.

  6. KL

    There have been so many questionable decisions these past few years. This is not the Disney so many of us knew and loved.

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