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chapek and mickey

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  1. Jaye

    He is worse for the company than Michael Eisner was in his last 10 years as CEO.
    We ditched Eisner, let’s ditch this untalented, uncreative lump as well. He needs the “bum’s rush” to the nearest exit.

    1. T.M.

      Mr. Eisner was a huge asset to the Disney family, he is a genius in business and ideas.I truly believe Mr. Chapek is qualified he just needs to be given the understanding of the conditions and changes he faces that were never an issue in the past.We are all tired of the Virus interruption, we need to understand that Disney is a business they answer to many more than just we that walk through the gates.Bringing Disney back probably will never be, moving forward can be better and we know all involved are trying to please the crowds.

  2. Regina Phalange

    Chapek has single-handedly ruined the Disney Parks. Bring Eisner back please.

  3. M

    Chapek & Josh Damaro have to go!!!! #SaveSplashMountain

  4. Cameron

    The ticker is over 45k. Don’t know if the petition will do any good but worth trying.

  5. The problem is as long as PAYCHECK is making money for his shareholders, what makes you think they will replace with the chance their shares will go down, a perfect example is NFL commissioner who most fans dislike but as long as he makes more money for the owners he is not going anywhere.

  6. Daryl-Rhys Taylor

    If anything he has made the parks the same or better. The only reason people be mad is because they dont understand reasonable decisions based upon global economics, a drastic reinvention of outdated and irrelevant concepts and a simple misunderstanding of the market. Park fans are becoming worse that Star Wars fans.

    1. April8r

      No. The reason people are mad is because they are paying more for a worse park experience. A person don’t need to understand global economics to experience this.

  7. Mickeymouse3

    The magic is fading quickly with bob paycheck at the helm. It used to be that guests could go into a park and be part of the “show” while seeing the sights etc. Now, technology is a must and you are no longer part of the “show” but watching it on a cell phone.
    Profits before patrons is his mantra.

  8. Joseph Foss

    Chapek (Cheapskate) must go! I just returned from Walt Disney World. Cavalcades are no substitute for parades. Nothing but fences around EPCOT. No music in the parks! NO MUSIC!

  9. Rosa

    Very deceiving to hear this…I was planning on going again. Now I’m going to meditate about it…its expensive to go there from Europe..how can such an amazing place be ruined by a cheapskate, I would say miserable miser…kick him out Now…we are a lot of people reading this..and what we want is WALT DISNEY WORLD BACK!!!!

  10. Ken Brenner

    He and those around him need to go.
    He has allowed the WOKE and PC crowd to make changes to long-time and enjoyable rides (i.e. Splash Mountain). They have RUINED Epcot fireworks and views across the lake with he current Iron Monstrosity with its awful barges. I’ll add to that, adding sing along to France – forcing the wonderful Impressions de France to a few hours at night, etc.
    He and those WOKE assistants have really hurt WDW’s image to long-time, loyal fans.
    If he is replaced, the WOKE assistants have to go as well.
    And, make sure a more traditional thinking leader is brought in.
    WDW is becoming a sad place vs. magical…

    1. Jordan

      You do realize that we are still in a pandemic, right? Things aren’t going to go back to normal right away. Also, Disney was thinking of doing changes to rides before he came in, so calm down. Just because you think change is bad, doesn’t mean it is. It’s something that Walt wanted when he created the parks.

      1. Sue

        What pandemic? It has been proven covid has a 97% recovery rate with 3 proven therapies rendering vaccines unnecessary.

  11. Doug

    Nobody cares what a bunch of nerdy Fanboys think. Buy stock in the company become part owner and attend the shareholders meetings. Oh yeah and one more thing while you’re at you will need to go find a life

  12. Sue

    Bob Iger is still pulling the strings!

  13. EM

    Disney will never care what people have to say about how they run their business. Chapek is going nowhere. The only thing they will listen to is if people don’t go to the parks and hit them in the pocketbook. Then they will listen but that will never happen.
    People will complain but still go spending their hard earned money like it doesn’t matter to them and as long as that happens they will keep charging for everything they can think of. I know I’m priced out and can’t afford to go anymore after 10 trips over 47 years


    Get rid of the witch in imagineering to

  15. Heath Bosse

    Chapek is the worst CEO Disney has ever had!
    Fact: cast members hate him
    Fact: Universal and Sea World have become the parks of choice in Florida!
    Fact: if Disney doesn’t fire this guy they will continue losing money!!

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