Comments for Fans Speculate Why Tim Allen Was Canceled as Buzz Lightyear

tim allen buzz lightyear


  1. Victor Nazarian

    I hope you all realize the ones who should feel left out are Jay Leno and maybe Bruce Campbell. Look at that chin!

  2. Kelvington

    I didn’t think Allen was snubbed, I thought just like lots of toys, they voice of the toy, isn’t the voice of the movie actor. How many toys has Tom Hank’s brother done? Or a sound alike was used for Tim Allen in Buzzlight year toys?

  3. Sebastian Hale

    I think Chris Evans will be as good as Tim Allen, who also played Dave Douglas in “The Shaggy Dog”.

  4. Pixar animators mom

    It’s not a movie about the toy. Tim voiced the toy. This movie is about the actual human. Think of it this way: how many toys are there made from actual heroes, or people in general? Buzz Lightyear is a toy created to represent an actual person. Tim Allen voiced the toy, but the actual person (the astronaut the toy is created for) is Chris Evans. Make sense? It’s a movie about the hero the toy was created for.

  5. Tlaw

    Likely a way for Chepak to save a buck. Consistency is not a word that Chepak possesses in his vocabulary.

    1. Stupid Comment Is Stupid

      Don’t be stupid. How on earth would Tim Allen cost more than Chris Evans star of the MCU?!

  6. Tom

    Don’t you know… they NEVER use the real actor’s voice from the movie for the toy. They pay some schlub to do it who sounds like the actor so they don’t have to pay the actor.

  7. Helen Berini

    politics aside – Tim Allen will ALWAYS be Buzz Lightyear, Scott Calvin and the great dad/husband on Last Man Standing. I hope he has another sitcom in the works.

  8. Tyler rowan

    He wasn’t canceled as buzz lightyear. This is not the toy story world. When Buzz Lightyear of star command came out there was no where near as much question as to why Tim didn’t voice buzz in that. So what has changed? It is a different version of the character so having a new actor voice him makes sense.

  9. SG

    I think it would have been great to have Tim Allen do Lightyear. I know he’s older but this is totally CGI, Tim Allen sounds the same as he did in the Toy Story movies. I hear your theroy that Lightyear is a toy made after the hero. Why not have it be one and the same actor? I’m hoping Tim Allen turned it down.
    If they do Woody’s backstory, I hope Tom Hanks agrees to do Woody!

  10. CJ

    He wasn’t canceled. This is a movie about the person who inspired the toy, not the toy itself.

    But, you’ve got to make a scandal out of it…

  11. momma smee

    Since they are recycling a 26year old movie, they probably wondered “how can we make this fresh?” and decided to use another actor for the voice. The creativity and originality is astounding. We should be happy it’s not the same old Tim Allen being recycled.

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