Comments for Fans React to Disneyland Tram Service STILL Not Running

Disneyland Tram Doors


  1. Kamala George

    It’s really not a good look. I was there in September with my 11 year old daughter. The walk back was painful. Not restrooms, no water fountains, a few benches filled with weeping children..including mine. She’s in good shape, but that last mile..our 14th mile of the day and our 18th hour of the day with 2 more hours to drive home.. it’s not a good look Disney.

  2. Tink

    Come on Disney stop being ridiculous.

  3. Since Disneyland trams still out of order. Why can’t Disneyland use the Handicapped busses that was used for wheelchairs to shuttle back and forth on tram route. Also use toy Story buses to transport guests. They could put them on Tram route.

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