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eternals cast

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. EricJ

    This is what happens the more that Disney/Marvel stunt-casts Famous Current-Flavor Directors, like Chloe Zhao, to “customize” their own versions of MCU films–
    Pretty soon, you’re going to run across one who takes the job for the prestige but has no conceptual knowledge of a Marvel Comics vibe at ALL. (Y’know, like when Ang Lee did that Hulk film.)

    Fortunately, fans seem to have dropped this one already, so not too many more will be traumatized.

  2. Fel medows

    Okay, you guys are just ridiculous. I saw the movie 8 months ago, so I saw all of the footage… not just the theatrical version. There is NO “RAUNCHY SEX SCENE” in the movie. You are so off base with this! Totally not at all a graphic scene.

    1. Backcountry164

      You’re the only one who said anything about raunchy sex scenes so I’m not sure why you’re using quotation marks…

      1. TopHatSkeleton

        You should probably read the whole article before commenting.

  3. Add this to the open pandering to the LGBTQ2SIA+ community with the first open homosexual couple and the whole movie is a pass for me.

    This isn’t what comic books are about or what the movies should be either. But we keep shining further into the sewer daily.

    I’m one of those old Bible believing Christians and thus already “cancelled” anyway. Our only hope is repentance and revival.

    Obey Christ’s command folks. “Repent and believe in the gospel.” Mrk. 1:15

    God bless!

    1. T

      Sorry mammalian instincts scare you. You probably believe that Jesus’s mom was a virgin. 🙄

      1. X

        Yes she was. and is.

    2. Devin C.

      LMAO….comic books have gas sex scenes for decades now. What is wrong with peeps? Please grow up. Intimate scenes with those you care about is a part of life. Geez.

      1. B_ron

        So you like seeing a bro all up in another bro’s butt huh?

    3. Chuck

      I will when you do.

    4. TBS

      What about Allah’s command, or Buddha’s, or Mohammed’s…you all think you’ve cornered the market on deities 😂

    5. Mason

      Amen i am also a follower of Christ and agree with everything you just said amen brother(or sister)

  4. Gdaddypurpsmoke

    I watch comic book movies for the action and plot twists that accompany a hero fighting a villain, or groups if. I could care less about romantic relationships in these types of movies. To me it’s just pandering when a director decides they want to add a sex scene or extended romantic interlude into the mix. I understand the costumes being revealing and/or visually appealing, it is keeping with the vibe and spirit of how the original artist wanted their character to be envisioned and received by fans. All that said, from what the reviews are saying, The Eternals seems to care less about the grand scheme of heroes vs villains and more about getting some kind of woke inclusive message out there. This is not the platform for this, especially in a movie about heroes who have been living since the beginning of time. I mean really? You think after living centuries these beings are concerned about petty sexual relationships with each other? Using the Greek gods as a reference, they were so bored screwing each other they resorted to toying with mortals to get a bit of entertainment out of their long dreary existence, hence all the demigods that came into existence. They couldn’t stand relationships within their pantheon. So what would make it any different for The Eternals? Wish the director would’ve used a little common sense when making this film and just made a superhero/villain movie and not a melodrama with actors in tights.

  5. Paul

    Big pass for our family! Not interested in the sex scene on any level.

  6. ChipBoundary

    Wow, y’all are some prudes. To be clear, super hero movies and their related source material are for ADULTS. Just because kids over the years have adopted comic books, doesn’t mean that is who they are for. If you had read any comics in your life, you’d know the content is very adult oriented and most definitely not for kids in the traditional sense.

    I hope they put more of this stuff in the movies just to clear out all the kids at the theater so that I can enjoy going to the movies again.

    Also, its a PG-13 movie, it is evaluated for appropriateness prior to release to the general public. Relax people.

    1. Backcountry164

      Most people who don’t want to deal with theaters full of kids are smart enough to go to the late screening. It’s really not rocket science…

      1. Devin C.

        I’m not a fan of movie theaters at all, yet I’m sure that many who are fans don’t necessarily want to always attend the late night screening to avoid kids. This desire by many is also not rocket science. Lol

    2. Daryl-Rhys Taylor

      Yeah right Superheroes are for adults. That explains the Spider-man nappies in the supermarket.

  7. Michael A

    Marvel has had sex scenes in their movies since the 1980s it’s not something new.

    I clearly remember watching a movie with a girl having sex with a duck in 1987.

    1. Backcountry164

      Marvel Studios wasn’t even a thing until the 1990’s…

      1. Devin C.

        They didn’t say Marvel Studios genius, they said Marvel. Marvel films have been around even before the 90s.

  8. Michael A

    Marvel has been doing this since the ’80s.

    It’s not something new

    I clearly remember back in 1987 a girl having sex with a duck in a marvel movie

  9. Jeff

    This is what we have as rating system for. Clearly the scene isn’t too explicit or the film would be rated “R”. Pretty sure most kids have been exposed to worse in other films that their parents have watched. I went to the new Bond movie and there were parents in that with young kids. It would be great if we were half as concerned about violence in this country as we are about sex.

    1. Backcountry164

      Maybe you should show your “concern” by not giving your money to the people who promote it. Why don’t you start the trend since you’re the one who has an issue with it??

    2. Devin C.

      Well said. The same parents complaining about a PG-13 intimate scene in a film probably have no problem with their children play vl sports that can get PG-13 violent like football where bones can get broken.

  10. Backcountry164

    I don’t really see this being much if an issue. It’s an overly long movie featuring an entire host of characters that no one knows or has an interest in. It seems like most people could care less about this movie regardless of what’s in it…

    1. Devin C.

      I 100% agree that this film is about Marvel characters most Marvel comic readers have NEVER found interesting. There’s a reason why you don’t see a bunch of Eternals comics flying off the book shelves for the last 50 years. Lol

      1. Chuck

        Yeah without iron man , and the rest of the original super heroes, I see the demise of marvel studios on the horizon. I have no interest in the sexuality of Loki and the forced, women as superheroes trend. If they’re trying to get women to come to these movies, good luck. The women in the comic books in tight clothing were put there for the fantasy of adolescent boys, not for the Male supers to get busy with

  11. Michelle

    I think it is ridiculous! I love all the Marvel movies, but just may be skipping out on this one because I have 2 children that love Marvel as well that I won’t allow to watch these type of scenes.

    1. Chuck

      Maybe you should view it without the kids first. Make an informed decision, rather than taking the word of a writer looking for clicks. I’m not going because I have no idea who the eternals are. I can wait for it to come to Disney plus to be disappointed.

  12. Stigmadiabolicum

    ..not sure how a sex scene between adults is a “pedo agenda”..kind of Freudian coming from a puritan style comment when the pedos are all in the church haha.

    Honestly, if the scene is shot awkwardly that’s one thing, but having a sex scene in and of itself isn’t that big of a deal, like come on. It’s not like it shows any nudity
    Past fourth grade kids are well aware sex is a thing, I saw goldeneye in theaters at that age and wasnt affected by it haha, it’s not like sex is inherently bad, I mean infinity war killed half of the universe hahaha, if kids were able to process that I don’t think something as normal as sex is somehow more edgy. Kind of seems extremely prudish.

  13. Randy

    Completely unnecessary if this is accurate. Don’t ruin the Marvel mystique.

  14. Aline

    Haven’t watched a Marvel anything since Endgame, don’t plan on it. Flat don’t care. I said all along when there was no more Steve Rogers as Cap, I wasn’t interested anymore, and frankly, I don’t think I’ve missed a thing.

    Taking a hard pass on this one, largely because I flat don’t give a crap and it’s just Disney trying to milk the Marvel cow for cash, not actually trying to create something entertaining.

    1. Nina

      I agree w/Aline. I’m not super hyped about this movie. I watched a preview & one of the actors had the NERVE TO SAY, “Eternals is the MOST EPIC MCU movie yet!” Really? Where was ur Epic A$$ when Thanos snapped half the population away?
      I guess I feel like, where was everyone when they needed an actor for Iron Man, & didn’t Angelina Jolie pass on Widow? It feels like a forced movie to make more money out of something that can’t be replicated. As for the Sex scene, I’m a mom to 4 kids from 15-8yrs, my gosh parents, our kids hear & are shown worse at school by fellow students, YouTubers & TikTokers doing lingerie hauls & what not. You know the wonderful thing us parents can do if in a situation like this, just don’t go to the movie, or say close your eyes. Not hard at all. It’s not fair to adults who like the films to be subjected to children acceptance standards when they vary parent to parent. So instead of having a movie do the parenting for you by omitting something, wait for it to come out, say, “Hey(kids name) close ur eyes” then FASTFORWARD through said scene & finish watching. Well, said my bit, stepping off the soap box now, & hopefully no replies since I don’t bother checking after I comment. Don’t like arguing.

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