Universal Attraction Finally Receives Much-Needed Makeover

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doctor dooms

Credit: Universal (left) Bioreconstruct (right)

If you have been to Universal Orlando Resort as of late, you may have noticed that a key element in the theme Park skyline is missing.

doctor dooms freefall
Credit: Universal

At Islands of Adventure in Marvel Super Hero Island, Guests are met with a few massive attractions that make up the Universal skyline. The Incredible Hulk Coaster is a green monster that Guests can spot from far away, and next to it are the two towers that makeup Doctor Doom’s Fearfall. On the tips of the drop towers, Guests can typically see what looks like bolts of energy as a result of Doctor Doom successful controlling his Guests minds.

universal orlando resort
Credit: Universal

Since late summer, however, those iconic elements of the attraction have been missing as the ride has been going through a refurbishment of sorts without actually having to be closed to Guests. It seems that after months, the top of the attraction is still not ready to return to its glory, and now, we can see the ride is receiving a paint job before anything is put back in place.

Photographer Bioreconstruct (@bioreconstruct) snagged some photos of the attraction’s color transformation and posted them to Twitter. As you can quickly see below, the tarnished gray color is now becoming a sleek matte black. This was likely the original color of the attraction, but with sun damage as well as the attraction running over it for years, the color has faded to a much more dull appearance.

Current state of the tops of Dr Doom’s Fearfall. Color is changing.

To take a closer look at the major difference that this new color adds to the attraction, take a look at the photo below. The new color creates a much more striking look, adding to the immersion and fear that this attraction entails, and will also help the Universal skyline look a little crisper.

Tall photo of Dr Doom’s Fearfall with arrows at changes in color on the towers.

We are not sure when the attraction will be complete, as Universal has not had to list it in their refurbishment calendar since it is fully operational. We have seen Universal use this strategy in the past.  For example, we recently saw The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man receive some updates in the front facade and queue of the attraction. Although there were construction walls up, Guests were able to use an alternate entrance, and the ride was still fully operational.

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That being said, now that the ride is being painted, it is likely that the next step will be to return the iconic and decorative tops on the two drop towers.

What other Universal attractions do you think need an update? Let us know in the comments below! 

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