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  1. Esra

    In the United States employees are quitting at a moment’s notice and I guess in Paris they don’t have enough employees so they are having to work overtime and terrible conditions. But strikes don’t always work in the employees favor. The Walt Disney company could go out and hire people to replace those who are striking. It’s happened before and very well could happen again although Disney is or claims to care about their employees they also have a business to run. So is it easier for the Disney company to go out and hire more people or to meet the demands of the employees who are striking?

    1. Passholder

      I went to Disneyland Paris (pre-CV19), and several of the employees had the worst service standards of every Disney property I have visited (Disneyland, California Adventure, Disney World, Tokyo Disneyland, DisneySea, Aulani). Their quality of work performance is completely opposite the very high standards of Tokyo Disneyland. Disneyland Paris is better off without these workers.

      1. Jeremiah McKenna

        Because they are French. French don’t understand what a good work ethic is. They want high pay and not a lotnof output for it, as well as a high number of days off with pay.

    2. Mandy

      Give them all a pay rise incentive. Working in hotels is hard work but a hotel runs 24 hours a day whether a member of staff is I’ll or not. I sympathize with all who work hard at all resorts and hospitality sectors.

  2. Jeremiah McKenna

    Poor working conditions? Well, what are these elusive poor working conditions? These ppl are mad because they have to actually work and be happy about working. The are simply Communist bastard that want high wages for low output. If they don’t want to work there, then they can easily leave.

    1. Doug

      Seriously Jeremiah? “Communist bastards”? Do you have proof of that? Do you even know what that means? Hint: no, you don’t.

      Also, you make a blanket statement that “the French don’t understand what a good work ethic is”. Methinks you’ve been watching Fox news too much. Do you order “freedom fries” because you hate the French so much? Your ignorance and bigotry are showing

    2. Mason

      Well Disney is basically a communist regime now. Since they are tied to the CCP and are almost equivalent to Australia when it comes to COVID-19 guidelines.

  3. Ann

    We don’t know what their pay is but I’m sure it is not much. I have never been to DParis, the last time I was there was in the early 90’s. I can imagine Disney is ripping them off. Here in CA I was at the park yesterday and everything from dining to parking was overpriced. The park was also irritatingly over crowded. I guess there really is no reservations system for crowd control. I would never want to work at any D park in the world. It is Halloween week tho, Oogie Boogie was happening…that is a good time bc DCA closes at 6 pm and only OB ticket holders remain. I was at OB in Sept and loved it due to clearance of the day crowds.
    I have Merri Nite tickets and it should be just as fun…for the events extra cost. Btw I’m also a key holder.

    1. Diane

      Its more expensive at DLRP and I find it easier and better value to go to Disneyland from the UK for the same amount of time and both guests and CMs are nicer too. The Europeans have no concept of queuing or good manners, so I used to go in the winter, weather wasnt the best, but, the Germans, Benelux and Scandinavian guests are so much nicer.

  4. Kris

    Hope they can work things out there. I was therein early october and it was the best disney trio ive ever had anywhere. 5 minute lines for every ride. Never see that in the states

  5. Kirk

    Protesting in The Parks just shows that both sides need to get to a table and fix it but those that broke the magic should be barred from ever working in a Disney company EVER.

  6. Diane

    I used to go to DLRP regularly until 2012 and Newport Bay Club was the worst experience Ive ever had there, rude staff, tatty rooms and having to deal with an obnoxious Spanish guest who tried to punch me after I protested him removing my belongings from the table I was sat at while I was at the buffet and dumping them on the floor and the waiter, another Spaniard took his side. I then syayed at Cheyenne on my next trip and the CMs were wonderful there.
    I’ve been going to DLRP since the 90s and it has progressively got worse, the standard of customer service is abysmal much of the time. You think WDW guests are bad, try DLRP in the summer when the Southern Europeans are there.
    I can promise you that these protestors will get no sympathy from guests who have paid an arm and a leg to go there, especially the Brits because we have had to deal with French strike action for lots of silly reasons and we just see them as entitled whiners.

    1. Bel.

      Je pense qu’il vous faut balayer devant votre porte et vous en tenir au brexit que vous avez tant voulu, plutôt que de vous occuper de ce qui se passe en France sans connaître les tenants et les aboutissants…

  7. Sue

    I wish the Disney employees in the US would stage a walk out or strike over the unconstitutional vaccine and mask mandates; in fact in Florida it is against the law.
    But, Disney is part of the problem.

  8. Chris

    I was just in Disneyland Paris about a week ago (10/25) and I was genuinely surprised to see how run down and inhospitable it was compared to Disneyworld in Orlando and Disneyland in California. I know that the pandemic has made things difficult for everyone, but the park itself was just in generally poor condition and the workers seemed stressed. We stayed in a hotel that was nearby but not on the Disney property itself because the Disney hotels are ludicrously expensive. I did speak to a worker there though who was talking about how the hotels on site are at best two to three star establishments… but they cost almost $1,000 a night. Clearly, Disneyland Paris is struggling and I hope they find some good solutions. Knowing what I now know about my experience there I wish I had not gone and wasted the time and money. I would have had a better time just exploring Paris.

  9. Mason

    If I was a cast member at a Disney Park I would go on strike. Since I don’t think a company should mandate vaccines for workers.

  10. Cj Brown

    working conditions and understaffing (when you furlough Employees? they have to go find work somewhere else and they are not going to come back to work for you after that level of mistreatment!) is a similar complaint with Cast Members at the Disneyland Resorts – Disneyland – DCA …. the solutions require Corporate Disney sitting down with Union Officials to work things out respectfully (at least the Unions demonstrate outside the main property in Anaheim!) …. you’ve got to maintain Employee Loyalty via courtesy and this means respecting those who are Veteran Staff members (aka the Peers that help train the new Staff so that high level of Disney Theme Park Experience continues!) Cast Members should not be overworked, should not be required to do overtime – unless asked to and they say yes – should get reasonable breaks (if you can trace these problems back to you Corporate Disney decision makers? then that is where you need to reevaluate and change 1st! every Company needs quality leadership – without that? you’ve lost what I call the Disney Magic).

    1. J Ford

      I think you nailed it. If the company is willing to furlough you when times get tight, what would compel an employee to stick around when working conditions are bad and getting worse?

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