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  1. JP

    I’d like to say I’m surprised, but I was disappointed Disney started doing this especially with some of the costs pretty high just to jump line. I would maybe entertain it if it was just one lump and when the regular crowds are back. I’m sure lines are longer during weekends, but the longest I waited in line at both parks at DLP was maybe 30-40 minutes for Crush’s Coaster or Tower of Terror.

    1. Amy

      Walt would be livid. He wanted the parks for ALL people to enjoy, not just the wealthy! Disney has lost its way

  2. Donald Boell

    Cash grab rip-off. Increased cost for everything. I won’t be going to Disney again.

    1. Ryan

      Prices fluctuate daily between €8 and €15, depending on the amount of visitors in the park and in line of the attraction.

    2. Sheryl Donnell

      100% correct.

    3. Jen

      I’m an AP and I’m not paying to skip lines. If it gets to a point where I can never ride any rides due to long waits, then, that’ll be the time I cancel my pass and move on.

      1. CT

        Agree 100%

    4. T.M

      Has everyone gotten their refunds for Annual passes that were cancelled?It’s been 18 months and we have not, if I call about it they just tell me it’s been escalated.

    5. John Scarfi

      Disney is no longer in the reach of the average family. Somewhere Walt is weeping.

      1. Jackie mikesell


        1. Absolute craziness to charge for the fast passes. Walt would be so sad to see what the new executive is doing to Disney. So much for the happiest place on earth!

  3. Chris

    If nobody buys it nothing changes . Disney is greedy.

    1. Frank

      I think at $120 per day for a one day pass at Disney World Florida this is ridiculous. Kind of glad since Covid hit we cancelled our 5 annual passes & this only reinforces the decision to not waste our hard earned money & the massive amount of wasted time to go there & wait in lines.

      1. ChadMC

        Closer to $150/day, plus $25/day for parking, plus $15/per person/per day for “genie”, plus $$$ per ride on top of that.

        I let my annual pass of more than 20 years expire when they did the ‘reservation’ system – can’t go when you want so what’s the point of an annual pass…

        1. Nick

          The point of an annual pass is to be able to go as often as you wish. I have an AP and I’ve never had an issue with going to any park exactly when I wanted. Making park reservations is fast and easy, in fact, it’s way faster and easier than making dining reservations which are pretty much a necessity at WDW. Still, I didn’t suddenly swear off eating there because it took a little effort to get a dining reservation.

          1. 87Dawg

            The point of a vacation is to be able to relax from the grinds of a schedule. Disney made the vacation a daily grind of schedules. Whereas you used to be able to go to a park and, if the desire hit, you could go to another park, now you cannot as every minute, including what you rode and at what exact time you rode,must be planned days or even months in advance.
            It does not matter if you can make a reservation for a park. The point is you should not HAVE to make a reservation for every detail. That is not a vacation.

      2. T.M

        We also cancelled our passes and 18 months later they still have not refunded , they just say it’s been escalated and there are many waiting.

  4. Kim F

    With all the new disappointing DW changes, we canceled our reservations for June 2022 & booked an all-inclusive resort instead!

    1. Sarah

      Good call! We’re in California and have purchased annual passes for TWO theme parks (Disney competitors: Knott’sBerry Farm and Universal Studios Hollywood) for the same price we used to pay for DLR Anaheim APs. One of our new passes (Knott’s) includes photos, lockers and two meals each day we visit the park! (All for about 1/3rd the cost of the cheapest Magic Key!)

      1. T.M

        Our family will miss the old way of “Be our Guest” treatment but we also have decided against getting the new key program with it’s sidekick (reservations) and are purchasing Knotts, Universal,and SeaWorld in place of.

    2. Debbie

      We went on a cruise. After 24 yrs of only Disney. Loved loved loved it

  5. Chapek is the worst CEO in Disney History. He is too focused on snagging every penny from Guests.

    For anyone able and willing to pay these rates they should instead look into booking a VIP tour.

    1. ane


    2. Sheryl Donnell

      100%…he is running everything into the ground. He just doesn’t understand what made Disney Disney.

    3. Tj
      The Magic 🪄 is gone, replaced by 🤬corporate greed 👹👺

    4. Sarah

      Agreed. Mike Eisner was a mess, too, but he had people keeping him in check – the board didn’t allow him to close down the animation deparent like he wanted to, etc. Chapek seems to be doing what he pleases without answering to anyone – definitely no one named Disney. It’s sad no Disney family members have any power in the company anymore…

      1. Sue

        Michael Eisner was the one who moved the animation department to Florida (he didn’t want to get rid of it). Roy Disney, Jr. was the chairman of the board when Eisner was the CEO.
        Eisner was the best thing that happened to Disney. He created the parent company Walt Disney World, and made all the others subsidies of WDW.

    5. Kathleen Rumbley

      Totally agree. This new CEO has to go.

    6. CESTEND

      I’m interested in hearing how many will be voting for other leadership next time a vote comes around? We haven’t yet decided. Anyone willing to share?

      1. E.F.

        Oh, definitely. Chapek needs to go. D’Amaro too, frankly.

  6. Nicole

    We were in Disneyland Paris 2 weeks ago and the Premier Access tickets sell out every day. We witnessed people using it for the Ratatouille and Big Thunder which both had 5 MINUTE WAIT TIMES… very crazy see especially at that point both rides are walk ons. The families that used it were a party of 5 for Ratatouille and a family of 4 for Big Thunder.

    People will pay for it if it’s an option.

    1. Manny

      I am really surprised at the French who are much more egalitarian than Americans. They should be actually rejecting this blatant classicist move by Disney.

  7. Major

    I wouldn’t pay that much per TICKET if that is what it cost to actually ride each ride normally WITHOUT having to pay the general admission fee. I’m sure we have not forgotten that we are already paying like $150/ticket just to get in this money pit!

    Disney always wanted to build a boutique park to go after the holy grail demographic of ludicrous disposable income. It would seem they skipped that and went right to plaid.

  8. Spencer

    The crappy thing is I hate this but I will still buy it. Ill spend a couple hundred or whatever to not sit in line as much, im only at disney for a couple days and want to see/do as much as I can. Even though I completely disagree with it..

    1. Donald Wright

      We were just at Epcot DW for Food & Wine Festival…Soarin’ was 10 min wait for walk on, and lightning lane was EXACTLY same wait time!

      1. No

        Lightening Lane, as the Genie+ or paid system, has not opened yet. Those lanes are mostly used for DAS and tours currently. It’s not truly operating as the “skip the line” queue right now.

    2. Kelly Connerton

      And you are the reason why it is in place, Because you are unwilling to say enough is enough.

      1. Spencer

        lol, so what do you do when gas prices rise? Walk everywhere because enough is enough? When costs of living go up, live in a tent because enough is enough?

        It sucks but is what it is

        1. Nick

          Exactly right.
          And, unless I missed the memo, going to a Disney theme park, or any theme park, is a choice not a necessity or mandate.
          You’re not obligated or forced to give into that “corporate greed” I keep hearing about. Stay home, you’ll save a lot of money that way.

  9. Bill

    It’s unfortunate that Disney is doing this. Many kids will never get to experience what was the magic of Disney. Now it’s just pure greed.

    1. Sheryl Donnell

      Yep…it’s a shame this CEO doesn’t have a clue why Disney has been practically a religion for so many of us who go every year and often more than that.

    2. T.M

      This really is the most important message, Thank You Bill for bringing this point into the conversation.

      1. Pamela

        I agree with everyone I also will not be renewing my AP do to the ridiculous costs. I feel so bad for people who can not afford DW. Greed has taken over.

  10. THX1138

    Stand in line, wait you’re turn!
    Pass it on.

  11. Deborah Pettersen

    Disney is taking away so much and still raising costs..during an ongoing pandemic no less.. The original fast pass system was fine .Shame on Bob Chapek who actually said annual passholders aren’t as valuable as other guests. We always spent several thousands every year instead of a nice trip abroad or an all inclusive trip and we feel totally underappreciated.

    1. T.M.

      AS Annual Pass holders we have spent well over a quarter of a million just in Disneyland alone, we always thought everyone mattered equally Mr. Chapek.

    2. frostysnowman

      Agreed. When we lived in FL and had annual passes we went all the time. Often it was just to Epcot in the evenings, for dinner at World Showcase, a stroll around the park, fireworks, then home. I bought many gifts – birthdays, Christmas, self-purchases – at the parks. It was proven back then that annual pass holders spent more in a year than a vacationing family.

      1. Mike

        It doesn’t matter how much one family spends in a year. What matters to them is dollars being spent per head in the park on a given day. Per day, APs spend less than one-time visitors. On any given day you visit a park, you don’t buy as many souvenirs, you don’t buy as much food, you’re less likely to spring for the extra cost experiences, and you probably didn’t stay in a Disney resort. Disney believes there are enough new potential visitors out there still who will outspend the average AP on a daily basis, and as long as they think that, the prices and AP perks will reflect that.

  12. Phoebe L Ho

    This whole system is messed up. I will not be buying it. Ever.

  13. Grant Whelchel

    Just reading the comments I agree with most of you. Better off spending your money elsewhere for the costs now you can easily go to the Caribbean for a week and stay all inclusive. If Disney wants to charge extra per ride they should lower the entrance fee to like $50 the charge for rides. Honestly only about 4 or 5 good rides at each park at WDW. Seems more like a six flags move forsure. We were passholders for several years in Florida but with this stupid reservation system it’s a rip off. Should be able to go any date just so the park isn’t at capacity. Not to mention Disney has gotten pretty woke lately. Gonna go back to Universal Studios and Busch

    1. Sheryl Donnell

      Yep…it’s a shame this CEO doesn’t have a clue why Disney has been practically a religion for so many of us who go every year and often more than that.
      At these rates why not take your family on a deluxe European holiday? The kids will have more fun and learn about how other cultures work.

  14. Tracey

    With all the people who are willing to pay $750/hour x 6 hour minimum to have a VIP tour guide, I’m sure there are going to be plenty of people willing to pay for this front of the line perk. But I’m not going to be one of them.

    1. Sheryl Donnell

      I won’t be there. Those people who pay $750/hr are always the obnoxious groups who stand in front of little kids during parades and practically run over people in wheelchairs (as someone in a wheelchair, I can attest to this happening all the time in recent years and it’s never the little kids. It’s overly entitled adults every time. They have destroyed everything that made Disney magical.

      1. T.M.

        I always thought I’d end up in a chair due to so many stroller hits.

      2. Ce

        Wow. I always try to be considerate of others no matter where I am, including commenting on boards such as this. It’s very unkind to make a generalization about others based upon how much they can/are willing to spend on luxuries such as WDW. Pax Christi.

    2. Maria

      I miss the original fast pass when it was free

      1. EM

        Yep, the good old day gone for good.

      2. T.M.

        It worked.

  15. Jan Dearing

    While I am totally in love with Disney and have been sooo many times……I am nearly to the point of taking our grandsons to see the rest of the country. Disney does not feel Magical to me anymore. It’s all about how they can nickel and dime everyone to death. We WILL NOT be paying more for rides!!! It’s the straw that broke the camel’s back!! I think we will do an all inclusive. Swim in the ocean. Jet ski and do fun stuff somewhere else. It’ll be cheaper!!

  16. Nutcracker

    Disney has become quite elitist. Wealthy people don’t have to wait in line. Wow. Fast Pass was inclusive and equitable. I’m a shareholder and this behavior is an embarrassment. Walt is once again turning over in his grave!

    1. Janie

      Couldn’t agree with you more!

    2. Manny

      Being a shareholder you should voice your opinion since Disney like most multinationals only care about shareholder equity.

    3. T.M.

      Thank You for caring, being that you are a shareholder it means a lot.

    4. frostysnowman

      Exactly. That was the best thing about the original Fast Pass system. Everyone had equal access.

  17. Holly

    I’m blessed that I can afford to pay these prices but I’m not at all interested in this elitist system. We have taken so many first timers to the parks but I’m done with it if it’s moving to a pay per ride system. I felt that pain as a child at Disneyland who couldn’t afford the E ticket ride tickets!

  18. Julie

    I think Disney has lost their minds with this one! I can’t imagine that a regular family would pay these prices on top of everything else!

  19. Sarah

    Paycheck… erm *Chapek is still under the impression that he can make Disney appeal to the upper classes when it has always been the vacation spot of choice for middle class families… Lord knows I’m no financial expert, but I can’t imagine taking a trip to Disneyland when I could fly to another country and see something real for the same price…. maybe thats just me?

    1. Lynn

      Sadly I’m losing respect for Disney which we have taken our kids to and now our grandkids—the CEO is trying to get all the money back from the pandemic closure—sorry Walt

    2. T.M.

      And you nailed it! Thank You. It has always been for everyone and anyone and the middle class could enjoy a safe , friendly, fun environment that we felt good about sharing with our families and though pricey for some areas we in turn were treated with the Disney Magic for the duration.

      1. Nick

        Respect? Really? Sounds like you’re overthinking this.
        I’ve never had any overt respect for Disney or Universal or Busch or Knott’s or Six Flags or Legoland or Pixar or AMC or Marvel or DC or any of the other folks who sell me leisure activities or entertainment. They’re all just businesses who provide the services I’m willing to pay for, nothing more, nothing less.

    3. Nick

      Well yeah, millions of visitors a year will attest that, you’re right, it’s just you.


    No way. Are we not all equal ($)? This is the reason we skip Universal. Like many, we will start to ‘skip’ Disney. It may produce more revenue but don’t you realize it sets BACK all the normal lines making them longer. There are families not from the elite that just can’t pay. Walt would never allowed this.

    1. Freya

      The best part about our families vacations in Disney have been that I could plan them out and pay for them all in advance, in between my real life work and chores, and then – for a week or so each year I could be a kid – no cash, no worry about what we were spending on dinner, no struggles with luggage or transportation and each day had a little magic – extended hours til 1am, great fast pass score, cool AP event, fantastic meal at a new restaurant we wouldn’t have tried but it was on the meal plan.

      If I have to think about money all day and negotiate with my kids as we stand in line, if I have to drag my suitcases to a bus that takes me to 5 hotels before mine after handing them $100 – quite honestly it breaks the spell and I’m not seeing much magic or opportunities to be a kid for a week or so. The big question that keeps coming up for me is why would I pay more if it’s not the same product? I can drag suitcases and calculate spending during a vacation EVERYWHERE else in the world.

      1. Lisa

        I totally agree. We’ve always stayed at the expensive Beach Club resort. As a single parent, it was magical for me too. In the days of yore, the Magical Express really was from not having to deal with our luggage to the classic cartoons on the bus. We didn’t mind the extra time stopping at other resorts because it was still a Disney experience. The cartoons were replaced by Disney infomercials that were too loud and not magical. Now we will have to either take a very un-magical Uber with a random driver or rent a car and pay Disney for parking. Part of the fun of staying at the Beach Club was being able to walk through Epcot on our way to take the Monorail to the Magic Kingdom. Can’t do that anymore since it’s now would mean we would have to stay at Epcot until park-hopping time. Bummer. Planning our day around Fast Passes. Nope not unless I spend even more money. Our favorite, the Christmas party is now $200+ so that make a day at Disney with park-hopping around $500/person. Out-of-reach for us – especially since we won’t necessarily be able to ride our favorites. Imagine paying that much for a day where you spend the majority waiting on-line???

  21. Linda

    Disney is gradually removing some of the magic Walt Disney envisioned.


    Dumbest system ever…What normal family of let’s say 5 can afford to pay this crap on top of everything else that most likely is bought (Food, Drinks, Gifts). Disney definitely on a money grab, not becoming the most magical place on the earth.

  23. JS

    Disney is rolling over in his grave. What classless carnival barking.

  24. Josh

    My wife and I were thinking about going back to WDW for our 20th in 2023. But we are both in agreement that it is getting far too expensive when there are other places we can go for cheaper for a better experience. And we both love Disney. We took our kids, who were 9 and 6, in 2019 and it was by far the best vacation and experience. I would still love to visit GE in Hollywood Studios someday. But as far as 4-5 day full on vacation there, that’s pretty much a no for me Dog. Removing the Happily Ever After fireworks show was pretty much the last straw.

  25. ExDisney fan

    Ah yes, nothing like Disney to tell the kids of less fortunate families that they are not good enough to get on a ride as quick as the richer kids. Also shows patience is NOT a virtue if you have the cash. Disney use to be a tradition to us. Not anymore.

  26. Edward

    We have been Passholders since 1992 when our Son was born. The price was a bit high back then but affordable. Now almost 30yrs later I’m afraid we’ll have to stop going because the price of Passes for the 4 of us is ridiculous. We are Florida residents and even so the passes are almost $1000 EACH and adding an additional $50-$75 PER PERSON per Day just to be able to get on and ride the attractions while there is Now PROHIBITIVE! I am extremely disappointed that Disney chose the Rich over the people who have kept them in business over the first 50yrs in Florida! We will most certainly be dropping our Disney Gold passports and just going to Universal 4 which the Annual Preferred pass is $600 per person and their fast pass is $50 per DAY! BROKEN HEARTED Ex-Disney enthusiast… 😢

  27. elishia bakle

    Hard pass for me! Not paying for tickets and then paying to get in the faster line per person!

  28. Al

    Are people actually paying these prices? Report on numbers ? If people are willing to waste money for shorter lines… I would charge absurd prices too

  29. EM

    I will not be paying that for any ride. The prices are ridiculous. If standby lines are too long it might be time ti vacation somewhere else and save money.

  30. Barb

    Just look at how the family in the promotional photo are dressed. Disney’s target audience is obviously people who are better off and dress like they’re going out to dinner when they visit the parks. What would Walt say?

  31. Melissa

    Disney’s always been a money pit, but this is just sad and I think it’s my final breaking point. I’m a shareholder and a former annual passholder. I went four times in the last year with my family of 5, staying in Disney hotels every time, in spite of rising costs all around for tickets, food, souvenirs, and hotel rooms. I stupidly believed that we were maybe helping to keep their doors open and keep cast members employed during the pandemic. Now it’s clear that they don’t care about pricing out the middle class, and truly only cater to a very specific group of wealthy clientele. I guess my money won’t be missed by Disney, since my family is clearly the type they’re trying to price out of the parks, but I have to wonder how badly this might backfire on them.

  32. Anne

    I agree with what is being said; however, no one has to pay for the rides if they don’t want to. And as far as longer lines by adding this feature, I recall the same complaint when they introduced the FastPass system. I can’t imagine paying tons of money for a large group /family just for a ride, so I’ll stand in line and wait my turn like I do when I don’t have a Fastpass.

  33. LLL

    Disney is going to price themselves right out of business as only the Elites will be able to afford the Parks. We will not be getting annual passes again or visiting DW until the Magic returns and fees go down. When you pay to get into the Park, it should cover all rides and attractions…not give an edge to the wealthy!

  34. Kamm

    This is only for DL Paris. Does nothing for those of us in the US.

    1. Value Hotel Vacationer

      The Lightening Line is for here also. It’s just getting started.

  35. Jesse

    It seems that if you are rich, you are entitled. It’s hard enough to save for a vacation when you aren’t well off. Now Disney really shows class separation is alive and well. Long live the almighty dollar right? I’ll see you in the poor line.

  36. Tom Hamilton

    Who in their right mind would pay any extra price to ride Buzz Lightyear or Peter Pan for an extra $15 a person????

    That’s like when they burn hard currency notes to light cigarettes in the old movies. Even if I won a windfall in the lotto I wouldn’t do it just on principal alone. These are “C-ticket” attractions.

  37. Carlos A. Latorre

    Disney business consultation is missing the mark. It makes attending the park almost impossible to go. A family of 4 has to pay nearly 2000 in just the price at the entrance and now have to paid to ride the rides… Yeah, but only the ones who have the fortune to spend that kind of money are the ones winning here. Attending the park is now exclusively to medium high class and above.. Kings dominion VA tickets are $85 for the annual pass for me; it’s a win. Disney has lost their vision to have people of all kinds be able to get to their parks.

  38. Douglas Vitrano

    Just absolutely ridiculous. It’s Disney doesn’t think we don’t pay enough for our vacations

  39. Sue

    We save so hard to take the family on a Disney holiday,flights accommodation ticket costs for all the parks now to say a charge to go in front of line… Please fellow Disney fans boycott this astronomical charge ..

  40. Jackie mikesell


  41. Jackie mikesell

    I feel we should boycott Disney. They are no longer family friendly. Now I hear the Magic Express has been cancelled starting Jan. 1.

  42. Cj Brown

    The Bob Chapek Era will be remembered for being a cheapskate when it comes to financing rides and attractions inside Disney Theme Parks, for being a terrible negotiator with actors and actresses, and for being greedy with upcharges at Disney Theme Parks (seriously, what’s next? a fee to use a restroom?!!)

  43. LaWanda

    Disney be costing too much for. It’s too expensive. We ain’t getting enough for the money we be spending. They need to make it cheaper so more people can afford it. It ain’t fair. I can’t be paying over $100 for one day.

  44. Barb304

    Chapek is bringing WDW down! Higher prices = fewer visitors!

  45. Kim

    Sad times. Disney has lost its magic. Bad enough costs have risen for stay, food, and park passes. Now this. Haste makes waste. CEO needs to look to future. Actions like this can cause major pain and cause for closure of parks, hotels, restaurants etc.

  46. Matthew Brewster

    As I predicted, the French aren’t falling for this brazen attempt to, essentially, double admission prices!

  47. Ilona Kane

    Very disappointed that Disney would ever charge for rides, with the cost of day tickets which are not cheap, it’s kind of insulting. As an AP, I won’t be paying extra for any rides. I, too, think Walt would not be happy with how the business is being run!

  48. Matt

    Disney is bringing back the class system as once existed in Titanic-era cruising! This from a company who likes to play identity politics and emphasises it’s supposed “inclusivity” – seems that doesn’t stretch to economic inclusivity and wanting Disney to be a great place to go for the families regardless of income background. The company is a wrotten, money-obsessed hypocritical monstrosity and Walt must be turning in his grave.

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