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disneyland paris selfie with daisy duck

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  1. Bolena

    No. Masks should be required in the long run.

    1. Ulf

      What was the benefit of getting vaccinated again?!? If those that got the poke are still penalized because of the people that refuse too!!!

    2. Alex

      “the long run”

      Ha! Until when, huh? The virus doesn’t exist anymore? Anything who thinks we can eradicate it is fooling themselves. You keep wearing your mask. Leave everyone else alone.

  2. Jason Foster

    Yes, and they need to completely remove the face mask requirement at Disney World now.

  3. Heidi

    My family won’t give Disney another dime until they drop the mask BS completely. We were annual passholders.

    1. Jean

      They won’t miss you

      1. me

        Why did you feel you had to say that? They won’t miss you either, who cares

    2. Laura

      Oh no, whatever will Disney do without your business!?

  4. ASchotter

    No. I could care less about Disney Parks and wish you could simply add the work Paris to the title of the article. I wouldn’t waste my time opening it to read.

    1. The mask mandate needs to go away. There is no reason for it and no proof that it stops the virus. Why are we encouraged to be vaccinated if we have to wear the masks anyway? Strictly voluntary!!

      1. Sally

        Masks don’t work! My highschool-dropout uncle said so on Facebook.

  5. Jeanie

    I understand the need, and are okay with WDW requiring indoors. But hope Disney Paris drops any mask requirements before we go next spring!

  6. B

    Time for the masks to go completely.

  7. Elizabeth Shelby

    There is zero evidence that face muzzles are effective, ZERO. I will spend a cent at a Disney anything, anywhere while they impose disgusting, unconstitutional, illegal mandates on staff!

    1. Sharon

      Masks don’t work? Hahahahahahaha.

      And unconstitutional? LOL It’s a private business. Or do you not believe in private businesses making rules for themselves anymore?

      Complete nonsense.

    2. Manny

      @ Ms. Shelby, I do not know if you are bot or just a person who is extremely ill informed. Your claim is totally baseless, false, and dangerous. There are not only several studies which prove the efficacy of masks but two meta studies which compiled 21 peer-reviewed studies showing the effectiveness of masks as part of a strategy to combat infectious disease. As a matter of fact the two studies which are held up by the right wing are from 1910 during the Spanish flu and was very limited in
      Methodology and scope. Yet the author clearly stated that vaccines which were first being developed was an important factor in fighting spread. The second study which set out to prove masks did not work actually proved they did in their results which must have surprised the man who banked rolled the study who owns a chain of department stores which he did not want to see shut down. Let’s talk about the implication of that bias. But of course individuals go in these blogs spreading falsehood and misinformation without any consequence. I hope you do not have kids or family members you care about to set forth on such behavior for money. I have lost a loved one to Covid before there were vaccines and I would not wish that on anyone. Just in case you wanted to know I have a doctorate and have conducted peer reviewed research.

  8. Jessica

    We cancelled our trip to Disneyworld because they were requiring 2 and up to wear a mask. There is no way my 2 year old would wear a mask. Obviously these people have never been around toddlers and should know, they have a mind of their own.

    1. Trisha

      My 2-year-old has worn a mask at Disneyworld many, many times. Yeah, some kids are different, and it’s a bummer, but “my kid doesn’t want to” isn’t a strong argument against masks. Your two-year-old probably doesn’t want to wear a seatbelt, either.

    2. Lol.. you train your 2 yr old to do it. We did.

  9. KenR

    These mask rules are the dumbest thing. Honestly! They do NOTHING for the safety of anyone.

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