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disneyland paris standbypass

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  1. Cameron

    I think it’s interesting that Disney will not release the max capacity numbers on any of their parks… So you have no idea how many people are actually in any of the parks! Why is that? Why is it that we have no idea how many people are allowed in any of these parks?

  2. Kenr

    It’s astounding that these stupid mask mandates and social distancing guidelines are still in effect at so many places.

    1. Jarvis

      The draconian politically driven mandates are illegal in Florida, although Disney having to be woke, still has thugs set up to threaten their “guests” indoors for not wearing a smelly bacteria rag on your face. Universal treats their guests like adults. As do other locations in Florida.

      1. Manny

        Universal also requires proof of vaccine which Disney does not. It is obvious than the honor system does not work in Floriduh. Disneyland on the other hand had more people wearing masks when I visited. One wonders why LA County has the lowest transmission rates. By the way mask
        Mandates are driven by science and I have two meta studies which look at 21 different studies which prove masks work as a strategy on top of vaccination. Hopefully Darwin’s theory will hold true and Natural
        Selection will win out.

  3. Ronald Paladino

    Universal only requires proof of vaccine in California because it’s park specifically falls in that Counties Zone. Believe me they don’t care and they shouldn’t. Let’s Go Brandon.

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