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  1. DIANA

    NO! as long as everyone of following the protocols by wearing a mask and social distancing. It should be fine.

    1. Austin

      Masks should NOT be required for the fully vaccinated. Give them the freedom to CHOOSE!! Tired of this bull crap!

    2. Tom

      “Please fill in all available spaces” And they are seating single riders next to strangers..

    3. Gabe

      So are they checking for proof of vaccine I’m supposed to go on the 16th of October

  2. VinaP

    No! Hopefully everyone will follow social distancing rules and wear masks as recommended.

  3. Ha

    The second they require vax papers, I’ll cancel my trip.

    1. Patti

      Me too!!!!

    2. Veronica Gonzales

      Exactly! So sick of this crap! If people are that scared then stay home! Don’t go. They will lose millions if they require it!

  4. DA

    Yes! People don’t follow the rules, they don’t wear their mask if they are not vaccinated and they don’t socially distance from others. Until everyone can be responsible and act like an adult, everyone will have to be treated like children. It is unfortunate but you can’t count on people to do the right thing, those select few ruin it for everyone else. So yes, require proof and protect those that chose to protect themselves.

    1. Meli

      No, LA can do what they want. Orange County has low numbers. In addition to that, we have medical freedom. Let’s not go there.

    2. Sam

      Orange County should follow the mandate to show proof of vaccination like LA county. Totally agree that you can’t trust people to be honest about their vaccination status . Also, the children are most vulnerable without vaccines . Dusneyland should be cognizant if who they are trying to attract to their venue. Why do they think attendance dropped??

      1. M

        Sam, attendance dropped because of the lack of available amenities for the same admission price, and for all the the pain in the butt restrictions. Once masks went away and all the social distancing stuff disappeared, attendance surged.

    3. Joyce Lindsey

      You are so right. Those who don’t vaccinate don’t care about infecting others. Mandate now!!!

      1. S. Smith

        “Those who don’t vaccinate don’t care about infecting others.” That is such a broad and overreaching generalization. Even though other members of my immediately family are vaccinated, including my husband, I am not. I unfortunately suffer from extreme health anxiety (hypochondria) and while I believe in and support vaccination, I am irrationally afraid of it. However, I do very much care about infecting others. I wear a mask consistently (even when nobody else has one on), I avoid crowds and if I have so much as a sniffle, I stay away from others and get tested. I’m sure there are others who are good people who care about others, but are unable to get vaccinated for one reason or another. People really should be more compassionate and kind.

      2. Colleen White

        If you are fully vaccinated and the vaccine works you shouldn’t worry about anyone else because you are protected. Right? If a vaccinated person is worried than the vaccine isn’t working the way it was supposed to. At which point why get it if it’s not working??Stop trying to take away our freedoms. If you are vaccinated you are good.

    4. Tom

      I agree 100 %. I have recently been on a cruise and flown to Hawaii. They required proof of vaccination to get on the ship. And also South West Airlines, The Polynesian Cultural center and All sit down restaurants were requiring proof or negative test results in Hawaii. (per mandate of state of Hawaii) Disneyland should require proof of Vaccine.

      1. Colleen White

        I’ve traveled to Disney world three times in the middle of the pandemic. It was fantastic. There were short lines to get on the rides etc. We didn’t need proof then we shouldn’t need one now. With a 99% recovery rate we should be more concerned about dying from heart disease or cancer.

    5. Anon

      Agree one hundred percent! This is public health insanity. I was toying with taking my kids over the holidays, but if proof of vaccines is not required, we will not go. I am so sick of selfish, irresponsible jerks who have prolonged this pandemic.

      1. E

        Having a vaccination does not guarantee protection from the virus. that is why they are requiring multiple doses and now the boosters. My family all had CV naturally and have been tested for antibodies and we all have them over a year later–from getting it naturally. If you understand anything about vaccinations–they introduce a small portion of a virus in hopes that the body will produce antibodies. Getting it naturally does the same thing–except better!!! So people who have had the CV–should be considered just as protected as people who had the vaccine–if not more!1

        1. Veronica Gonzales

          Amen and well said!

    6. E

      wearing a mask is just a novel thing to do. Viruses are so tiny, that trying to stop a virus with a surgical or cloth mask is, like trying to stop an insect from passing through a chainlink fence. Wear an N95 mask if you are afraid of germs, or want a better chance at protection. Im not afraid of germs, however, I will follow the rules in order to go to and enjoy Disney Parks.

  5. TB

    Science shows that neither vaccines nor masks don’t stop the spread. It is childlike to believe a cloth will protect you but you still take it off anyway to eat or drink. Hypocrites. Talk about virture signaling. The vaxxed actually carry a higher viral load than unvaxxed. All the info is there. Use your noggin and stop bending over for Big Pharma. Natural Immunity is much stronger without the dangers of this experimental gene therapy. Ask yourself, why are doctors being restricted to provide life saving treatments to patients if they are unvaxxed. Why are they firing our health care heros and essential workers who have been on the front lines? Some of the highest vaxxed countries are having majority vaxxed outbreaks. Look at Israel, Iceland. Look at the tens if thoysands of deaths. Look at all the lies being shovwd down your throat. Look at the tyranny in Australia, Canada, Europe and even here by Biden the fraud. Why is social media censoring reputable doctors or anyone else who has concerns? Wake up people! Do what you like but never shame someone for their own health decisions.

    1. Candy

      Yes!!! Exactly especially since the whistle blowers have been coming forward with project veritas! Both groups J&J and Pfizer have admitted that their you recovered your immunity is stronger and lasts longer then the shot, and that it is experimental and the last video that the Pfizer does use aborted fetal cells in which they have been trying so hard not to get out!!!

    2. Tim

      The first thing is that the viral load is at the worst the same for vaccinated and unvaccinated. There were a few studies that were done including by the CDC that showed vaccinated had a lower viral load for Alpha and Beta strains. The latest studies of Delta show that vaccinated and unvaccinated have about the same viral load. However if you are vaccinated then you have a better chance of not becoming severely ill. My thing is if you are that afraid of catching the virus Vaccinated then why did you get vaccinated to begin with as you should be home and in a bubble? If you believe as I do that I am vaccinated what do I care what others are doing then why force people to show proof of vaccination. For those that choose not to be vaccinated, hey that is your choice not mine to tell you what to do. I actually only got vaccinated because I knew it would be required for international travel which I will be doing eventually when the masks go away on planes.
      Now for the great farce of masks. Before some of you get your panties in a wad, I am an expert in Respiratory protection as that is part of my job as a Safety Professional in the Chemical Industry and have to protect my workers on a daily basis. I have every type of respirator from the common dust mask to supplied air respirators. So let me explain the mask and why it is the greatest hoodwink that has been pulled on the American people in its history. The masks that they tell you to wear has the ability to filter out particles larger than 2.5 microns, the human hair averages to 70 microns in diameter, at the best possible circumstances. The SARS-Cov-2 virus ( the virus that causes the covid-19 illness, ranges in size from 0.1 to 0.5 microns. Some Bacteria are as big as 2.0 microns and remember you can not see them at that size. So masks are pointless in stopping viruses and the FDA even states that under its surgical mask definition ,which are slightly better that the pieces of cloth that you put on, state “It will not protect against virus, bacteria or fungus.” So wear your mask if it makes you feel good but I will tell you that it is pointless. I had two people get sick at work with Covid Both were fully vaccinated with the two dose versions and they both religiously wore their masks. I and another worker both vaccinated do not wear masks at all and neither of us got sick.

      1. Anon


    3. MrsWeasleysTwin

      I agree TB! Well said.

    4. 🙌 Truth! Wake up people and get the facts, they’re readily available and stop buying into the BS being fed to you!

    5. peggy bennett

      i have a freind currantly fighting for her life guess what she didnt get vacinated . everyone i know who had been vacinated is fine those who didnt are not fine they got sick . the vacines work . if you cogh or sneeze your boggers are gunna be in the mask not on me . i am a annula passhlder for universal . and im glad their are rules they show they care about us . people from all over the world come to the parks you dont know who has what . but yes we all have our choice to be vacinated or not . the covid test is univasive des nt hurt and take a moment so get the test or stay home leave room for people who want to come i personbnally would be going to disneyland till this is over the system for reservations and all too much . how bought the first soo many ppl who come to the enterence get in peole reserve and dont even show up then complain they cant get a refud . some one else would have loved to come to the park . i went to universal like in my soo nivce only california could come . dont fool your selves orange county has alot of cases just like la does

      1. Pro-choice

        My friend died after getting jabbed. Another friend’s dad had to put in a pacemaker after getting jabbed. And today in the news, a young healthy mother age 37 from Washington state died after getting jabbed. Don’t tell me your b.s. about the jab.

    6. KV

      Absolutely agree with you TB. Heading to Disney soon and if you vaxxer’s are afraid, stay home so the rest of us living our best lives are out there having all the fun. Love my natural immunity.

  6. Paully

    Proof of your Vaccination should be mandatory at Disneyland..
    Until then my trip to Star Wars Land is on hold..

    1. Candy

      Why? It has been confirmed, studies prove that the vaxed are able to spread the virus, and it doesn’t stop you from getting sick… I’ve been traveling, been to Disney multiple times and have not gotten sick once… I actually got it from my mother in law. She made us soup, we call it COVID soup. We were al sick as dogs. But recovered….

    2. L


  7. M G


  8. Walt Disney

    Remember when the vax supremacists were screaming that if Disneyland opened it’d be a super-spreader event? Yeah, that didn’t happen.

    No vax mandate needed.

  9. Leigh

    No!!! No vaccine mandates! We have the lowest #s in the country and it’s been proven that whether you are vaxxed or not, you can contract & transmit the virus. If you have the jab you are protected from dire consequences.

  10. Suppykat

    I just went there 2 weeks ago. It’s impossible to social distance and you don’t have to wear a mask outside. It was awesome! Not vaxx-ed, nor were the 6 other people we went with and none of us got sick. BTW telling the vaxx-rd that they don’t have to wear masks is ridiculous. Y’all can carry, contract & die from it too ska “breakthrough” cases. It was amazing to feel almost normal again! Y’all should try it.

    1. Candy

      Why is it vaxed vs. unvaxed? What about those that recovered from the virus!?! Over dozens upon dozens of articles prove that we have higher immunity/ antibodies for a much longer time then the vaxed! Why is that part of science being ignored!?! There’s absolutely no reason we should have to get an experimental shot when there literally is no data on what it would do to our immunity or antibodies! I was extremely sick but since getting Covid, have long haul, I’ve been to Disney multiple times and out and about, even moved to the East coast and haven’t gotten sick once since then!

      1. Candy

        Sorry that was supposed to be a separate post 🤦🏻‍♀️ Completely agree with you suppycat

      2. Honey

        Exactly!! Did you see the articles about Pfizer officials admitting that natural antibodies are BETTER than vaxx? Look it up..the video is hilarious, they had no idea they were being recorded..

  11. Candy

    Why is it vaxed vs. unvaxed? What about those that recovered from the virus!?! Over dozens upon dozens of articles prove that we have higher immunity/ antibodies for a much longer time then the vaxed! Why is that part of science being ignored!?! There’s absolutely no reason we should have to get an experimental shot when there literally is no data on what it would do to our immunity or antibodies! I was extremely sick but since getting Covid, have long haul, I’ve been to Disney multiple times and out and about, even moved to the East coast and haven’t gotten sick once since then!

  12. Andrea

    The ones vaccinated are the spreaders it was proven. All this bull is about tyranny and a president, governors,and others trying to make our nation communist. And if people keep voting the democrats in that is what will happen.

    1. E

      I got sick from a friend who had just been vaccinated. She is younger and healthier than me, but came down with the virus within 5 days of being vaccinated . All is well that ends well. I now have high antibodies for CV-19. I am not afraid of germs because germs keep our immune system strong!! I think if Disneyland starts requiring Vaccinations for entry–they will lose more than half of their “Magic Key Holders” and possibly more of out of town visitors.

  13. Elizabeth D.

    Thanks for this article warning us about Disneyland. We will stay safely out of OC.

  14. Kenneth L

    don’t bother me. mandate it everywhere and my money will stay with me.

  15. PL

    I will boycott all destinations that require vaccination. Those who are afraid should stay home. Any protection afforded by the vaccine wains away at an undetermined speed. Some people who get vaccinated do not develop immunity at all, and this is true for ALL vaccines. The recipient is the only one protected in any way, and therefore the discrimination is shameful and a-moral. No one should be forced to get any medical procedure they do not feel comfortable with for ANY reason!!

  16. yoyo

    Shouldn’t all business from lil mom and pop grocery store to mega places across America require proof of vac. Enough already.

  17. M

    It still amazes me that this is even a thing. Blue states are still repressing citizens while the rest of us go in with life. It’s been normal where I live since last year. I put on a mask to fly, which I’ve done many times over the last year, and that’s it.

  18. CT

    It doesn’t matter if you are vaccinated or not, even the vaccinated can transmit the Delta variant. So why even ask for proof? Respect people’s individual privacy and let each person make their own decisions on whether to visit and whether to wear a mask or not.

  19. Joette Carpenter

    Um. It’s not a vaccine, so you’ll be having to take the jab every now & then. Boosters galore. Even vaccinated can get sick & pass it on. DO SOME REAL RESEARCH.

  20. Eugenia

    Good for Disney! And I hope if Orange County decides to mandate that Disneyland will fight it! They have already been selling annual passes and no way should they have to go though refunding unused portions again over unvaccinated having no entrance! Screw this fake data shifting media and money driven Big Pharma wet dream nonsense!! Time for all this to end.

  21. Brittany

    I have read an article that Disneyland is not requiring proof at this time! And as a fully vaccinated citizen , I shouldn’t have to show I was poked with a needle in my arm to have fun. Ridiculous! Let us be free!

  22. MD

    Disneyland SHOULD require proof of vaccination AND require masks!!! The disease doesn’t care what county you’re in, and vaccinations ARE reducing the numbers of hospitalizations and deaths overall. YOU CAN STILL CATCH COVID EVEN IF VACCINATED, so people need to stop politicizing the pandemic and use common sense! Small children are now the biggest reservoir for COVID and there is still no full vaccine program for kids 5 and under, so they are at greatest risk of contracting the disease and then spreading it to their family members.

    1. Anon

      Thank you

  23. Chris

    WTG Disney, nice conversation you started. 🙄

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