Comments for Disney World Has Changed the Name of Character Meet and Greets

Cinderella at Princess Fairytale Hall

Credit: Disney


  1. Maulella

    Seems like another unwarranted and unnecessary capitulation to woke-ness. You are losing those who contributed to Disney popularity and profits.

  2. L

    Bring back the hugs!

    1. EricJ

      That’s Florida’s job, not ours!

  3. Tinsel

    Disney better not be telling me that I can’t hug Mickey Mouse or so help me God, I will not set foot in there ever again. What’s the point?!

    1. Kevin

      Lol please don’t! They will be more than fine without your entitled ass lol

  4. Chris

    Meanwhile, out here in California, Knotts Berry Farm is once again leading the way, with full character meet and greets being back, yep autographs, hugging and all.

    For those unaware, during the theme park closures, Knotts managed to keep us fed and entertained with various tasting events meeting whatever the present requirements were at the time.

    They brought back entertainment pretty much as soon as they reopened.

    They have already ditched reservations.

    It used to be that Knotts and other theme parks followed Disney’s lead, now Disney is the one behind and playing catch up.

  5. Sebastian Hale

    I think the meet and greets at Disney World will only be sightings until Spring 2022, since children under the age of 12 are going to be eligible to get vaccinated this winter. I don’t know when character meet and greets in Disneyland will come back, but, when they do, they won’t be renamed.

  6. Mickeymouse3

    I wish Disney would go back to character “roaming’s”. Many of the characters used to roam the grounds and stop at various spots, take a few pics then move to another location. There was no set spot to view characters and was really cool when the kids spotted one before immediately rushing to them for an autograph and hug.

  7. CT

    Just waiting for them to announce new “opportunity” to pay for your child to meet or greet one of the characters. This is the Bob Chapek way after all.

  8. I just hope they do not have a Lightning Lane for this experience. We should not have to pay extra to see Mickey at the Magic Kingdom!!

  9. Obvious

    Because its not currently a meet and greet? As stated, its sighting as you can’t hug/get autographs (to protect the CMs and guests!)

  10. Mabel

    I completely understand why meet and greets aren’t back to normal yet, but it still makes me really sad to see pictures of the princesses all roped off. I know I should be happy that there’s been a step forward, but it’s just not the same. Looking forward to the day it’s safe enough for hugs.

  11. R

    I get why; I’m just not fan. Here’s hoping enough people vaccinated for Spring 2022.

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