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  1. Lisa

    My son got hit by a car at Animal Kingdom in June 2018. I had to walk to the tram operator, who called someone. It took over an hour for help to arrive. No medical team arrived just a while supervisor in a truck. Yes he got up and was ok but no they are not fast at responding at all parks. That is false. I will say we do love Disney, it just could have been handled differently.

    1. Over 20 years ago just before they stopped the skyway, was sitting outside Small World and felt something wet from above pour on me. I thought it was someone in one of the buckets. Turned out to be grease/oil. They took us inside a store to get new shirts and replace baby’s outfit. But my stroller was covered in it, diaper bag, and me. Was staying off property so rushed to get to hotel to get this stuff off. I didn’t want an overpriced tshirt or jacket. I wanted to clean this crap off of me. It was handled poorly. We had a 2 year old and just wanted to leave.

    2. Suzanne Taylor

      To Kenny V: you are a heartless jerk for your responses to Karen. Heart conditions are NOTHING to joke about. I hope you catch a bad case of Covid 19.

      1. KennyVee

        Suzanne, heart conditions are indeed nothing to joke about (I was using it as an example, not as a joke), but you literally wished death upon me. Thanks for that. You absolute failure of a human.

    3. Hannah

      I was in Epcot in the middle of September and witnessed a man on the ground surrounded by a medical team performing compressions on the not moving individual. Confused how that isn’t reported but a nose injury is.

  2. Tom

    I wish these local article writers such as I.T.M. would stop the “ bait and switch “ titles they add to these stories.

  3. Michelle

    Does the writer of the article not live in the US? Here we say “ton”, not “tone”.

    1. Alessa Dufresne

      I have lived in Orlando since January. Thanks Ken G!

    2. KennyVee

      To their credit, they didn’t say “tone.” If you’re gonna call out someone out for their spelling, check your own. Especially when their spelling is correct for describing a metric ton (I know, you’re American, so the metric system probably scares you because it means you have to learn something new, but bear with me).

      And who cares whether they live in a part of the world where it’s spelled “tonne?” What they are saying is accurate whether they use the English or the American spelling.

      Don’t be so xenophobic. We are a nation of immigrants, and unless you are full-blooded Native American, your family immigrated here sometime in the past. Don’t get all bent out of shape over an accepted version of a word when you can’t even spell that version. I mean, you could have even just copy/pasted the word if typing “n” twice in a row confused you.

      1. Terry

        I take your point. Could it be possible that spellcheck was to blame? In writing this reply, I typed in the word, “tonne” and it “corrected” it to “tone”.

  4. Karen

    I was not injured, but due to high heat and mask mandates when I visited Epcot I got overheated and heart rate was 160 for quit awhile. When asked for assistance to the front gate so my husband could pick me and my minor children up I could not get help. Employees told me they were nit allowed to help in this case. So after thirty minutes they got a wheel chair for me and my 13 yr old had to push me to the front gate. This lets me know that Disney doesn’t have the best interest of the guests at heart and they are not prepared in case of emergencies.

    1. Irene

      My only comment is that people should know their limitations prior to stepping onto a ride due to their age factor. I’m in that age range and would not attempt those rides.

      1. KennyVee

        It’s not a nonsense article. It even points out that these are minor things, but theme parks in Florida are legally required to provide this information, and I would expect ITM to cover these reports.

        As for Karen above, she is aptly named. “Oh, I can’t breath through a mask.” What a crybaby and a liar. She says she was at the front gate when asking for help, then says she had to get a wheelchair to get pushed to…where she already was, according to her comment.

        I’m so sick of the maskholes who try everything they can to get around the rules we all have to live by right now. We may not like it, but I’m not getting my local business fined because I’m too much of a jerk to wear a mask.

        I bet later in life, when Karen has a heart condition, she’ll be mad because she has a heart condition, gets on an attractions that has a sign saying not to ride if you have a heart condition, then blames Disney when she has a heart attack.

        Cry me a river, and then GROW UP.

        1. KennyVee

          Okay, I do stand corrected on the first part. She said she asked for assistance TO the front gate, and somehow I read it as “at the front gate.” So I do apologize for this misreading on my part.

          But if you go to a park where masks are required indoors, and cannot handle a mask, that’s on you.

  5. Corinne

    I got very sick at the TTC While waiting for the monorail. Got dizzy, was losing my vision, and threw up. I was already in my wheelchair that I use when I’m in the parks. They got me down out of the line and over by the bathrooms. My bp and hr were very low and I kept losing consciousness and threw up again. They ended up putting an iv in my arm right there at the TTC. I was taken in an ambulance to celebration hospital. They kept me a few hours and gave me fluids and sent me on the way. We were never billed for the ambulance ride, though.

    1. We are a Disney family. My parents took me to Disney Land in the 60’s and Disney World in the 70’s. My husband & I started our Disney family trips in the 80’s. My daughter got married at Disney. She and her husband are Disney Vacation Club owners.

      Years ago, on a trip with them to their new DVC tower at the Contemporary, I was looking up studying the balconies, when I tripped on the curb of the sidewalk and landed on the ground. I was fine, just embarrassed.

      The next morning when we went to the same spot for a shuttle, we all laughed. Overnight Disney had painted in bright yellow caution to “Look Down”.

      Now that’s a quick safety response. However I’m unsure if it would have helped me while I was already looking up, not on the ground where I fell. 😉

  6. Roxanne

    I was injured at Disneyland in 2016 during the firework show my daughter had to go to the bathroom. I asked a cat member to show me the bathroom. My daughter was 7 and scared to go on herself. The cat member panicked and we were holding hand with the cat member leading the way I fell of the curb and sprained my ankle. They called for help they gave me a bandaid and wheelchair but only to the tram and made me get out of the wheelchair very rudely and didn’t help me and I had to walk to my car from there. The next day I explained to the staff for a chair I had to pay the normal price for the chair to rent. They didn’t care about me. So sad

    1. KenG

      So…you asked a cat for help? You mean one of those wild cats that roam Disneyland? And why would you even think of sending a 7 year old into a public bathroom on her own? And why would you expect them to fully escort you to your car?
      Do you know unless they are a qualified medical professional they can only legally do so much. Your story makes no sense…
      I don’t get it.

      1. Bob S.

        Personally I would never ask a cat for help, instead a professionally trained German Shepherd or Labrador retriever 🐕‍🦺 assistance dogs.

    2. KennyVee

      So…you got a wheelchair to the tram, which generally isn’t allowed, apparently refused a ride to the hospital to get checked out, are lying about the bandaid (who would think a bandaid would fix a sprained ankle?), and had to rent a wheelchair like every other person who can’t properly walk and weren’t given special treatment just because you didn’t watch your step when Disney announces to stay in the same area until the lights return to normal?

      You are either ridiculously entitled our you’re lying. Disney is NOT responsible for you not watching where you’re going and spraining your ankle, and it sounds like they did more than what they should be expected to do. These things happen all the time, inside and outside the parks, and for you to try to blame Disney for your failure to walk properly is pathetic.

  7. Scotty

    I was injured at WDW Blizzard Beach in 1991 when I heard someone calling for help, he looked dazed and figured he had been swamped. None of the lifeguards noticed or heard him – I swam to him and he grabbed me and yanked me under – I had to punch him and then called for help – they got there fast and site shut down – they got him to the side but my arm was already bruising and no Cast members followed up about me or even thanked me! Oh well, something I couldn’t forget!

  8. Stephanie

    I was at Disneyland and rode the star tours ride. As soon as it started I really started sweating and I did not feel good. When the ride was over I could barley walk and was throwing up. The cast memeber called first aid. They had someone bring me a wheelchair and they wheeled me to the front they checked my vitals and my blood pressure was EXTREMELY high. They had an ambulance come get me and take me out through employee area of the park. I stayed the night in the er and once they got my blood pressure back down they released me. I will never do that ride again. Also for the rest of that trip I didn’t do any rides

    1. dave

      That ride kills me too! I have done it twice, but never again. I also ended the ride in sweats and sky high BP. Did not have to go to the Medics, but I would guess that is probably a high “injury” ride for anyone that has unknown hypertension.

  9. Dallas m Sloat


    I was at the water park a few years ago and was injured very bad was taken out of park by fire and rescue, had emergency surgery. Disney did nothing, the ride caused my injuries and I could have died. Disney just wanted to pass the blame to me when it was something wrong with the ride.

    1. CD

      So how did the ride cause serious injury and Disney did nothing? Sounds sort of fishy when you don’t give any back story or other info. Like you want to place blame when it isn’t really their fault.

  10. Amy

    It’s not our business to know the outcome of the ‘nauseated 72 year old’ or the lady that injured her face; if me knowing a coworker may have COVID is a HIPAA violation, then surely us knowing whether she needs surgery or not and the outcomes of either their situations.

    1. Bob S.

      We CAN know those details as unlike a coworker we have no idea who this person is and do not need to know.

  11. Michelle

    My godson fell and but through his lip 5 years ago. We were in a group of 7. They called for an ambulance. When the kid insisted we could just wipe off the blood and he would be fine, they wheeled us to the bathroom to show him that wasn’t possible. Ambulance took him and his mom to Celebration Hospital. Then they got us a van with car seats, popcicles for the two kids not hurt, a pair of shorts and two shirts for the injured kid and got us to Celebration where he was stitched up. We all got tickets for another stay for free. The family was not billed for the hospital visit or the ride. When we arrived home they called to check on him.

    1. yoyo

      This was pre chapek. Now he tells his cast members that consumers don’t need Walt treatment. He does not care about people or consumers and expects his cast members to feel the same way.

      1. KennyVee

        Please provide a source for Bob Chapek saying this. ANY place, at ANY time. Give me a source or just shut up with your hate. I’m not a Chapek fan at all, but you’re claiming something that I will say never happened, unless you can point to a source. We have enough to be upset about without you flat-out lying. Unless you can prove that you are not lying.

      2. Theresa R

        In April I tripped over another visitor’s legs that were in the aisle at It’s a Bug’s Life. It caused a commotion and several fellow guests came to my assistance to help me up. What surprised me was that no cast members came to my assistance. When I went to my doctor when I returned home it turned out I had a broken leg. I will admit I did not ask for assistance or report the injury. Still I was surprised by the lack of reaction

  12. Theresa

    💯Agree with you.

  13. dave

    My wife got overheated/dehydrated at Hollywood last year. I asked a cast member for help, and they jumped right into action. Got her to a cool place, and got her water. The one note I would make is that it was strange as to how long it took the actual EMT’s to arrive. It was 20+ min response time for them…. However of course the Disney Police was there within 5 min… I would have imagined that each park had an EMT team already stationed there, but I guess that is not correct.

    1. Bella

      Few years ago, l was at MK with a friend and her 2 grandchildren. After leaving meet and greet with Mickey and Minnie, a brick was loose on steps. My friend fell while holding her 2 year old granddaughter. Cast members where there immediately. Then supervisors. EMTs arrived all within minutes. Couldn’t believe how fast they responded. Some ice packs and a new shirt, all was good. I told my friend, they will be watching us on camera for awhile. Went back by stairs on way out brick was fixed. So yes I believe emts are on site.

  14. Ryan Kelly

    Look at all these interesting comments. It’s funny to see people rebuke those comments to the defense of Disney as if suffering brain damage on a roller coaster was really an every day occurrence; its not people nor are these other illnesses outside of the parks. I’m not trying to blame nor defend Disney, but this is how they make thier money. So, if the comments are true then it’s disappointing to see Disney with very little response time, medical training, and lack of accountability. Oh well, I wouldn’t visit during Covid anyway. And if I got injured my family would film me anyway and Disney would get sued if they didn’t call a proper medical response team. To those who are going to say, “well youbenter the park at your own risk,” yeah okay but in the legal world you can’t waive gross negligence and for some reason I feel based on Disney’s behavior we may see a class action one day… folks, if you get injured or inconvenienced and Disney wants to comp you for your trouble, politely decline the offer and call a lawyer.

    1. Dee

      Sounds like you want to just sue. If it’s not An injury through Disney negligence why should you sue them. People need to take responsibility for their own actions. Most
      Elderly people get dehydrated very easily. It doesn’t take long. Also those rides are intense. People need to be held accountable for taking some responsibility to make good choices .
      I can’t handle those rides so I don’t go on them.
      Perhaps the jungle ride is enough excitement for
      Some people?

  15. Joa

    These are not injuries because of Disney World . Causalities . Injuries to count should be the ones for an issue with the rides, mechanical problems etc . People falls all the time. I don’t do 3d rides because I get dizzy . So , thats not their fault

  16. Bup

    I get motion sickness. Am I supposed to blame disney for that!?! This is ridiculous. Are you trying to destroy Disney World with all this bs? Only post positive. This bs is not necessary!

  17. Dee

    Yes it would but these kids these days just have no manners. That’s the sad thing. Glad you are ok.

  18. Two years ago I tripped going down some steps to the Jungle Cruise ride. Steps were hard to see in the bright daylight. Fell on all fours. Felt embarrassed and didn’t mention it to any attendant. Ankle and leg hurt rest of the day.

  19. Fred

    my wife got run over by an electric scooter on oct 1 at magic kingdom. the driver said they didnt know how to stop. disney was there immediately. only minor injuries.

  20. S. Melmoth

    I went to a Magic Kingdom restaurant and a couple of gift shops. Right after that, my wallet was empty.

  21. Jo

    My mom spent roughly 4 months (total) after her Disney accident at beginning of year. Confined to wheelchair til next surgery which is almost a year after accident

  22. Maria

    During construction at the Animal Kingdom Lodge I was bit in the face by a brown recluse spider. Had ER services in the room (out of pocket) & had already developed severe cellulitis. Was given antibiotics, shot on the spot. I had fever, vomiting & face pain. We had to extend our stay 3 nights due to the swelling in my face & fever. When we called to extend our stay due to the bite & illness the manager refused. We changed to another WDW hotel (our expense) and not even supplied with cab fair to the other resort. It was disgraceful & very sad.
    No follow up done whatsoever including the new resort who asked what had happened during check in.

  23. Gill

    My sister had heat related issues for two different trips. One was at the Magic Kingdom and the other at Studios. It was weird because the same guy helped us. I remembered his name was Kirk. The first time she went to the hospital and my mom, 1 year old niece and 4 years old nephew and me were taken through the cast area and given a ride straight to hotel. Van had two car seats for the kids. The second time she declined the hospital, but they gave her, her husband and kids (3 and 7) the cast way to leave as you get to your hotel a lot faster. We even got a call after we got home to make sure everything was fine. Maybe a young cast member wouldn’t know what to do or want to get involved, but the manager knew what to do right away.

  24. Heather G

    My son experienced a life threatening anaphylactic reaction to a muffin in Downtown Disney, Disneyland. They blocked off the World of Disney store and within minutes, paramedics came from underground where a bush stood, dressed as tourists. The ambulance was there within 7 minutes. They took my son and I to a nearby hospital. A Cast Member assisted my husband with our other 3 children to make sure he knew where we were going. I never heard from Disney but also never received a bill for the ambulance or the overnight hospital stay.

  25. Gigi

    I witnessed an incident yesterday at HS. While reviewing the outdoor menu at Mama melrose her foot was “run over” by another lady in a scooter. Blood gushed from the woman’s foot. Local bystanders helped put pressure on the wound (severed artery?) but I didn’t see first responders arrive while I stood there (approximately 10 min). Her daughters were quite distraught. The restaurant employees did what they could to help while waiting for security and medics.

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