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Disney Castle at night


  1. Terry

    Are Brits allowed to enter?

    1. This one is only for US residents. But, make sure to check back on the next one!

  2. Lori Cleveland

    I’m submitting photos and receive confirmation it submitted but, not appearing in gallery?

    1. I checked on the backend and I was able to confirm that your photo is indeed in the gallery. Make sure to click the “Load More” button to scroll to see more pics.

  3. Jennifer

    I am trying to submit photos but it says stale request and not taking them. Is there anything I should do differently?

    1. Were you able to upload your photos? If you’re still having problems, it might be the file size is too large and it’s taking too long to upload. Try to upload a smaller file size if you haven’t gotten it to work yet.

  4. mike

    Hi Jennifer!
    How do you get a direct link to your photo to share with your friends? All the links go to the main website instead of the picture making it hard to find.


    1. Which contest did you enter and what was your caption? I can look it up on the backend and send you the link. It will take you to the article but you simply need to scroll down to the desired contest and the gallery will have pulled up your photo for friends/family to vote on!

  5. Michael

    Hi Jennifer,
    I’m trying to enter my photos to the contest but no link is showing up to add photos to enter . What do I need to do?

  6. Chris

    What kind of bot protection do you use for the contest? I literally watched Magic Kingdom Xmas go from 188 to 207 in 10 minutes (it may have been less.) Now about 20 minutes later, it sits at the top spot for holiday at 221 (@9:48 pm PST)

    1. Katie

      100% agree with this statement. And thus was not the only photo that this happened. The Launchpad went from nothing to 300.

      1. Lisa

        And so did the Disney World Sunset. In the 15 minutes it takes me to get to work it went from the 60s to close to 200.

        1. Chris

          Turkey Leg as well. But this was the first time that I actually watched the numbers go up. From about 9:10ish pm to around 10:10 pm, it went from I think 173 or so to about 250. 80 votes in 60 minutes at night means either they have a ton of followers internationally (doubtful,) or a bot.

  7. Michael

    These photos that are being talked about are mine and my families photos. Between myself, my wife and kids we share our links everyday multiple times a day. No bot is being used, these are legitimate votes made by family, friends, and coworkers. Share your link to get votes. That’s what we do.

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