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  1. Lynn

    This is complicated, ridiculous and takes the fun out of visiting the parks. We won’t be going back under these tickets. I will not spend time plotting and paying extra money for an already expensive vacation.

    1. Steve

      I agree completely. Takes all the fun out of the experience. If I pay $15 for the genie plus I should be able to write anything I want.

      1. Karen Trotter

        And shouldn’t be limited to one at a time!

        1. GeGeorge

          Pay extra for Space Moun! It’s almost 50 years old. This is unbelievable.

  2. CDinID

    This is so dumb!! We spend 100s of $$ for tickets, then have to pay MORE!?!?! Why replace FastPass!? We’re checking out for a while!

  3. Jan

    One at a time
    Subject to availability
    Rides “temporarily closed”

    So many loopholes here for spending money on something that you may not even end up benefitting from because you pay for it and then can’t get a “time”!

    So complicated and such a vacation nightmare. No thank you!

  4. Linda Munroe

    Like we don’t pay enough for our annual passes already (especially after the price hike). This might be my last year for Disney

  5. Diane

    This whole new process of Genie+ and individual lanes is so disappointing. I hate to see Disney heading down this road. Very elitist and only benefits the wealthy. Too bad for all those families who save all year to come to the park and then get hit with added fees. I’m seriously considering dropping my annual pass and moving over to Universal. Wish Disney would reconsider this whole disaster and go back to the old fast pass system where it didn’t cost anyone anymore money to simply enjoy the parks. I have yet to see one Disney fan think this is a good idea. Why isn’t Disney listening to its customers. We all know it’s all about the money!

    1. Htk

      You want to move over to Universal because Disney decided to profit from a market for shorter lines? Seriously? Universal the park that had regular parking, express parking, vip parking, vip express parking and then valet and “red-carpet valet” parking? Or what about the two-park one day ticket which is needed to ride the Hogwarts train which starts at $160. What about the express pass? What about the express pass plus? Which can easily take a one day one person ticket beyond $550 during the holidays?

      1. jo

        All vacations are expensive. I was researching Universal as I have never been there. Florida always meant Disney. Universal has everything paid for and done before you go to the first park. No stopping after every ride or show to look at phone. I am not a phone guru so this is not going to be fun for me.

  6. Paul

    Another way for Disney to rip people off after 18 months of covid, welcome back.

  7. Paul

    The Magic has been erased

  8. Gregg Letts

    the part I do not understand with the Genie+ is that I can only ride each of the available rides once per day using this feature. I know you can only reserve one ride at a time, and that’s not what I am talking about. More rules not shown here, and from what has been reported elsewhere, is that let’s say for example I want to ride Thunder Mountain Railroad more than once, I can only use the Lightning Lane one time, and then I have to use stand by the rest of the day. Ridiculous!!

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