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  1. Jen

    A bit upset…I have been checking in with DAS often ever since the new system was announced. Every time I was told that no new information was available….until this past Monday. A DAS cast member told me that the system was not going to go live until Oct. 19 along with Genie+/LL system. I got an email from a Disney blogger on Oct. 13 that informed that was not the case and the new system was up and running. I called DAS again and apparently it went live some time on Oct. 12. I followed all the steps and waited in queue for over 5 hours only to be kicked off the system at 9:30 pm with a message that no further live calls would be taken that day and to try again the following day. Which brings me to the current situation…here I am a mom of more than one special needs child and I have been back in queue since 7 am when it opened back up…going on another 5 hours and counting. I appreciate the new system, however, it would be much better if you could sign up for a date and time for a live video call instead of needing to make sure you are near your computer all day waiting.

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