Comments for Massive Crowds Continue to Flood Disney to See New Firework Show

Credit: @3BridgesNick


  1. Brooke

    We spent a week at WDW last month. If you are concerned about covid-19, stay home. You’re pretty much only going to see masks indoors at stores, restaurants and rides. WDW is doing nothing to enforce social distancing either. Having been a longtime pass holder at Disneyland/DCA, the experience at WDW is markedly different. Anaheim CM’s and Security gently remind parkgoers and DTD goers to maintain their distance. There is a welcoming also at Anaheim. WDW you are pretty much on your own – there is no cohesive welcoming to the parkgoers. It is bizarre. LOL. WDW felt like no one was minding the shop. So we wore our masks and stayed 6 ft from everyone in line, as much as we could. People were coughing and sneezing.

    1. D

      No mask police sounds good to me, the county of the state I live in has not required masks in months. It sounds bizarre to me to go back to wearing them.

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