Comments for Tips for Bringing a Baby to a Disney Theme Park

visiting disney theme parks with a baby

Credit: DIsney Parks Blog


  1. Emily

    Why would you take a baby to a theme park? they’re brains are too small, they won’t remember it.

  2. Sue

    Never take a baby to any theme park. Take your toddlers as long as they are potty trained.

  3. Sebastian Hale

    I don’t have a tip for bringing a baby 🍼 to Disneyland, but I do have the best tip for bringing a child 🚸 to Disneyland. Take her to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for a princess makeover and the Royal Hall for meet and greets with Ariel, Snow White and Cinderella.

    1. did fan

      heres a tip, don’t, leave the babies and real little kids at home, this way it will cut down on getting run over by a stroller, we waited till our daughter was at least 5 so she could remember how fun it is

  4. Aridge1

    Just wow! I cannot believe the people saying to not take a baby to a theme park. So, families who have older children and babies should not go? Babies are free until they’re 3 years old at Disney Parks. Why not take a baby to a theme park? It’s wonderful memories for the parents and the older siblings. We’re repeat Disney goers and we’ll be taking our baby that will have just turned 1 year old with us. Her sister, who will be 12 years old, is thrilled to be going back to Disney. You’re saying families need to wait to go back to the parks because babies won’t remember, or you don’t like strollers in the parks? And wait until my youngest is 5 years old?! So my older kid cannot enjoy Disney again until she’s 17 years old because y’all don’t like babies in the parks?! Please.

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