Comments for Hollywood Icon Destroys Johnny Depp with Ruthless Description of the “Overrated” Actor

johnny depp as jack sparrow

Credit: Disney


  1. Melody Finwick

    I have no idea who Cox is so he destroyed nothing. Sounds like jealousy to me. Depp is amazing at Jack Sparrow, no one will ever come close.

    1. Michelle MARODA

      I have to agree, but if he does suffer from pride it should keep his ego in check

      1. Carol

        YES, you are spool correct. No more pirate movies for me without Mr. DEPP!!!

        1. Bernadette Griggs OConnor

          I sooo agree with comments.. extremely talented. I think the writer is sad that he turned that role down !!despite what he says!! Keep going Johnny !!we all love you!!

          1. N

            How is this even new?? Just another example of behindbthe scenes puppetry. What a joke!!
            Justice 4 Johnny

        2. Christopher Mohnhaupt

          Actora are hired to bring a character to life.
          Of Johnnys characters. He’s done that.Has he ever played a role that was brilliant. Nothing strikes me. Has Brian Cox ever played a role that was brilliant. Which means out of his normal range. No.

      2. I think he is jealous of Johnny Depp’s talent because Depp can take any character and make it sensational and his own! Why do you think Disney hadn’t taken Johnny Depp’s image of pirates of the Caribbean out of their theme parks!

        1. Nancy Levy

          Who the hell is Brian Cox? Mr. Depp is a consummate actor.

      3. Beverley Matthews

        Johnny Depp is one of the greatest actors. Not just as Jack Sparrow. In his many roles. Who could play Edward Sissorhand like him. His many roles he gave his all and it shows in each and every role. Be fair to this man.

        1. Pamela

          When you have writers making roles specific for a certain actor and the actor over achieved the character and causes the studio to make hundreds of millions$$& more than ever anticipated m, I dare say there must be good acting and portrayal of the character they paid the actor or in this case,Johnny Depp, to represent! However, Cox the unknown wanna be that turned down the part for his own reasons is probably jealous because he could have made millions as well and also been asked to come back time and time again if “he was good enough” like our beloved Johnny! No Johnny No Pirates of the Caribbean! Disney better do some sweet talking is all I have to say because they could be making more millions with Johnny than wasting millions they are losing without him!

      4. Stephanie

        Who the hell is Brian Cox? Obviously not a Hollywood icon. Love ppl who kick others when their down….so this jerk that I’ve never heard of can stay under his rock since his only claim to fame is trying to badmouth someone else!

        1. Stephanie

          My phone auto corrected me incorrectly……I know my there, their, and they’re (s)

      5. Aminah Baba

        No idea who cox is, so his views do not matter

      6. Chuck

        …googles Brian Cox…

        1. Mary

          Who is Brian Cox? Never heard of him. He can’t possibly be a Hollywood icon cause I’m pretty up on those.

      7. Patrick

        Sounds like Cox and bull to me. The world loves Captain Jack Sparrow and that was only because of Johnny Depp.

        1. Suzan

          Sour grapes from WHO?
          Never heard of Cox

    2. Kam

      Same!! No idea who Brian Cox is but Pirates without Depp just won’t be worth watching for me

    3. Isaac

      I had to look him up. He’s your stereotypical, stuck up, theater actor more prone to take a role in Shakespeare rather than movies. According to Police, Depp has never been reported, formally charged, or arrested. This means that all Heard’s accusations have no actual evidence behind them other than an ex girlfriend badmouthing her ex in any tabloid that she could think of just for her own self relevance. I honestly had never heard of Amber Heard before this either.

      1. Ashley

        She’s in the aquaman movie which is only good thanks to Jason mamoa. She’s not that good in my opinion. Sad she’s in the next one. I won’t be seeing that, but definitely no more pirate movies for me without Depp. He needs to be brought back along with his role in Fantastic Beasts.

    4. Leelee

      The only movie I remember Brian Cox in was The long Kiss Good bye with Gina Davis and Samuel Jackson “HUM”

      1. ME

        Except for Samuel and Geena, I don’t remember anyone else in that movie. So much for Cox being an icon, unless you mean an iconic jackass.

    5. Beverley Matthews

      Yes, I definitely agree with you. Cox makes me sick and yes I believe it’s jealousy.

    6. Who is Brian Cox? A nobody

      1. Anya

        Brian Cox was someone I went to school with. Just kidding. Never heard of him. #Justice4John!

    7. SavageLynx

      HOLLYWOOD ICON? Nobody even heard of him!
      DESTROYS JOHNNY DEPP? He’s destroying himself by being such a BOAR this is the only way he can get att nation for a memoir about himself, a virtual unknown nobody wants to know anymore ABOUT!

    8. Joanie Myers

      Who is Brian Cox? Do not know him. Even if I did I still would not agree with him. Johnny Depp is a unique actor. He has
      played many various roles in movies & I found his acting in each one superb.
      His personal life should not have anything to do with his acting career.

    9. Totally agree!!

    10. Paloma

      Sounds like jealousy. The only thing I can agree on is yes the script is written, the artist do the makeup and wardrobe and they deserve alot of credit in bringing the characters to life also. So using Cox’ overrated comment then all actors including him are overrated cuz they don’t do the script writing or the makeup or wardrobe.
      I’ve never heard of Cox myself so maybe he’s not a good enough actor and that’s why he wrote a memoir to bring attention to himself. In my opinion Depp does an excellent job in bringing forth the vision that the writers and artists have for the character.

    11. Cmac

      Brian Cox is a classically- trained Shakespearean actor who is very well-known in the UK. He is currently in Succession, a top-rated HBO series. He has more talent in his little finger than Johnny Depp ever will.

      1. Ricky Spiller

        Thank You, I thought I was the only one to feel this way.


      I’m glad I’m not the only one who had no idea who that was. Regardless, I wouldn’t put down acting in the Edward Scissorhands costume. As a film student who has learned maybe more than I want to about the difficulties of costumes like that…Depp deserves praise for his patience.

    13. Tcbm

      I had to Google him to find out who he was I say was because he has not done anything that I recognized since the early 2000’s it definitely sounds like jealousy to me

  2. Theresa

    Who cares what this guy thinks?! Jealous much? I don’t recall anyone asking him for his opinion!

    1. C.B

      Couldn’t agree with u more!

      1. Ioana Georgeta Bandu

        I do not know this Brian. And i am not interested to know him. Johnny is a great actor. And i like all his movies.

      2. Brian who? Yeah I don’t know who you are and I don’t care to. You are a measly little mediocre actor who has an even smaller acting career who will never have the caliber that Mr. Depp has even if it takes 25 years of experience which Johnny has on you.

      3. Kerry J Skidmore

        Don’t care what Cox thinks. Won’t be watching pirares without Johnney.

      4. Kevin Connors

        Hey Mr.Cox. if your going to talk about bad movies or bad acting. Let’s talk about super troopers. I still can smell that POS you stared in!

        1. Sharon Ulstad

          😂 touché!

      5. CJA

        This is Mr. Cox’s opinion, which he is entitled to have; just as mine is to disagree with him.

    2. Anthony

      Do you mean Brian (I was the first Hannibal Lector in ‘Red Dragon’ but I was so uncharismatic they cast Anthony Hopkins for the next movie) Cox?….ok.

      1. Sharon Ulstad

        😉 excellent!

    3. Beverley Matthews

      Couldn’t have said it better. Agree with you.

  3. I like Johnny Depp, but I will probably not see another Pirates movie, because Disney Studios wants the pirates to be gay or bi-sexual. Not really my kind of entertainment. I’d rather they kept that type of information to themselves.

    1. Dingo

      Brian Who? I should recognize the name, at least. I looked him up on IMDB. He’s a C-list actor from Scotland. Okay, shouldn’t be be on Depp’s peer level before handing out critiqued?

        1. Cogo

          Brian Cox was awesome in Troy as Agamemnon. Brian was great as Langrishe in Deadwood. Depp is great in what he does as well. He DID start out as eye-candy though and I couldn’t see Brian’s ugly old mug enticing women when he was young. They are different performers.

    2. Mick

      Beautifully gorgeous? More like horrifically homophobic. 🙄

      1. JJ

        Looks like someone out there is bitterly jealous of Johnny Depp and his immense international success.

        I only know of one Cox whom I can attest of being awesome at what he does–or did on the world of sports… but this japping nobody here does not play baseball, much less is he in the MLB HOF and revered by the entire world as a star…, so nevermind!

        Dude’s just jealous. End of story.

        1. Stavroula Psiharis

          Johnny Depp is a beautiful soul…

      2. I don’t know who this guy is. But I can guarantee you that I won’t be watching it without Jack!! Played by Johnny Depp.

    3. JJ

      Are they really? They really making the character gay?!? Oh my…! Lmfao

      I really don’t give a rat’s rear end but please people let everyone know beforehand if/ when the main characters are going to be gay or lezzies, and are going to be kissing or having explicit sex on camera. It’s pretty grotesque to some of us to say the least. That way we know and don’t get the little surprise without warning.

      I really can’t understand why the concept of homosexuality and lesbianism has to be brought into everything these days. I’m fine if they want to be gay or lesbianism but shoving it right into our faces is a bit too much. Even those steamy heterosexual scenes we see in movies and TV shows these days often cross the line. Trust me, not the way to win an audience. Can’t we learn from the Koreans? They make awesome movies and series and they do it without all the offensive sexual scenes. Why can’t we do the same? I’m guessing in western society producers and creators are feeling the pressure to include gay/ lesbianism scenes and characters because they fear they might get sued by the LGBTQ groups. Or perhaps fear they could get called out publicly as being “non-inclusive” or “homophobic”, even if they are not homophobic. I will probably trigger a gay or a lesbian somewhere in this crazy world just for daring to post this comment on here. That is if the site’s moderators don’t kill it before everyone else sees it. I’ll prob get blocked too for stating a fact.

      1. Travis

        I think you’re being a little defensive about this, more than you should if you don’t care if a character is queer lol. Pirates has talked about lusting over women already so if sexuality in films isn’t your thing then maybe don’t watch a movie about pirates. Pirates were historically pretty gay anyway.

        1. No real pirates weren’t. Stop spreading false information.

          1. Pirate Expert

            Real pirates were absolutely “gay” and married amongst the ranks quite frequently. Sorry to burst your bubble.

      2. Bugmeenot

        I don’t think you’ve watched many Korean films, just Korean TV, if you think there’s not much sex happening in them! 🤣

      3. Billie

        Wow. You talk a lot but don’t add anything of value to the convo.

      4. judy tester

        i dont know who brian cox is .i guess trying to make money criticizing some one else

    4. Travis

      Pirates were very commonly queer so it wouldn’t be inaccurate. Besides, with how much the movies talk about lust for women and imply about raping them, which is also accurate to pirates, it’s not like they aren’t telling you their sexuality anyway. Sounds like you’re just being homophobic, but if you’re not trying to I suggest you check how you’re looking at/internalizing these things so you have more positive outlook.

      1. Maccy Dee

        We all know some pirates were gay, we’re not stupid, we’re not homophobes either for not wanting it shoved down our throats in everything these days. Having gay/lesbian representation in EVERYTHING is not an accurate reflection of the real world at all, in the real world the vast majority are still heterosexual. There’s also no need for this kind of scene in a Disney family movie, kids watch this stuff when they’ve got zero interest in any kind of sexual relationship with anyone.
        Amazon already did a better job of this than Disney ever could with Black Sails.

        1. niceBe e nice

          Exactly! I don’t care one way or another but we don’t need to see the actual acts. I appreciate the bailed adult humor in a lot of Disney movies as JJ stated we just don’t need it thrown in our faces! And in everything!

    5. Tracie Ford

      This comment illustrates just how un-beautiful and non-gorgeous your soul is. I hope your karma is better than you deserve.

  4. Gail

    I have no idea who Brian Cox is. Johnny Depp is a great actor who has fallen on hard times.

  5. I am a fan, so I am with those who have commented before me, Johnny is the best. This man is ” OVER RATED”, NOT Johnny. I am still in Depps corner. Sorry, NOT budging. This man is unfamiliar to me.

    1. Marina

      Those who throw dirt loose ground …I was worried the guy was Canadian ….glad to hear he is not

      1. CBScorpio

        I’m not a Brian Cox fan or a Johnny Depp fan. Still, I personally have ALWAYS felt that Depp in particular is overrated. I haven’t liked his work since 21 Jump Street…which he has gone on record as saying he hated. Leo DiCaprio is a FAR better actor.

  6. Shammy

    Never heard of him before. I now know him because of Johnny Depp. Enough said.

    1. Debbie

      I never heard of this guy or even seen his face, ever. He’s a DORK. Why does this stuff get published? Do people who write memoirs deserve attention when they slander someone?Not only attention but destroying a persons career, such as one Amber Heard. I love Johnny ❤️👏

  7. Rob

    Who’s Brian Cox? What exactly has he done that’s better than anything Johnny has done? Why is this not just a whole bunch of regret for turning down a role in a monster movie franchise that created or boosted careers for everyone who was in it?

  8. Ulysses22

    Actually, good for Cox for saying what has been obvious. Depp is way overrated. The guy was good in the first pirates movie its true. Any movies this guy is in are bubble gum..dudes is lousy actor. Overrated. Remember when Brando said he was good…I dont think so. another overrated actor

    1. All these people who feel so compelled to cut Johnny Depp into the ground! 1)He has not fallen on hard times. He was lied about, forcing him into a pit! 2)He’s on his way back! Make no mistake. He may never come back to Hollywood, but he’s making movies, & has a world tour, in 2023, w/The Hollywood Vampires! He’s getting Lifetime Achievement Awards, left, right, & centre! And, for the intensely jealous Brian Cox(what has he ever acted in anyway?), who will never get a lifetime achievement award, he has to cut Johnny Depp to ribbons, because he’s got to get his shot in! Just to be one of the gizzzzzzzzzze! He’s ignorant, & I’m don’t believe he was offered POTC, before Johnny. Why would they offer a nobody for such an important role? They needed an established actor, who could hold his own, & draw in people of all ages, creeds, & colours. There were no prejudice against anyone in any of the franchise! Just good fun, with Johnny Depp at the top of his game! And, when he says, ‘No one can take Captain Jack Sparrow away from me. He’s mine. I made him, & I carry him with me no matter where I go, he’s with me.’ Maybe, wb can hire Brian Cox to be the new gay pirate for the next instalment…

      1. Teshara Loiselle

        Brian who?

    2. Pneuma

      Oh good, you insulted depp and Brando in one paragraph, from your couch eating cheetos. You’d be so lucky to have a percentage of their talent

    3. Aura

      Johnny Depp is the most talented actor of our generation. He is also, along with his peers (Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas, Tom Cruise, etc.) the last true Movie Stars. The films being made now, virtually any actor could play the parts. They are interchangeable and most importantly the emerging actors today can’t open a film.

      1. Amber Heard is a cyst on society. Depp has only suffered over the last few years because of a liar. Now this unknown decides to kick him while he’s down. Why not do it while Depp was on top? To much to lose? Team Depp all the way. Since 21 Jump Street.

    4. Anybody, that goes for B. Cox, and his burning hot performance in ‘RED’ and ‘RED II’ Morgan Freeman was the biggie in this one, bigger than Bruce Willis, but all Cox did was lust after Helen Mirren through both of them. You want to see acting see ‘Minimata’ with Johnny Depp they won’t release it in the States guess it would perform creatures existing under the sea and have seahorses for pets.

    5. RobbieRa

      Like you know a thing, obviously you don’t. This “overrated” BS from an unpopular actor is more about himself. He has over rated himself!

      1. N

        How is this even new?? Just another example of behindbthe scenes puppetry. What a joke!!
        Justice 4 Johnny

  9. Joan Love

    Johnny Depp is an amazing actor, who brings to life the characters he plays. Who is Brian Cox anyway?? Only read this article because Johnny’s name in the title…enough said.

    1. RobbieRa

      And this is ALL he’s getting any attention from. David Tenant steals the show from him in Good Omens he’s okay in it but now that he turns out to be such a petty little man, all he is is UNLIKEABLE!

  10. Ulysses22

    Any movie that depp is in , I wont watch. and please get someone to dress the guy. he looks stupid all the time..ha ha he thinks he looks bohemian…please…jackass

    1. RobbieRa

      TOO BAD YOU’RE just a jealous JACKASS;

    2. Sue

      Strikes me, you are as horrid as your idol, pathetic Amber Heard. You are just an over opinionated jerk. If you can not be nice, shut the f… up.

  11. Ulysses22

    Amber Heard is a babe…Depp is typical actor who isnt pretty any longer ..no more depp, please. pansy jackass

    1. Ashley

      Amber heard suxs dude. The mother of dragons would be better in aquaman 2 than her lol no more Amber heard

  12. Joeybats

    Brian Cox is a heck of an actor. Equally adept at Shakespeare ( his Falstaff and King Lear are amazing) and at comedy (his turn as the King in Series 1 of Black Adder is bombastic and hilarious ). That being said I disagree with his opinion of Johnny Depp. I admire Depp’s career and generally enjoy his work.
    I guess I’m a fan of both these guys and wouldn’t like it if Depp insulted Cox either.

    1. Joeybats

      Crud…I got Brian Cox mixed up with Brian Blessed. Ignore my last post. To heck with Brian Cox…washed up, old angry man that he is.

      Brian Blessed is THE MAN, though! Check his stuff out!

      1. Brett

        Ha! “Washed up, old angry man” currently getting major accolades for starring in HBO’s critically acclaimed “Succession.”

      2. Kimberly Clark

        It seems to me that someone is jealous! Why would Cox even talk about Johnny Depp if he is so insignificant! I think it’s very arrogant and narcissistic of him to put down a fellow actor. Johnny Depp is not just a great actor, he is also a wonderful person. He does a lot of things that no one even hears about for the good of others. And what really gets me is Johnny never sought out to be an actor. He started out as a musician And is still a great musician. This acting thing just fell in his lap, which I am grateful for as I know many are. No one can ever replace Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow! And if anyone ihas ever watched a serious movie that he has done, for example Black Mass, there is no way that they can say that he cannot act. I do not know why Cox has a problem with Johnny Depp but it seems to me he’s looking to put his own name into the spotlight because no one really knows who he is. He’s basically a character actor, who yes he can act, but he’s not someone that’s memorable like Johnny Depp. Putting down others to make yourself feel better is just wrong!

    2. Ann Sterzinger

      He probably thinks Rowan Atkinson is overrated too. He was the worst actor in that show. What a putz.

  13. Johnny Depp is a drug addict that by his own words in blackouts he has no idea what he has done. When you mix drugs and booze it often leads to terrible things. Sadly he is a wife abuser and so much more to say the least. He often brags about his usage of drugs and booze. He should feel shame for his actions and doesn’t! Need I say more!??

    1. Logan

      Are u forgetting amber is a liar and abuser, she literally abused her ex before johnny lied about the apartment the charity even her parents apologized to johnny about amber need I say more??

      1. Christi

        Cox plays the evil patriarch on “Succesion”. He’s a decent actor who has been around forever but I always confuse him with Albert Finney.
        This is just a nasty comment from a crotchety old man though.

    2. John

      Ya, she’s literally on tape admitting that she physically assaulted him. Took a giant dump in his bed too. By your logic, she must enjoy mixing her drugs with alcohol as well 😉

  14. Malus

    He calls depp overrated but he’s been overrated for some long barely anyone remembers him

  15. Definitely DO NOT AGREE with Brian Cox about Johnny Depp. I mean who is he to be so scathing of a fellow actor. I think he’s just envious of Depp’s previous success.

  16. Laura

    Johnny Depp is a star. This other dude? Who? I’m a Depp fan through and through. And though we have all Mis Heard …pun intended her lies and scrambling to be exactly that

    1. Mikee

      The other dude can actually act, and is not merely a star. Typically, yanks think America is the centre of the universe, so even more typically disparage and dismiss anything that isn’t part of it, hence why you don’t know an actor simply because he isn’t Anerican. That’s because you’re clueless regarding the rest of the world. Wake up and smell the coffee. You aren’t the be all and end all, even though you like to think you are. Bye bye

  17. John

    Ya, she’s literally on tape admitting that she physically assaulted him. Took a giant dump in his bed too. By your logic, she must enjoy mixing her drugs with alcohol as well 😉

  18. Marshall Geer

    Never heard of this guy badmouthing Johnny Depp. I’ve enjoyed many of his movies and disregard these things as just sour grapes.

  19. Christi

    Cox plays the evil patriarch on “Succesion”. He’s a decent actor who has been around forever but I always confuse him with Albert Finney.
    This is just a nasty comment from a crotchety old man though.

  20. Just two words: sour grapes

  21. Cameron

    I really do not agree with this person and he really does not really know Johnny Depp that well and why is he saying that and putting it in a book and that is not right and he should never had done that

  22. Jane Doe

    And now I have to Google who Brian Cox is. Hollywood icon… really???

  23. Sassy

    Brian Cox is just a sad, acne, pox face Scottish actor who thinks any of us care what he thinks! He is trying to garner interest in his boring memoir.

  24. Ann Sterzinger


    1. I seen this never will be and what surprises me is he wrote a memoir? Don’t you have to do something significant to deem it necessary that would require a memoir? ‘RED’ and ‘RED II’ when Morgan Freeman died the whole shee-bang went down hill; even Bruce Willis couldn’t save it yeah Hudson Hawk. The most rememberable bit he did in both was his relentless lusting after Helen Mirren, something to write about….maybe.

  25. Susan Jolly

    Well for real his personal life is none of my business thats between him and God but I will say that as far as his acting career he is one of the best actors I have ever seen! Johnny Depp has played all different kinds of roles in movies and made them unforgettable. In my opinion he will forever be one of the all time GREATS

  26. Catherine Shook

    Who is Brian Cox and why would he write a memoir?

  27. Mack

    Yes Brian, Scissor hands is not very “high minded”. Then again, neither is super troopers….1 or 2…
    Johnny also has Donnie Brasco, a hard core performance with a different accent, and Jack Sparrow, as iconic as the Donkey from Shrek.
    How about you, Brian? can you do accents or do you always sound like a donkey…

  28. Anybody, that goes for B. Cox, and his burning hot performance in ‘RED’ and ‘RED II’ Morgan Freeman was the biggie in this one, bigger than Bruce Willis, but all Cox did was lust after Helen Mirren through both of them. You want to see acting see ‘Minimata’ with Johnny Depp they won’t release it in the States guess it would perform creatures existing under the sea and have seahorses for pets.

  29. John F Richardson

    Who is Brian Cox???? Apparently a nobody.

  30. Sandy Johnson

    I’m sorry, who is Brian Cox? Never heard of him. Had never heard of the ex wife before the messy divorce either… These people seem like opportunists stepping all over the name of Johnny Depp to elevate themselves into fame. I think it’s very sad. I think it speaks volumes that the mother of his children, who he was with for many years has defended him. Airing of one’s messy divorce and making really serious allegations in front of the whole world really raises the suspicious nature of it all.

  31. Kristyl Turley

    Brian Cox is a good actor, but to insult, and encapsulate Johnny Depp in one or two roles, is ridiculous, and absurd. I’m sure in all of Brian Cox’s roles as an actor, there’s a few roles that he might be judged in a way that would be very insulting and embarrassing. Fan or not, this was petty and sounds like jealousy. I loved Johnny Depp in The Tourist, Secret Window, Finding Neverland, and even Sleepy Hollow. So many others that he gives great skill and charm to.

  32. Fay Minshull

    Cox seems to come across as very bitter and twisted
    Perhaps it’s the old green eyed monster again all the hate in this world is derived from JEALOUSY and here is a prime example !
    We all know who Depp is but Cox ? Hmmmmm ?

    1. Karen Keckn

      Who is Cox? I never heard of him so who cares what he thinks! Depp is so loved and supported by his fans everywhere! Don’t ever stop Depp

  33. Brooke Milos

    I swear I’m not BSing: Had a theatre conservatory professor who worked on a show with Pryce. Said in some pregorative language I won’t put in here about how difficult he was to work with given how highly he thought of himself, up to and including refusing to attend rehearsal given his dressing room wasn’t painted the color he insisted on.
    …so take what he says with the biggest grain of salt…

  34. Mike Newton

    How does an iconic actor like Depp get canceled because of a scumbag like Amber Heard. She is another opportunist who has used Depp for all she could, she isnt imppressive at all, she cant act, and Hollywood loves Depp for a few decades but once his defamation trial was public they act like he is garbage. Hollywood is trash central, cancel culture is a witch hunt, and i am so tired of all this gay lesbian stuff jammed in our faces and our children have it pushed on them. I miss the 80s and 90s when it wasnt socially pushed on us, like great be gay, who cares if your straight or gay, but now you have to act like its so awesome, each gay person is so brave, like give me a break, all you fags and dikes are still sick disgusting perverts who thankfully cant reproduce with their same sex partners. I miss when it was socially acceptable to not like gay people and they were scared to come out. Now they teach our kids its so great, .en use girls bathrooms, and pronouns? These people are not great or brave, they are sickos, and i dont want that stuff near me or in anything i watch. Most people feel the same way, just scared to admit it. So keep supporting these fags even though you hate it, and its gonna be in everything, every show. Disgusting, and if we stop watching the gays shows with gay characters, and stop supporting the LBGt crap then maybe they wont throw it in our faces. Let some dude who identifies as a woman go in the bathroom when my daughters are in there and we will see real quick how that he/she feels about going in the girls room again. Let girls who think they are boys play sports with real boys, its gonna be fun watching how badly they get destroyed and injured. Just cause you think your a boy doesnt mean a thing, women have no chance physically, i saw a girl in high school show up to a wrestling meet at my weight class, my coach told me i had to wrestle her, before the match he said make sure she sees what a mistake it is to wrestle a boy, told me to hurt her, had her twisted up like a pretzel in 6 seconds, and pinned in 10. She cried afterwords and said it wasnt fair! She was right, she had no buisness in there. Lesson learned. I am no one, cant cancel me! Hope you all love my comments and it makes you so mad. Go find another man to cuddle with.

    1. Kerry F.

      Woaw, u have some issues dude.

      1. Who Brian Cox & why does his opinion of anyone…let alone Johnny Depp…matter?!?.

    2. Lorna

      You’ve been watching Legend with Tom Hardy hahaha

  35. Kerry F.

    Never heard of Brian Cox, so y is this news worthy? Pffffft Brian Cox. Lol

  36. barney ruble

    johnny is an Icon while cox is another Actor…, he’s not an authority but merely voicing his own opinion w/c i dont bother at all.

  37. Kristin Sophia Sullivan

    Isn’t Johnny Depp a writer? Is it for his talents Disney? I’m gonna have to call Monopoly laws here, as well as, look into Perdue Pharmaceutical kills. From WHITE PLAINS BANKRUPTCY Courts…..we had a Judge White, my daddy didn’t get along with him. Just like Judge Pirro…Fox and The Murget Case, like a friend Loucka being Honey Sherman. Difiori playing kill games..with Amityville Horrors. Disney….shish.

  38. Carol

    I was not a fan of Depp until later when I realised that Depp is pretty versatile – with accents. Apart from the costumes, make-up and the externals, he does get into the persona and character well. Accent is a tough thing to do. I have not heard Tom Cruise with any other accent. In fact Brad Pitt is another versatile one with some accents, but Depp has taken on a much wider range of characters. And that, is what makes a quality actor.

  39. Dianne Meyer

    Bitter much Mr Cox? Quite frankly glad the role went to Jonathan Pryce- it would have bombed if Cox played that role. Newsflash – Flash Gordon has come and gone. It was awesome but you have to let it go sometime and move on. Why can’t you just appreciate another actor’s talent gracefully instead of resorting to that stereotypical childish spoilt brat behaviour. If you want to talk about overrated self entitled actors I think of a million more before Johnny Depp’s name even comes to mind. All this article shows is that Cox is seeking some attention and jumping in the bandwagon to see how quickly he can get his name out there again. Either than or terribly misquoted!

  40. Jeaves

    To be an “Icon” people have to know who you are first. Sounds like this guy’s trying to get famous like a 22 year old youtuber, that clout game.

  41. Feleena

    Sounds like sour grapes to me. I don’t even know who he is so who cares what he said. He’s probably just saying the opposite of what pretty much anyone who has worked with or been close to, to get publicity and I guess it’s working

  42. Judy B

    Who? Never heard of this mouth before. His opinion means nothing !! Awe does Brian need some attention ? Go find mommy cuz no one cares here.

  43. Kathryn Bare

    Depp is a great actor. This guy is a nobody and this article is a waste of space. Amber Heard is a mentally deranged psychopath. I am sure he wasn’t blameless in that relationship, but every other woman in his life came forward as a character witness. She should never have been allowed to adopt a child. I weep for this world.

  44. AMG

    Another actor riding Johnny Depp’s name to drum up sales. A cheap and dirty trick His sour grapes and jealousy looks more like a tantrum in the Hollywood playground sandbox. Aww…poo-pood!

  45. Joanna Coors

    Hollywood icon??? Never heard of him.

  46. Crissy S.

    While I didn’t know Brian Cox by name, I recognized him immediately once I saw his picture. The man is a highly recognized thespian on stage. While I can disagree with his opinion, he is clearly well-respected despite Americans not recognizing his name.

    1. Debra Rusovick

      Never heard of Brian Cox. Depp on the other hand brought Jack Sparrow to life. He has also done an excellent job in other movies including becoming the Mad Hatter, a very believable role. Cox is probably jealous of him.

  47. Sonny Norman

    Depp learned from Mega Icon’s like Marlon Brando and Hunter S. Thompson.
    Wich shows in all His films. He is and Always Will Be, One of the Greatest Actors of Our Tim e. Hat’s of To you Johnny.

  48. Sandra Cunningham

    I think Depp is a great actor. He’s played vastly different types of characters and makes each one his own. A couple times I didn’t even recognize him.
    Pirates won’t be the same without him. I have no interest in watching a Pirates movie without Depp. Maybe if we boycott them & they tank at the box office, Disney will get the hint & bring Depp back.

  49. Never heard of this Cox person, BUT, Johnny Depp I love.

  50. Granny

    Brian who? Johnny drop is amazing.

  51. Cherry

    Never heard of Brian Cox. His only claim to fame seems to be bashing prominent actors.

  52. Darktruth

    Depp is a pedophile who uses and abuses his status supplementing adrenochrome and showcases Illuminati behavior …. He is also a terrible guitar player

    1. Aida

      OMFG which planet did you just land from? ◇◇◇

    2. April Antico

      For the love of God, so back to your Darktruth liar and come off the high you are on. Quite spouting off about something you know nothing of.

    3. Jennifer

      Darktruth… AKA Brian Cox?

      Crawl back under your rock.

  53. Jen

    Okay so let’s assume he’s right about the costumes adding a great depth to the movies with great costumes, certainly they added to the roll. Movies like Alice in wonderland, Charlie and the chocolate factory, pirates of the Caribbean, Edward scissorhands, the one where he’s a murderous Barber, all these movies have great ensembles not just Johnny Depp. But what about movies where this costume design was ridiculous, specifically Cry Baby. Every time I saw certain characters suspension of disbelief was broken and I laughed; however, his acting in that movie genuinely made me feel feelings. His acting in that movie made that movie.

  54. Aida

    This Hollywood star that no one has heard of? I believe that Johnny is the only star in this article.

  55. Sharon

    Who is this Brian Cox? He’s a “nobody” who has no right to criticize Johnny Depp. Johnny has fans and fellow actors backing him up. Cox is just jealous.

  56. D.K.

    Cox is an insignificant, bloated, arse.

  57. Nikki Johnson

    That’s funny coming from a man who’s acting career has meant so little to fans that most of us have to Google him to know who he even is. At least Johnny Depp brought his characters to life and made them not only unique but unforgettable.

  58. Shel

    It really sucks B. Cox name blasts for attention. I guess in Hollywood anything goes, everything is excused, and everyone is godified. Too bad the internet is taking over. People prefer YouTube over movie theaters because they can choose the content.

  59. Fran

    This man Cox sounds like he is one a real you know what and knows nothing . It’s insane how people judge others . I don’t know who he is and will have to google the no name . Jonny Depp is an amazing actor and musician as will . He is awesome in his movies thank you very much . Disney will pay badly for not putting Johnny back into pirates of the Caribbean .

  60. jo

    Keep the faith Johnny. I watch you as the Constable in the Headless Horseman every Halloween season. Love it. The kids and I love to watch the Pirate Movies on a cold, rainy, no outside time kind of day.


    Who’s Brian Cox? JD may have a lot of issues personally but let’s not forget all the other movies he has done that show his full range of acting talent.

  62. Carroll Bou

    Who the f*** is Brian Cox? Name is not even familiar. If he was such a great actor, as his ego seems to think, we would know his name.

  63. Kirk

    It’s funny how I have no face name recognition for the supposed Hollywood icon Brian Cox but I do for Johnny Depp…

  64. JD

    I just want to say that for those attacking Mr Cox specifically for those going “who?” I wouldn’t trust your opinion on anything to do with the wider cinema because you obviously aren’t a fan and just jumping on a band wagon to Depps defence with blissful ignorance (might I add that I disagree with how Depp has been treated also). Cox is an extremely talented individual with plenty of accolades to their name and I would hazard has a much more sizeable catalogue on big/small screen and stage, and is highly capable and respected in his field. He is just being honest of his personal impressions/interactions and not holding his tongue, and at 70+, why not; Holywood needs a kick in the rear!

    Secondly; and that being said, I agree and don’t particularly rate Depp in Scissorhands (nor a few others), however; what they brought to so many other characters is astounding, and feel that although in a completely different playing field to Cox (not saying lesser or greater), should be recognised and should be celebrated.

    1. Pamela

      Wise words of wisdom comes from only one person that I know of such as these! As I have spoken to this person many times and know that you are correct in your take on how Mr. Cox has a right to his opinion whether we like it or not. Everyone in cinema,theater, movies, and films sometimes suffer from roles that do nothing always end up in the best outcome. Others wind up with the best portrayal of what it is intended to become and sometimes even better depending on the actors and actresses or even the screenplays as it is written. Johnny had a way of making each role his own but in the end it is up to his relatives to choose to see the movies and cinema art forms to show their support. However, it is also the production companies choices to allow us the right to choose to see these movies such as Minamata all over the world instead of playing pick and choosing for whom they want to see it. That in itself is a racial initiative not by color but by discrimination and process of elimination!!

    2. Gary

      Actually, nowadays nobody is entitled to an opinion. Or should I say everyone can have their opinion and then be cancelled.

      Freedom of speech died with the ‘cancel culture’, people are no longer free to express opinions without fear of persecution.

      Welcome to 2021, the dawn of the new dark ages.

  65. Cindy

    Excuse me…. Hollywood icon? I just had to Google his name to find out who this man is. From the looks of it he is at best a man who has been cast in costarring roles and is maybe a bit jealous of the leading men and women who he has had the pleasure of working beside?
    Seriously…why else write a book giving what is HIS opinion of his fellow actors if not to try to stay relevant and get some attention. Sad if you ask me.

  66. Lesa

    No…I do not agree with this Cox person…Who the hell is Brian Cox anyway? Never heard of him. Depp is one hell of an actor.

  67. Linda Lentz

    Brian Cox would have been awful as the Governor. And if he doesn’t like Johnny Depp, well I am sure no one cares. It’s nasty he even had any thing to say about a way better actor.

  68. Mae

    I love all the Pirates of the Caribbean installments! How Johnny Depp brings the character to life is classic. Johnny Depp is classic.

  69. Lindaloo

    Who is Brian Cox? Why does anyone care what his opinion is? I just want to say that Johnny Depp is the most versatile actor of his generation. Captain Jack Sparrow is the ONLY reason the POTC franchise has been successful. We will not watch any of the movies without JD at the helm. Fans of the POTC will boycott! I hope they are a tremendous flop and they cost Disney millions!

  70. Mandy

    To comment on such characters that Mr Depp as played part of. Seriously Mr Cox I certainly will not be reading your biography or memoirs. My, my… I do not judge or slam a person into the ground when their career is hanging in the balance. Only those who are in the film industry know what it’s all about. Mr Depp dig your heels in and stand your ground.

  71. Katy

    Have never heard of Cox so don’t really care what he says. Without Johnny Depp making movies, I guess I will take up reading again. Put Johnny Depp back to work and fire Heard the gold digger. She doesn’t even know how to act.

  72. April Antico

    This Cox seems to have a jealous grudge and nothing more. Your 15 seconds, oh sorry, minutes, will soon come a close. In the meantime, all of us true blue fans will stand by Johnny Depp, who could act the wings off of flies. Forever a Johnny Depp fan!❤️

  73. Gayle

    Jealous much!?!?

  74. John

    Overblown? Overrated? I thought Brian Cox was actually referring to himself for a moment (and I’m Scottish)

  75. Jennifer

    Destroyed by a Hollywood icon? I’ve never even heard of this Cox guy. He’s just another nobody with a big enough ego to write an autobiography that will end up in Barnes and Noble’s bargain section.

  76. Lorene

    I will never watch a pirate movie without Johnny. Not watching Disney either. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

  77. April Lynn Baker

    I’m sorry but that series would not be where it is without Johnny. Johnny is a method actor, which means he puts himself 100% into those movies. Why do you think he’s the most paid actor?

  78. Arnetta Thompson

    I’ve never heard of Cox so I’m guessing he’s jealous. Anyone who has followed Depps career knows what a great actor he is. Look at the long and varied list of roles he’s played. Some it’s hard to imagine that’s even Johnny! I’ll stick to my opinion – he’s one of the greatest .

  79. Aubrey

    I have NO idea who Cox is 🤷🏻‍♀️ sounds like a hater to me.

  80. Teresa Schmidt

    Who cares what Cox thinks! IT’S THE FANS THAT MATTER. We buy the tickets!
    Jonny Depp is one of best character actors of all time! Funny that he NEVER had any problems with women, until Amber came along. Some women can be abusive and, although I don’t think a man should EVER hit a woman, sometimes things can get out of hand. So he broke things and threw things around his apartment.. It’s been proven that she lied about things about things as far as the Elevator thing. He’s never done anything before and hes never done anything since and it’s never really been proven that he beat her. So nobody should be banding him from anything.

    1. Tracy Jane Wilton

      In my case if there is no Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates, no watchy.

  81. Barb304

    Johnny Depp IS Captain Jack Sparrow. He cannot be replaced! For me, without Johnny Depp, there will be no more Pirates!!!

  82. Jackie

    I had to look up who Brian Cox is! I have never had to look up who Johnny Depp is! That to me says volumes!

  83. Johnny Depp, is a wonderful actor. Who the heck is this Cox?

    1. RobbieRa

      A BITTER D I C K !

  84. Barbara Schuyler

    No roles were created for Johnny Depp. The roles were bare bones and he created the characters. He is an amazing actor and person. He puts massive amounts of time and creativity in everything he does.

  85. Bonny Pesch

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But seeing as I had no idea who Brian Cox was, his opinion doesn’t mean a whole lot to me. Why would he care about Depp anyway?

  86. RobbieRa

    Jealousy. And he wants negative attention, obviously! David Bowie and Tarantino are on his pet peeves list also- the guy figures he’ll rank on the coolest actors on the block cuz he’s such a freakin’ drag!

  87. Danna

    Now, who is Brian Coxx?

  88. Datura

    Brian who?????

  89. Mary

    Brian Who???????
    …. Enough Said~☆!
    P.S. Love You ❤#JohhnyDepp~☆!

  90. V

    Johnny Depp is a unique talent and style that cannot and will not be replaced whether people appreciate that uniqueness or not. It is undeniable. Brian Cox isn’t a bad actor but he likely won’t be remembered beyond his own lifetime. There’s nothing special about him. He can act just as well as the next guy but he could just as easily BE the next guy. What he says about Edward Scissorhands is actually laughable. If anyone can put on hands and makeup and get Depp’s results, I’d love to see Brian Cox put on the same hands and makeup in the remake 😂😂😂. I don’t dislike Brian Cox but his comments make him look ignorant and petty. 🤷

    1. John Murphy

      Agree. What is Brian’s issue i wonder. Johnny Depp is currently the best actor in his field. He has it all. Looks, charisma, kindness and generosity. Brian must some jealousy issues. Probably playing second string to Johnny wouldn’t have gone down very well..lol 😆

    2. Judith Berge

      I like Johnny Depp and have enjoyed his talent in several movies. I don’t know a thing about Cox but there doesn’t seem to be any valid reason to disparage JD’s acting. His roles don’t type-cast him, but Jack Sparrow blends his wow pirating with undeniable quiet humor believable for a sneaky leader of a hard-working bunch of sea rascals. Nice talent!

  91. John Murphy

    Disagree totally. Brian Cox, while a great actor in his own right, seems to have an axe of some kind to bear. Couldn’t agree with him if he paid me.

  92. Clare

    I am disgusted by his obnoxious and narrow minded attack considering he has never worked with Johnny. No one could have brought the depth to Edward Scissorhands that he did as he portrays so much yet barely speaks. He brings so much more to his roles than hair and make up.

  93. Sandee K Olson

    Johnny Depp is an amazing person and actor no one else could ever play Jack Sparrow as he does.

    1. Tracy Jane Wilton

      Could not agree more with Sandee. Johnny’ s characterisation of the mythical Pirate
      Jack Sparrow is pure genius. JD is a marvellously talented character actor, but can also portray real people like John Wilmott 2nd Earl of Rochester “The Libertine”, James Whitey Bulger “Black Mass”,
      John Dillinger “Public Enemies”,
      George Jung “Blow”,
      W . Eugene Smith
      Russell Poole –
      “City Of Lies”.

  94. Edwin Hamilton

    I think this guy sounds like a hater jealous of Johnny Depp’s success. What happened to professional courtesy? You don’t have to be a fan just keep your opinion to yourself. It’s a much better look.

  95. Scello

    Cox is basically unknown. He’s nothing compared to Depp, he’s a fantastic actor!! And had been known as a great father. I think cox is jealous, plain and simple. Johnny is so much more then just Jack Sparrow or Edward scissors hands. He’s a damn rock star.

    1. Tracy Jane Wilton

      Agree JD is a rock ⭐️ Star. He is fantastic with Alice Cooper, Joe Perry, Tommy Heinrikson and Jeff Beck “The Hollywood Vampires”. I saw them live at Wembley. Johnny was fantastic on guitar but also singing “Heroes” by David Bowie.

    2. Tracy Jane Wilton

      Loved Johnny and
      “The Hollywood Vampires” at Wembley Arena. Fantastic show.

  96. Gail

    Lol, who the hell is Brian Cox??

  97. Lynn Carol Feinn

    Really? Over rated? Who is this Brian Cox person anyway? You know nothing!! I’ve been following Johnny Depp and his career since he was a virtual unknown in the 21 Jump Street series. So leave him out of this!!! You’re just jealous of someone who’s immensely talented ,not only in acting but in other things as well.

  98. Jennifer Lynne Crabtree

    My question is how many people had to look up who Brian Cox was I’m guessing a lot

  99. Stella Polic

    The only film I remember you in is Red, credit Helen Mirren for that, yet I can recall all of Depps films. You and Depp are miles apart in age and education as well as the start of your respective careers. It would seem to me the crude comments should never have been printed in your book. Perhaps you should work on your character.

  100. Mar

    What has come out is that Johnny Depp is the one beaten and had heavy projectiles thrown at his head by Amber Heard. She is apparently the agressor and batterer.

  101. Heidi

    I feel like this Cox guy, whoever he is, doesn’t know what real acting is. You can out on a costume and makeup and still not be an actor. It takes the actor to make the character, otherwise if we just put makeup and costumes on everyone, all you’d get is clowns. Depp is amazing and will go down in history as being one of the best actors of all time. You can’t say he won’t because we all know it’s true.

  102. Imelda Guzman

    Who is this Cox guy? Never heard of him. He is entitled to his opinion, but some things need to be kept to yourself. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t want another actor bashing him like that in public. I think his ego is hurt or who knows maybe he is friends with Ms. Heard.

  103. Jacqueline Scrocca

    Brian who?????

  104. Michelle

    Brian Cox? Never heard of him and don’t care. I’m sure he is just mentioned Johnny in an effort to get someone to buy his book.

  105. Anne Taylor

    I have had Johnny in my life since “Cry Baby” Johnny Depp is a BRILLIANT, MASTERFUL artist.

    amber heard is scum of the earth

  106. Sounds like Hollywood jealousy. If he is such a bad actor then why would he have so many followers. Opinions are just that, everyone had them. Personally I have never heard of this person. Love Johnny Depp’s acting and the roles he has played. Will always watch his movies.

  107. Sharon

    He’s making the mistake of believing that anyone cares what he thinks.

    1. Sharon

      And of course that happens when people begin to think too much of themselves.

  108. Fistan

    Who the hell is Brian Cox?

  109. Lisa A Gutheridge

    Well obviously this Cox person is jealous. I mean, who the hell is he anyway? I have never heard of him. But Johnny, he is a legend. Enough said.

  110. Tess D. Alcantara

    Jack sparrow is jack sparrow. No one can ever replace him. He’s good and a brilliant actor. Maybe jealousy is the root cause of the unfair comments because he ‘s not as good as jack sparrow as an actor.

  111. Penny Douglas

    Johnny is one of my favorite actors of all time. Not only has he worked with some of Hollywood’s all time famous icons ever, such as Al Pacino, Marlon Brando, and so many others, but he has played music with the most famous music icons ever, such as Sir Paul McCartney, Keith Richard’s, Alice Cooper, etc. Brian Cox is just jealous he is not the most fun, cool, incredible actors Johnny is.

  112. Susie

    Mr Cox is just irate because he is not as famous as Mr Depp. Nor is he as talented.

  113. Kim Gomes

    Who is Brian Cox? I have never heard of him🤣

  114. Gareth

    Cox who?? Never heard of him but he sounds toxic.

    1. Gemma

      Brian Cox is a Hollywood icon?

  115. Heather

    I do know who Brian Cox is but he’s nada compared to Johnny Depp..nobody can bring these crazy funny characters to the screen like Johnny can.

  116. I added a post but guess it wasn’t to the liking but as for Cox don’t know him just have heard him. Not a real actor. As for the love of my life John Christopher he is definitely an actor all around. They can say what the wish to say about him. It does nothing,. His vindication will be soon enough. Much luv

  117. Why do my comments not show? Anyways Cox is a body he has to hide in voice overs and in books nobody will read.

  118. Love you my sweet husband ❤️

  119. Rebecca

    I will release into evidence Benny & Joon, Chocolat, and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape as to the why the argument is flawed and in bad faith.

  120. T

    Yeah the title of this article could have easily been ….. Veteran Actor Makes Useless Comments To Sell A Book.

  121. Judith Berge

    I like Johnny Depp and have enjoyed his talent in several movies. I don’t know a thing about Cox but there doesn’t seem to be any valid reason to disparage JD’s acting. His roles don’t type-cast him, but Jack Sparrow blends his wow pirating with undeniable quiet humor believable for a sneaky leader of a hard-working bunch of sea rascals. Nice talent!

  122. Nikki Schoessow

    I stopped being a fan when he shot off his mouth about assinating the President of the United States who got nominated 3 or 4 times for a Pulitzer peafe prize I sure as hell dont see Johnny Depp with even one of those nominations

  123. Nikki Schoessow

    I stopped being a fan when he shot off his mouth about assinating the President of the United States who got nominated 3 or 4 times for a Pulitzer peace prize. I sure as hell dont see Johnny Depp with even one of those nominations.

  124. Ryan

    Cox has been in some pretty awful movies too, like the x men character he played, a bunch of cheesy horror flicks, among quite a few other movies like pixel & so on. He does some great movies but has done so many if you add them up probably a lot of garbage movies bs his great performances too where Depp at least picks his rolls & Edward sizzerhands is a classic & amazing. Granted he had a simiplish roll he was outstanding in it & most couldn’t make that work… sounds like someone is jealous & instead of Brian Cox turning down a pirates of Caribbean roll he probably got turned down & is just bitter & jealous which is a bummer bc I really like him too….

  125. Johnny Depp is agoid actor, but his character, Captain Mad Hatter Wonka has pigeon hold him. He has a better range than the roles he has taken. Liam Neeson, Jeff Goldblum, and even Sean Connery play the exact same character whether regardless of the type of movie role.

  126. Kelly Hyson

    I had to Google Brian Cox. Hardly iconic.

  127. Vickie

    Mr. Depp, is an amazing actor! In all of the years he’s been acting, I’ve never heard of him doing any wrong! Until, her… How long have they been together? Why do something about it now? An abusive person, does not just start abusing. It’s something they’ve done most of their life! She’s broke, and wants this money! Brian Cox? Who the hell is that?! You’re mad, because you gave up a part thinking; this movie won’t make it, it’s garbage! If it’s so bad, then, why is there so many sequel’s? Dude! You’re jealous, and you want his ex! I hope Mr. Depp, is cleared soon, and he can move on with his life, and get back to filming! We miss you!

  128. Kim Bartelt

    Justice for Johnny Depp!!!
    Always a fan, then and now! WB and Disney should hire the actor back. He made pirates the way it is today.
    I think this Cox blogger/wanna be writer/actor is completely off the chain, no wonder you do voice overs lol. Not many actors get completely dressed up in a character role and go to a local hospital dressed up to surprise kids who are sick or terminal. He is Hollywood humanity at its best. He gave so much to charity and look what happened? People turned their backs when he was in need of help. Every story has two sides and why people are so quickly to judge Johnny but not Amber who ruined his career, why not fire her from Disney and WB films?! Johnny needs justice!

  129. Margaret Waynick

    RRRRR, me thinks someone is a tad bit jealous!

  130. Kat

    Come on people, Brian Cox was the actor playing the Russian character in the film Red. You may not know the name but you know the face. I’m a Depp fan but if I was a director that had to choose between Brian and Johnny for an Oscar role I’d prefer Brian. He brings more internal conflict to the table. But that’s my opinion. 🙂

  131. Lynne

    Oh, so Mr Cox never saw Finding Neverland, my favorite of JD films.

  132. Hey

    There is only one Jack Sparrow and there is only one Johnny Depp and they are the same I’ll never watch another Pirates of the Caribbean without him

  133. Joe Galina

    Depp was Hunter S Thompson in Fear and Loathing. He became him. He is one of the best actors around! Who the hell is Brian Cox? Never heard of him.

  134. Wendi

    Who is Brian Cox? Um, I’m assuming somebody who is a nobody and is jealous?

  135. Kaylan S Dunaway

    Not sure who Cox is, but rest assured I won’t be watching anything he is in from here on out.

  136. Mark C. Still

    Hi. You’re asking me about Depp and Cox? I’d rather talk about you and your editors. Brian Cox offers one quote and you deem this a story? You’ve said nothing that all of us don’t already know. And this sentence: “who have to singe heavily petitioned.” What the heck does that mean? Could we all take the time to proofread our work? Please, for your own self-regard, do something meaningful in your life. You could set the world aflame! But not with this.

  137. Frank

    And the award for bitter washed-up actor goes to…

  138. Sheila

    Who is Brian Cox? Sounds like a jealous, pompous blow-hard to me. Johnny Depp is a superb actor, and brings a flavor to his characters that no one else can. Bravo, Johnny…fight on friend!

  139. S. Pennell

    Ok, first of all- WHO?
    Pretty sure this guy will only ever be known as the guy no one knew, who tried to bad mouth Johnny Depp.
    Have a seat sir. You’re embarrassing yourself.

  140. Chris Quinton

    Rofl I thought I was the only one who didn’t know who the hell Brian Cox is. Obviously no one important.

  141. No John Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, no Pirates movie without him.

  142. Roger

    Who could possibly care what Brian Cox thinks or says? You’re a real class act, Cox. Save your envy for your next unsaleable book.

  143. Roger

    Who could possibly care what Brian Cox thinks or says? You’re a real class act, Cox. Save your envy for your next unsaleable book.

  144. Kirstie

    I actually really enjoy Brian Cox’s acting. He’s been in many great films. But. I highly disagree and am very disappointed in what he’s said. He’s just plain wrong. And Cox has starred in films some would say are highly controversial like The Ringer in which he gets his nephew (J. Knoxville) to pretend to be disabled so they can con and win the special Olympics. Yeah. Maybe Cox deserves some of his own medicine and that be tweeted about from here to Sunday cause I’m pretty sure everyone forgot about that film but not me. I was mortified.

  145. Ray Laska

    I notice many comments asking, “Who the hell is Brian Cox?”
    Brian Cox is a frumpy, dumpy actor who over many many years has never given anything other than a one-note, utterly forgettable performance.

  146. I have been friends with Johnny Depp since 2007 he is a Gentleman and a very good friend of my family to this day. He would never do such an act of hitting a woman, never. Our family stands by Johnny’s side and always will, we talk frequently especially lately . I will stand by him. Our children love him very much. Our family loves him very much. And believe him. And I’ll be at that trial, Amber Heard is a lunatic and should be on medication that’s just my opinion.

    1. Tracy Jane Wilton

      Agree with Lori, Johnny is a gentleman who would NEVER hit a woman. Heard on the other hand has history / form for violence towards her former partner Taysha Van Ree and her own sister Whitney Henriquez. I’ve had the honour of meeting Johnny seven times at UK premieres. He is a charming, patient, caring man. His fans love ❤️ him very much. He is so humble and shy with a wonderful sense of humour.

  147. Sandy Robertson

    Brian Cox is a fine actor but a very bitter man. He also snarks at Sir Michael Gambon in his book. The reason he loathes him is because decades ago they were in a play together and Cox boasted that tv producers were coming to give him a role in a series, but when they saw Michael’s performance they chose him instead! Cox has never gotten over it. Michael told me the story himself. He calls Cox “old big head”.

  148. Tracy Jane Wilton

    Brian Cox is a jealous z lister; whereas Johnny Depp is an A list actor plus a musician, artist, director and producer. I have met Johnny Depp at seven UK premieres; he is very charismatic, kind and especially sweet to children, those with a disability and the elderly. He is a very humble and kind man and exceedingly humorous.

  149. Tracy Jane Wilton

    Johnny Depp is exceedingly generous, helping British, American and Canadian charities. In the past he has funded a Northern family centre, a Brownie pack in East Anglia and Great Ormond Street Hospital.

  150. Tracy Jane Wilton

    Disney have made a huge mistake getting rid of JD as the legendary Capt Jack Sparrow. Warner Bros too are idiots, he was the perfect Grindelwald and they believed all the horse s**t coming from Scamber Amber Heard and her motley crew. Heard is the violent one not Johnny Depp.

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