Comments for $50 Million ‘Black Widow’ Lawsuit Deemed “Weak”, “Dead on Arrival”

scarlett Johansson as black widow natasha falling

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Chris Kinney

    Love how he professes to know everything about a lawsuit he had no involvement in.

    1. Get

      …about a contract he hasn’t seen.

  2. D.A.

    I do love articles talking about something without saying anything at all with any knowledge.

    Stop reporting opinion as facts, it’s not only tiresome, but misleading also.

  3. Jollyjeff

    Right, just another attempt to make a total Disney defeat seem like a victory.

  4. CJ Brown

    Opinion – it is fair to assume that Scarlett Johansson wanted a Payday similar to Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr (quite frankly, after a decade of working with Marvel? I think she deserved it!) …. said Payday would involve a long enough theatrical release that would be profitable enough to pay out a percentage (ie say 1% on total gross?) after the Film became profitable in Cinemas.

    You can’t expect any Film to be profitable in Cinemas if there’s going to be a simultaneous theatrical and Disney+ release (it could take until after the physical home media release before a Film is deemed profitable) …. but you can do a better job negotiating with your Actors in the event distribution is going to change due to a pandemic (not just Johansson, but everyone in the Film).

    Bob Chapek is terrible when it comes to negotiating with Talent (those skills go to Alan Horn, who is now retiring from the Walt Disney Company!) but Bob Chapek is also a Cheapskate that’s already damaging the Disney brand with his actions.

    Some form of compensation took place that Scarlett Johansson found acceptable, even though her time in Marvel is over (like Dwayne Johnson, she will have a new working relationship with the Walt Disney Company) and it’s possible the precise amount of compensation will remain private.

  5. Scootrv

    Let’s see… High powered lawyers say lawsuit was DOA and like pushing a boulder up a mountain… Yet the article states that 1. Yohansen seemed pretty pleased by the deal. 2. Disney settled out of court 3. She’s going back to work for them. Lol. Yeah sounds like she really got her lunch eaten by big bad Disney Mr smart lawyer man. Remind me never to hire you.

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