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Credit: Bob Gurr

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  1. Lisa Yetman

    First off, Happy Birthday to Bob! Such a wonderful gentleman! Second, here is my memory of Bob: Several years ago, I attended the D23 event at the Contemporary, where Bob was one of the featured speakers. Later that day, my son and I were admiring the mosaic tile mural that was the brainchild of Mary Blair. Someone else came up and asked if we had seen the five-legged goat. My son said that we had not. I turned to see who had asked the question and there was Bob! He pointed the unusual critter out to us and mentioned its history and also that Mary had put it there as a bit of a joke – kind of like a Hidden Mickey. He gave us a big smile as we thanked him, then he continued on his way.
    Another memory of that same event happened during the event closing evening party and my older son and I had our photo taken with Bob. Upon hearing my son was an engine mechanic on C-5s and other planes for the USAF, they had a nice chat about various ways that things were made to go, etcetera, and some of his projects he’d worked on in the past. Talk about the icing on the cake…my sons and I all had great memories of Bob!

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