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Credit: Universal


  1. Dr. Sheldon Cooper

    This makes no sense. If the coaster requires a speed of 70mph, launching it at 80mph is unnecessary, whether they are launching from a dead stop or from a baseline speed of 69mph. I suspect that they applied more ACCELERATION I’m order to achieve the necessary 70mph. I also suspect that the safety engineers would be extremely unhappy if they were to read that a ride rated for a top speed of 70mph was being operated at 80mph.

    1. Coaster_guru

      Not entirely true almost rides can go over their top speed easily. Kingda Ka for example which was built and designed by the same manufacturer has a “top advertised speed” of 128mph. The ride can be launched faster than that if need be and they usually launch it faster so it doesn’t roll back but they usually don’t announce that they do it.

    2. Sunita

      It does make some sense. I’m no physics expert, but if the ride design calls for the train to be moving at 50-55mph prior to the second launch, then acceleration would have have to be significantly boosted in order to give the train the momentum needed to clear the top hat. I can see how the train may have reached 80mph during that process. Reaching 80 mph and operating at 80 mph are 2 different things. And those in line can see how fast the train is going through the glass window in the control room.

    3. Michele

      Yahhhhh it goes slightly faster but not 80 mph. And by slightly, I mean 73mph. So no, the 80 did not happen.

  2. Trent

    Yeah. This didn’t happen. More power maybe, but not more speed. This article should probably be taken down. It makes both Universal and this website look bad.

    1. Michele

      Only 3 mph more.

      1. CJ

        Just once I wish inside the magic would post accurate information. When the train stops in the boost area, it is repositioned, sent backwards a bit to gain momentum, and then launched forward. It does feel different than a normal boost only due to the fact that it accerlates from a lower starting speed to the max speed. Please stop continuously posting inaccurate information.

  3. Tommy Dodger

    “it came to a stop and needed more momentum to make it over the top hat.” That must be a very tall top hat.

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