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Universal Hollywood

Credit: Universal


  1. D

    Until my experience is one I can look forward to, without anyone judging me, I’m going to save my money.

    1. Gern Blanston

      We’re already judging you!

      1. Kamm

        Absolutely right!

      2. Sammie

        This is the most ridiculous thing ever!!
        The whole world needs to “MASK OFF”!!!
        Let’s get back to normal!!!
        How did the human race survive this long without wearing masks with every illness that came out?
        We have more medicine and technology now more than ever!!!
        There is a 99.9% recovery rate!!!
        WAKE UP!!!!!

      3. Carol

        This makes me sad we bought passes for the whole family but unfortunately we (me and husband) aren’t getting vaccinated and so we won’t be able to go anymore. All that money for nothing. I personally hope this gets better, it doesn’t make sense on the vaccine requirement is there a refund I can get.

    2. Julie

      I can’t have fun with a piece of cloth on my face!

      1. Josh

        600k+ dead Americans were too dead to laugh at you Julie. Thanks for being selfish

        1. Douglas

          Stop being a bully. I’m sick and tired of people who think it’s being selfish

        2. Douglas

          No you know who’s selfish, celebs at events like the Met Gala and the Emmys.

          1. Kamm

            I don’t know about the Met Gala but everyone at the Emmy’s had to be vaccinated.

          2. Sue

            They didn’t have to wear a mask but the help did.

        3. Jeanine

          You’re just an idiot. I suggest start getting the real facts and education on this virus (bioweapon) and jab.

        4. Sue

          So what did the other 2.1 million people die of? Over 2 million people die in this country annually. I’m sick of you idiots who don’t realize covid is not the only disease that kills.

      2. T.M.

        I agree.

        1. T.M.

          I was agreeing with Julie about a masked face.I am okay with the shot if someone wants it (not forced) masked faces however should be a personal choice as well.If someone is not masked and it scares you walk away and hold your breath.

      3. Doctor No

        What do you say to guys who use that same line with you in bed about a condom?

    3. T.M.

      I’m not judging you.

  2. Marcos Suitland

    These barriers make it so that my family and I will not be going to the California location. Sorry Universal (and Disney).

    1. Sally

      Sounds good! More room for people who consider the health of others!

      1. Kevin

        You people are afraid of a virus that has flu like symptoms. The faster it goes through people, the faster it can mutate. Viruses don’t mutate to kill more people. They mutate to become more infectious and stay alive longer in their hosts. Preventing the virus from spreading prolongs this process.

        1. Kamm

          You’ve been drinking the Orange man’s kool-ade.

          1. Chris B

            Trumps not in the white house anymore. Not sure if you know that. Not sure why you’re infactuated with him still. Kinda creepy.

          2. Sue

            Basic science.

      2. JM

        No way we will return until they remose all of these stupid health requirements. I hope they are ready to post even bigger financial losses on their accounting!! #boycott

      3. Sue

        Your health is your problem. Stop buying into the garbage they are selling you.

      4. T.M.

        I’ve always just went to Disneyland to have fun, I left the health of others to others.

    2. MrsWeasleysTwin

      I won’t be going to Universal Hollywood anymore. 😪
      I’m 51 and survived this covid. But my antibodies, which are better than the shot (which doesn’t prevent anyone from getting covid) as my friends in the medical field confirm, aren’t good enough for LA county. They’ve lost my business. I’ll just have to look through photos & relive the good memories I’ve had there.

      1. Eugenia

        You are right. Studies prove natural immunity is better and lasts longer. This is about control for money. People actually voted for this new fascist way of living too. Fear mongering, it worked……..

  3. Gern Blanston

    We’re not sorry!

  4. Jp

    OF Course Not !!!!!!

  5. Marsha

    Yay! This makes me so happy. I’ll renew my annual pass now. Wasn’t feeling safe before but thankfully common sense and science has prevailed.

    1. Sue

      Your health and your safety is your problem. You could have worn a mask the entire time. Other people are not responsible for your health.

    2. Sharon G

      Your trust in the FDA & WHO Is scary. They approve very dangerous drugs like Ambien that kill people daily all to make $$$. The people who talk about being “safe” are the ones who will be controlled & give up all freedom for false safety

      1. Eugenia

        And the major funding for the FDA used to be taxpayer….now it’s the very corporations that are supposed to be regulated by them! Conflict of interest I would say, definitely not trustworthy. Science isn’t just science anymore; it’s a branch, a part of capitalism now thus can be corrupted by such. I believe the virus is real but I also believe it has been corrupted and the end game is trillions of taxpayer dollars, injecting every man woman and child all over the world, every 6 months for the rest of their lives! It’s Big Pharma’s wet dream come true and people are too blind to see it. Now the rest of us, our lives changed, ruined because of it.

    3. Diss

      Get the jab if you want to feel safe. If you don’t feel safe after that, why did you get the jab?😜

    4. Nick Jackson

      I hope you are kidding Marsha. Common sense and science are not prevailing in California.

  6. ConcernedDisFan

    This could of been a big chance for Universel to show that there not living in fear. But instead they are following the “orders” and liveing in fear. Will not be going to Halloween horor nights or any CHRISTMAS party (since some other theme parks forget the TRUE MEANING of the season)

  7. Sally

    This is ridiculous. Nothing makes sense anymore. They’re requiring masks OUTDOORS right when they’re about to mandate vaccination or a negative test. I feel like we’re living in an episode of the TwIlight Zone. Apparently, no one making these rules believes in the effectiveness of vaccines or they wouldn’t require masks indoors and outdoors even when vaccination is required. LA has a very high vaccination rate and numbers are going down. Are we ever going to be able to move past this? I’m sorry, but masks will never become normal to me. I’m sticking with Knott’s Berry Farm- it’s the only place that has managed to maintain some semblance of normalcy and fun these past 18 months, and they’re allowing people to make their own decisions.

    1. Sharon G

      It is all about compliance & control. The elites only put on masks for the cameras then take them off again. The rules do not apply to elites. The peasants are expected to comply. Here in Florida we have a great Governor who has allowed businesses to reopen, theme parks to flourish, people to get outdoors & get fresh air without injuring their breathing with masks on. The media lies about how many are in the ER – I actually went to all of the ER rooms in Orlando to verify & they were not full of COVID people just normal injuries

      1. Jamie

        It’s basically slavery & control by the Dem Administration. If you believe all the nonsense they tell people, they are part of the problem

      2. Michael

        “I actually went to all of the ER rooms in Orlando to verify”

        ….. Suuuure you did. Security would have kicked you out before you got your foot in the door.

  8. Bryan C

    Man now I don’t regret selecting Knotts Berry Farm and Sea World as my go to theme parks. No masks required there

    Now you see why I hate LA County since March 2020

  9. J

    Another reason why people and businesses continue to flee the state of CA. When will common sense come back? If a place is still going to require masks, they don’t need to be requiring vaccination. Which is it? Does it work, or doesn’t it? I’ll stick to giving my hard-earned vacation dollars to places that allow you to have a choice.

  10. Tommy Dodger

    So now that vaccinations are required they are putting back the outside mask rule. Makes perfect sense.

  11. Jamie

    Doesn’t matter if you’re vaccinated or not, you can still get it & spread it. Doesn’t matter if you wear a mask or not, you can still get it & spread it. Best thing to do is enjoy life. I’ve worked throughout the pandemic without time off for a shutdown. Had plenty of overtime too. Taken 3 vacations to different places. The numbers are completely wrong, the scare factor is completely ridiculous, & anyone who listens to the media & President for facts on it is ridiculous. Social media won’t allow true facts on it & everything that helps with symptoms & natural immunity, the government wants banned or won’t tell you. It was just a flu virus that was manually created, now it’s a political weapon to scare us & use to control people. Especially since the ones doing the controlling were completely against it in the 1st place until now. Plenty of videos to show the hypocrisy. I won’t get vaccinated & if there’s hate because of it, you’re the problem too

  12. asoupo

    I have zero inclination to pay to wear a mask at a theme park, or anywhere else for that matter (and yes, I am fully vaccinated). I’m quite done pandering to the fearful, and fearmongering, elements of society.

  13. Sylvia

    If you want to wear a mask wear it if you want to get vaccinated do it but don’t mandate it for the parks. Everyone can choose what to put on or in their own body. So for me I will answer your question with a final no!!

  14. KenR

    I am so glad I don’t live in California. What a nut house.

  15. VP

    My family and I are very excited about our upcoming trips to Universal and Disney. This new development has not dampened our excitement. Its a small sacrifice we are willing to make to visit the places I grew up with as a former native of Cali.

  16. Jax

    Universal Studios just jumped up to the top of our travel list, once our little ones can be vaccinated. I’m glad LA County cares about its people and visitors enough to take these safety precautions. Saves lives, get vaccinated!

    1. Mike

      Your children dont need a vax. They have healthy immune systems and the natural ability to colds and flu’s

  17. Mike

    This magical place of LA county, where apparently viruses constantly hover in the air…but not across the street in Ventura county. Must be the same as how placing an order at a Starbucks counter is highly dangerous, but 10ft away is a table with a magical shield that kills viruses, which you could sit at all day unmasked. Oh, the idiocracy.

  18. Melanie

    No, my family and I will not attend. I am okay with wearing a mask indoors, but not outdoors. Fresh air is healthy, and already proven the spread doesn’t occur outdoors. Smarten up Universal, or lose many customers! Follow CDC Here!

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