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United States President Joe Biden at The White House

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  1. Bill Nye not a science guy

    Best idea this President ever had. Hope Disney and Universal decide to go forward with this.

    1. Finally some common sense thinking, I agree 100%.

    2. ???

      Why does Biden look so confused all the time?

      1. frostysnowman

        Because he’s wondering how people like Mark, who commented below, are so ignorant.

      2. might be the dementia

      3. KenR

        Could it be senility?

      4. JD

        No, this wack job has no business telling a dog what to do much less people!! Disney please give your patrons the benefit of using common sense. I have reservations for February and if I have the shot or not I will cancel them if you mandate a card or proof of a test. That is none of no ones business. Go back to mask everywhere if you don’t feel safe. Remember this man has severe mental problems. He should be concentrating on Afghanistan and getting the rest of our people out.

        1. LOL

          Sounds like someone who doesn’t have their shot to me.

        2. yoyo

          Anything this president says comes from his staff. His mental issues have shown that. So yeah to his staff… Bring it on. proof or stay home… Lets get our country back.

        3. Laurie R Kotakis

          Why should President be concerned about large venues being vaccinated, while illegal immigrants are allowed to come into our Country unvaccinated?
          This looks a very hot like ” manipulating” certain groups of people, while allowing millions of unvaccinated immigrants into our borders ( especially southern border) & then flying the illegal immigrants ALL over America! This is insane & ludicrous! Mist Americans do NOT believe or Trust Biden, bc he says one thing about protecting Americans from large venues, BUT allows for millions of undocumented & unvaccinated immigrants to flood our Country & spread the Covid virus! Yet, the next breath telling us to get vaccinated & warnings! WHY Biden did you allow millions of illegal immigrants into our Country since February of this year? Are you insane or seriously demented? Americans deserve a COMPETANT PRESIDENT not one that is mentally UNFIT to serve our people the United States??
          We the people deserve BETTER!!!

    3. Lexy

      It’s against the Constitution

      1. yoyo

        its not against the Constitution when is a national crisis. Required Americans to get polio shots because it became a national crisis. Biden not saying you have to get the shot. U can always choose to stay home. America has tried it the non vaccinated, its your choice, way for to long. Its time to stop it and get our lives back.

    4. Bruce

      Make sure you wear your mask forever.

    5. K

      Absolutely NO, Bill nye, not a science guy!

    6. Denise B.

      People like you believe everything they are told to believe without question; and, just like parrots, you repeat everything you are told to believe.

      Here in Florida, our governor protects our rights and freedoms against the godless commies that people like you support. Vaccine passports and asking for someone’s vaccination status are illegal here.

      If you want to continue to live in fear for something the global elite propagated to progress their agenda, do the rest of us a favor and keep yourself locked up in your house.

    7. Sue Swift

      Absolutely agree.

  2. Mark

    Best idea this so called president had? Man, he hasn’t had any ideas. He’s so anti-American in everything he’s said and done he should be tried for treason. If you think he’s good, you must be a libtard. Even Dems are embarrassed by his failures at everything he says and does.

    1. Whats embarrassing is idiots like yourself thinking you know better. Typical Trump supporting moron.

      1. Jackie

        It will be interesting how this plays out in Florida given that I thought the Governor of the State has banned private companies asking for vaccine passports for entry?

        1. frostysnowman

          As far as I know, DeSantis carved out an exemption for theme parks, knowing there’s no way he could stop Disney or Universal from doing such a thin.

      2. Beverly

        You are
        On target about Biden. But why not stay on topic? As in yes theme parks should require vacinations.

        1. Rich

          And what about all the people who have acquired immunity from getting Covid already which is a large number since 99% of people who had it recover just fine. Are they excluded?

          1. K

            Amen Rich!

          2. Eugenia

            Oh boy yes, we must protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated. How moronic does this thing get?

      3. PAlterBoy

        Marsha, let’s just take one of your topics, shall we? The US produces far more oil than it consumes. That’s a fact. The US exports into the global market because it *is* a global market and the price isn’t set by the US. It’s globally traded. The US would have exported about 1/3 of the oil from the pipeline, raising our exports a total of about 25% more than today.

        Summary: we already produce far more than we consume, we export because we have to – it would be insane to stockpile all the over production we create, and the pipeline would have added to both of those.

        Facts. The more you know.

        1. Rich

          If that were true, the South American oil producing countries couldn’t sell their gas as cheap as they do to their citizens if the price was dictated globally. We used to be oil independent, not anymore. Fact.

    2. ChadMC

      He has been one of the Best presidents ever. I am proud to say that I supported President Biden and will continue to do so.

      1. Marsha

        Name one thing Sleepy Joe has done that’s positive. I’m waiting.

        1. PAlterBoy

          1) Vaccine distribution – Trump sure couldn’t figure that out.
          2) Vaccine mandates – literally the only way we will get to herd immunity without killing hundreds of thousands more people in the US
          3) Getting out of Afghanistan. That was Trump’s commitment, right? Biden did it, Trump didn’t.
          4) He didn’t encourage a hostile takeover of our federal government. That, in itself, is enough.

          1. Chris B

            PAlterboy were you born a wack job or are you just pretending to be one. You sound like a brainwashed liberal if youre going to actually defend Biden. Stop and go get some help.

      2. Lexy

        You must have dementia like he does

      3. Cheryl King

        You need to climb out from under your rock or stay off CNN!! IF you follow the Presidents opinion (yes opinion) you will lose so many people in the job field. I dont think people realize that this mandate will cause so many more shortages than what we have already. If you have to beg a health care worker to get the shot after they have been taking care of covid patients for the last year and a half then that should be a warning sign to you all. They must know something more than we do being they are in the medical field. Think really hard about that and get some common sense. If vaccinated people can still spread covid then they are also at risk just as the unvaccinated. If the unvaccinated choose to not get the jab then they have chosen the road they want to go down. They are no risk to anyone else but themselves. If the vaccine is supposed to do what they are telling you then you are safe and wont die if Im correct. Please read and research. If you are getting the info from CNN you are sadly misinformed. Peace out!

      4. Dan

        What has this idiot done for you? Have us taxpayers pay off your school debt?😂

    3. Kristine Christ

      Ditto Mark.

  3. Drew

    Yes, Disney, please. Check the vax cards, lose the mask mandate.

    1. Dan

      Oh yes! Show your card idiot! You people are ruining this nation!

  4. l.

    Terrible idea!

    1. Ditchthemask

      You’re right! Joe has nothing but terrible ideas to offer.

  5. Jet.Screamer

    I thought Joey the demented old circus monkey said there would be no mandates because the vaxx was working?

    1. Ditchthemask

      Vax doesn’t work. And neither does Joey’s brain, bless his heart.

  6. Michelle

    I find it very strange that people are giddy about telling other people they are forced to make a potentially life changing decision. They’re not absolutely furious about the rock and a hard place China and Fauci have put everyone in because of the virus they created. I would never be giddy knowing I might cause another human being (especially a young person) to develop blood clots, myocarditis, memory problems, immune problems for life, etc. Funny the left used to be bleeding hearts. Now they want to bleed your heart literally.

    1. John

      Pro vax, totally anti mandate. The government cant force you to receive medical care. Freedom is more important than safety, hard stop. See you in court.

    2. Drew

      I don’t know who is giddy about this, the whole thing sucks for everyone. But why is it always the left or the right? The side effects you have listed are rare, while unvaccinated people keep getting the disease and actually dying from it. It’s a probability issue, unfortunately, and odds just have to be played at some point. Nobody is entitled to a life without risk or illness.

      Also, I don’t think anyone is being forced to get the vaccine. They just have to get it if they want to assemble in large groups. Just like when you have to show proof of multiple vaccines to enroll in a school or the military. All those other vaccines have potential side effects as well.

      And as much as I agree with you about China, what is the recourse? Go to war with them? Live our lives being angry? We have to move forward somehow, and the vaccine is the only solution that is ever coming, unfortunately.

      1. Michelle

        Only solution huh? Ever heard of hydroxychloroquine, antibody treatments, or ivermectin (which has been used in other countries and has been known since the ’80s as a very safe drug).

        1. Drew

          So billions of doses are coming, and they’ll create nationwide immunity?

          1. Michelle

            Cuz the vaccines are so effective at preventing breakthrough cases. Ha ha. They’re so effective they need boosters after only eight months. Is the government going to threaten the entire nation every eight months? They don’t know long term effects of these vaccines, and they don’t even know what the boosters will do to people. Why do you think two FDA people resigned. Yeah, great strategy.

          2. A

            Michelle, it is down to five months now. Three weeks after they announced eight months, they made another announcement saying, nope, only five months. This whole thing just gets sillier and sillier. Give it some time and it will be like the flu shot. Once people realize that it is a constant chase to keep up with new strains and it really sinks in how low the mortality rate is now that millions upon millions of people have had it and survived, the panic will subside and the only people who will be after the shot will be the very at risk (the same group that gets a flu shot religiously), and the very scared. (Provided the media-driven fear machine finally shuts down at some point and common sense takes hold again)

        2. Tamara Dowd

          Is it the shot you hate or O’Biden mandating it.

        3. Melody Finwick

          You’re 100% correct. We have good drug therapies that work. The vaccine has proven to be ineffective. I do not support this mandate. Mandating an ineffective vaccine is NOT science.

      2. John

        if they can compel you to do this, what else can they compel you to do? ” Give me liberty of give me death.”

        Nor does the vaccine prevent the spread- though effective against severe disease, you can still get it and spread it. So much for “protecting your neighbor.”

        Besides, if you want to make a law, pass one. Had it with these executive orders/ admin state “rules.” The founders are rolling in their graves

        1. EricJ

          Except for Washington, of course, who ordered a mandatory smallpox vaccination for his men during an outbreak during the Revolution.

          1. Ha

            The mortality rate of smallpox was 30%!! The mortality rate of c19 is what? Like 2%?

      3. Sue

        You are so wrong. It is the vaccinated that are dying

      4. Anonymous

        Actually people at Disney and many other companies are being forced to get it if they want to continue working. Which is causing many people to lose their jobs.

      5. K

        The side effects are not “rare” Drew. They are real & absolutely happening more frequently than you know. The “health” sites from the government don’t want to let people know the truth. Do some real research. Then tell all those thousands who’ve experienced terrible & possibly permant damage just how “safe” you think the shots are.
        Mandates are unconstitutional & is medical tyranny.

    3. frostysnowman

      The aren’t furious at Fauci because Fauci didn’t create the virus.

      1. Michelle

        He helped fund the gain-of-function research. Plenty of evidence he did this.

    4. Bill Nye not a science guy

      Don’t really understand why it’s a left or right thing. It’s a right or wrong thing. Speaking of finding things strange…You are so worried/concerned about the vaccine and “alleged” side effects, yet have you ever read the ingredients in the food you consume? I guess it’s nice to choose what one can be ignorant about. Good luck and health to you!

  7. Brenda

    Great idea, too many especially young children who are not able to vaccinate. I would assume this would then make masks optional as another layer of protection.

  8. Is this Constitutional? His other mandate on businesses with 100 employees is not Constitutional. States are warming up the law suits. Biden is anti-business. If you want the covid numbers to come down, stop letting in covid infected illegal aliens. Jen Psaki said they are not going to require illegal aliens to get the covid vaccine. What’s up with that?

    1. Ha

      Things that make you go hmmmm.

  9. Ha

    He’s not the president

    1. Michelle

      He’s not even presidential.

  10. IHD

    Could care less about what Disney does. I hope their entities crash and burn. Considering the vaccinated can catch and spread covid this is just stupid. Look how well it’s working for cruise lines. The new mu variant is vaccine resistant. Old senile Joe is always way behind what’s happening. The delta surge has peaked and is declining. This is just a power grab to keep folks in line. Has nothing to due with your health. If it was they’d have allowed effective treatments to be used as other countries are doing. Instead it’s take the jab, still wear a mask, take another one, still wear a mask, etc. soon it’s mid terms and the lockdowns will start. SMH. Just a distraction for what he did in Afghanistan and killing that innocent family with a drone strike.

    1. Ditchthemask

      You’re absolutely right!

  11. KenR

    Worst President ever. Senile and stupid. I’m not sure who is actually running the country given his strange references such as “I was told not to take questions “. Interesting how so many are giddy and happy with the prospect of ONE person making an executive order dictating who can assemble, how they can gather, what they must do to their body in order to travel and assemble, and that they must wear STUPID masks. All over the exaggerated fear of a virus with an extremely high survival rate. A virus that has virtually the same effect on children as the flu. And they said Trump was like a dictator. “My body, my choice”? Not according to the group of people who actually act as President behind the scenes.

  12. Tracy

    NO, I am heading to Disney this week and will not have the time to get a test done, and do not want this vaccine, my choice, everyone one should have a choice…

    1. Chris B

      Then cancel your trip and dont go. Dont be the idiot who throws a fit at the park entrance. Dont embarass yourself.

  13. Bye-den

    People actually listen to this old man? He doesn’t even know where he is most of the time. He constantly spews incoherent gibberish. Joe belongs in a nursing home.

    1. yoyo

      This current president doesn’t have his own thoughts. Everything he says comes from his staff. When he does make a decision, Americans get left in the middle east even though he said he would not leave any American person. Which says we should hope anything he reads came from his staff and not his Dementia type brain.

  14. Bye-den

    You mean like CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, and all of mainstream media? Yup, agree.

  15. Jamie F

    Best way to kill the economy yet. The dictator forcing people not asking. Maybe more would be vaccinated if he wasn’t so anti-vaccine before he got elected. Maybe the people in his administration should tell the 100% truth on the vaccines. He’s been a complete liar along with Fauci since day one. The truth is there are major side effects for some & the new strain still effects the vaccinated along with undetermined long term. That’s the real reason & it’s understandable. I’ve has the flu vaccine twice in my lifetime & I’ve been the sickest those years than I have ever been before. Natural immune is better for me & I’ve been tested on it. So no I don’t want to get it if it does lower your immune system the way the flu does. But the hate towards everyone that isn’t vaccinated needs to stop. It’s ridiculous. Live your life & stop telling people how to live theirs.

    1. Meanmama

      I don’t know who you people are listening to. The vaccine DOES work. Over 90% of the people now hospitalized have NOT been vaccinated. That’s a fact. Including children. My grandchildren and your grandchildren. Do you really want children to die because of your precious “freedom”. Well, I have the right not to die because you are selfish. Save people and get the vaccine. How do you think we beat polio and smallpox and any one of a number of diseases that have been all but eradicated by vaccines. This is no different than getting a flu shot every year. You do that, I can only assume you do that, but maybe not. It’s nothing less than playing Russian roulette with people’s lives.

  16. Jan

    I hope Disney does not yield to this discriminatory practice of pitting vax against non-vaxxed people. They will lose so much business on top of what has already been lost. If those that have had the shots are so sure the vaccine works then why are they pushing it on others? Some of us are so over all these mandates and the freedoms that are being taken away. I, for one, will not be forced to take a vaccine that I do not believe in.

    1. DeNell

      Completely agree, there is no need for this. The already jabbed are protected, and those of us that have had it are protected. Government overreach exceeded by 💯. Disney has gone so woke they will probably bow down.

    2. yoyo

      you are not being forced. You can choose to just stay home.

  17. Rich

    Disney should support “My Body, My Choice” since they’re so woke now.

  18. SueSue

    This is completely unconstitutional. The government needs to get out of the way and let the people get on with their lives.
    In response to many people above, get your facts straight.
    We reached herd immunity last year. The number of deaths from covid have not added one more single death to the average number of deaths since 2015. Israel has the highest vaccinated population as well as the highest number of cases and deaths which they attribute directly to the vaccine. The FDA did not approve the vaccine; only a name change. The covid vaccine has proven to be ineffective; since March 2021 90% of all current hospitalizations are vaccinated people; 100% of all children hospitalized from covid are vaccinated. We have 3 proven therapies that work rendering the vaccine unnecessary.
    Biden has become a dictator; he has zero authority to mandate anything. He is using Trump’s vaccine and plan to distribute; the precise one he said he wouldn’t use. Biden left us in a deplorable situation in Afghanistan (Trump’s plan would have brought everyone home with the equipment).
    The government has NO constitutional authority to declare a health emergency nor mandate anything to anyone about their health. PRO CHOICE. Roe v Wade it is my body my choice – you either agree with that or not; you can’t have it both ways. If I, as a woman, have a legal choice to have an abortion or whatever over my reproductive organs, then WE ALL have the legal right to decline a vaccine that we believe is more harmful than good.
    Under HIPAA laws theme parks CANNOT legally ask you about your vaccine status.
    Look at VAERS; in 31 years there have been 5,031 deaths from all vaccines combined; covid vaccines have already succeeded that number and the vaccine has only be available since November 2020.
    And, remember this, it was Bob Iger of WDW who first introduced the mask. He is not a doctor. Masks do not work. The mask is a symbol that you have silenced and you will do what you are told.

    1. Can't Handle the Truth?

      Considering 99% survive just fine, I doubt they need to worry too much about hospitalization.

  19. Chris B

    R.I.P. “honor system” Now people will have to be honest to get into the parks…..oh wait nah the idiots will just game the system and go buy a completely free fraudulant vaccination card off ebay for 100 bucks and pretend they’re fully vaccinated.

  20. KC

    If Disney follows this anti-Constitutional power grab from biden & his “regime,” I will definitely CANCEL our trip! NO ONE has the right to tell a person they have to take any “medical procedure” of any kind!! Especially with a shot that has not been fully tested, but is proving to be dangerous. This is medical tyranny!

  21. Denise B.

    This godless commie can go pound sand!

  22. Y

    One word: Lawsuits

  23. OB-1

    First of all, vaccine’s aren’t what protects you from l viruses, it’s your immune system’s ANTIBODIES along with T-Cells, B-cells, etc . . . If someone has ANTIBODIES for a certain disease no matter how it was obtained, then they should be GOOD-TO-GO.

    In any large gathering event that will require proof of a negative test or immune to a certain disease, I think they should be fair about this whole thing and require proof, from a person is FREE & CLEAR on ALL diseases that are out in the world today before entering into ANY LARGE GATHERING EVENTS/PARKS.

    It’s not fair to PICK-&-CHOOSE disease or DISCRIMINATE against one disease. You test for ALL or test for NONE.

  24. Janet Waters

    No. He shouldn’t mandate vaccines at all. It should be a choice. Also, if you had Covid you have natural immunity. This beats any shot! He wants to be a dictator and not a leader. You need to ask yourself-Do you want to be controlled by the government always? If so, then you are not living in a free world.

  25. Dan

    This guy is an idiot! this nation has gone to crap, actors, big tech, health industry, government, people better put down their phones, and Starbucks coffee and start seeing what is about to happen! We are slowly loosing our rights!

  26. Mandy

    Nope – people should have a choice. I’m vaccinated, but believe that the people that do not want to get vaccinated understand their decision and that’s on them.

    1. Eugenia

      Thank you Mandy!

  27. Ronald Paladino

    This is the worst idea this puppets’s handlers have come up with for him. Natural immunity and antibodies protect you for so much longer than these useless vaccines. Also we are entering the endemic phase of this pandemic. It is being reported in all the free countries that are left in this World. Endemic means that the virus will continue to mutate and travel around the world season to season just like colds and the flu. There is no “ending” the virus with some magic shot.

  28. jo

    I am not much for slow Joe but for once his staff has gotten it correct. Show proof of vaccination or stay home. He did not say it is federal mandate for individuals to get the shot. So you can still make your own choice and simply stay home. Have Walmart deliver your groceries.

  29. Eugenia

    Yes, we must, as Mr. President said, protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated. Guess the vaccine doesn’t do anything? Or is it about control to rake in trillions of dollars and who knows the long term effects of these vaccines, twice or more yearly, over the years? But large corporations will be even richer, due to our complete faith in data that’s been manipulated. Now the unvaxxed are modern day lepers, except they aren’t even sick. How moronic are people these days?

  30. Laurie R Kotakis

    Why should President be concerned about large venues being vaccinated, while illegal immigrants are allowed to come into our Country unvaccinated?
    This looks a very hot like ” manipulating” certain groups of people, while allowing millions of unvaccinated immigrants into our borders ( especially southern border) & then flying the illegal immigrants ALL over America! This is insane & ludicrous! Mist Americans do NOT believe or Trust Biden, bc he says one thing about protecting Americans from large venues, BUT allows for millions of undocumented & unvaccinated immigrants to flood our Country & spread the Covid virus! Yet, the next breath telling us to get vaccinated & warnings! WHY Biden did you allow millions of illegal immigrants into our Country since February of this year? Are you insane or seriously demented? Americans deserve a COMPETANT PRESIDENT not one that is mentally UNFIT to serve our people the United States??
    We the people deserve BETTER!!!

  31. Kelly Haines

    We will cancel our trip if Disney requires either testing or vaccines.

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