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tom holland as Spider-Man

Credit: Marvel Studios/Sony


  1. EricJ

    Oh, in the CARTOON, big deal!
    Sheesh, don’t scare us with headlines like that.

    1. Adam

      I thought the same thing dude. It’s like wtf it’s animated, here I was thinking they just got rid of an awesome Spidey.

      1. Yamothamotha

        Tobey Maguire is the best one

        1. Wendy Usher

          Tobey Maguire was the best what? Certainly not Spider-Man LOL

        2. Brad

          Tobey Macguire isn’t the best anything


        In all honesty, they’re probably going to recast Spiderman for the big screen too. Holland has made 3 movies now so they’re probably going to look for someone new to take the mantle.

    2. Rick

      Idc I want a wanda zombie !!

  2. Elmer

    Lol more stock market manipulation. Save time by reading the comments and not this sheer crime stuffed article.

    1. Tressie McCarty

      Omg..I almost cried!!!

  3. Ryan

    It’s really not that deep, lots of actors didn’t reprise their roles for What If, and we already knew NWH would be Tom Holland’s last movie, they’ll most likely set up Miles Morales in it

  4. Boggles

    100% agree with this statement. And it was completely inaccurate with even the What if? series. The zombies were ported in? Wtf? Watch the episode…do some research.

  5. A SPOILER ALEART would’ve definitely been appreciated!!!

  6. I hate the idea!!!! Tom Holland is and always will be the BEST SPIDERMAN MCU or anyone has ever had. He is a very talented young man and his acting and acrobatic skills are awesome. CAN’T BEAT A GREAT TALENT LIKE THAT + he has the looks and the youth to go a long way . DON’T BLOW IT AND LOSE A GOOD THING NOW LIKE SOME OTHER ACTORS.

    1. Poe

      Looks like someone read the headline and not the actual article lol

    2. KC

      Spider-Man is the important character here any decent actor can play the role, how about we use an American actor instead of all these English and Australian guys

      1. Joe

        Cause the English and Australian tend to have the best actors

    3. Anon

      You fool.

  7. Endurance 👮 Official

    What’s going on here.
    Please Don’t let this wHat If of a thing disturb me.

    Replace or no Replace
    I don’t believe the Big Headline up there.
    Thank you.

  8. Benlee Yansta Kot

    That’ll be great Tom Holland replaced by Thame. Tom is just a new kid on the block but the way he acts and reacts on interviews is just put me off and hate him .🤫

  9. Gammal Rocket

    Don’t mean to burst any bubbles bit he was to busy film no way home and the other movie he did in between.

    It could still be the case with Sony and Marvel at loggerheads.

    Sony you are the devil lol

  10. Cdizz

    Guys..it’s an eye catcher for sure, but they’re not lying. He did get replaced, just in the animated series.

    I’m sure like most I got baited into clicking it due to the headline, but it ain’t all that bad. Just breathe a sigh of relief he didn’t get replaced in the movie screen.

  11. Acan Skywalker

    Tom Holland’s, Peter Parker/Spider-Man in my opinion made the best Marvel movies to date!

  12. Wray

    Didn’t change much for me especially that it was Josh Keaton who had been spiderman already in Spectacular Spiderman and in marvel vs capcom series from 3 and up. So I’m totally fine with it.

    1. Flo

      Keaton is voicing Steve in What If, not Spidey.

  13. Hilton graham

    Isn’t he from England I like the first Spider man better .They last ones were too silly and too damn short.

  14. Jiyu

    Who cares? It’s not like Holland was the only person to ever play Spidey – four different actors have played him in live action (including the awful, mercifully short-lived TV series from the 80s), and probably over a dozen more have played him in various animated series and movies. It’s just a voice role, the person cast doesn’t matter as long as they get the character’s personality right.

  15. David Braun

    Look this is the worst Spider-Man version yet. For one it’s the death of Peter Parker’s uncle that leads him to be a hero not iron, Man for two Peter Parker made his own spider suit was not given to him by another hero, I’m a old school Spider-Man fan and only people that know the original story understand how bad they messed this up. Tom Holland is the worst Spider-Man of all three. When I watch the movie it seemed like Peter Parker Tom Holland’s Spider-Man was more obsessed with iron Man done being a superhero the new version of Spider-Man starring Tom Holland seems to be only targeting the gay culture I have no problem with gay people but it bothers me when you turn one of my best heroes into a gay hero and completely strip his identity to what makes him Spider-Man. This isn’t Tom Holland’s version of Spider-Man this is Robert Downey Jr’s version of iron Man’s version of Spider-Man.

    1. h

      agreed, except for your homophobia, marvel in general has gone to s… since Disney

    2. Kennedy Thomas Haagen

      Lmao Tom’s Spider-Man isn’t gay, dude.

    3. Wendy Usher

      Spider-Man isn’t gay, whether Tom Holland’s playing him or not. And Tom Holland has not been playing a gay Peter Parker or a gay Spider-Man LOL
      Have you missed all the parts in all the films where he’s crushing on the girl (Zendaya’s character) the entire time?
      In any case, I’m not sure what a superhero sexuality has to do with literally anything.

    4. Thomas

      What are you even talking about?

    5. Lolstillno

      When’s the last time you read a comic let alone anything that wasn’t a street sign?

      You speak for fans when clearly your cling to the character stems from Rami movies and tv shows.

      It’s fine to speak your opinion but to claim this is going against the “originals” that you clearly haven’t read is absurd.

      Whole Spider-Man has always been more self sufficiency. Ironman is a great excuse for how he gets access the tech he literally could not create in the comics.

      I’ve seen more accurate YouTube videos with webshooters than we’ve ever gotten from the cannon. At least ironman explains away how he got the tech…

      1. Lolstillno


        I’m sassy not literate.

  16. Jark

    The description of the episode, summarized near the end of this article, is confusing; nobody alive or undead in What If Zombies is/was from *another* alternate universe or popped in from the “main” MCU universe?

  17. Annie

    The latest version of What if…? was the worst episode of the series. I love the concept and liked the few first episodes, but turning characters into Zombies was (for lack of a better word) stupid. It cheapened the stories and characters so many people have come to love and that was a big disappointment.

    1. Noah

      I mean it was a story originally told in the what if comic series soooo…

  18. DH

    Ok, they’ve carried it all way way too far when they started introducing zombie Spiderman into the so called Spider verse, the shows, movies and comics don’t make any sense anymore.

  19. Dang Tom Holland was the all time best Spiderman and all ways my favorite

  20. Bob

    Your wrong the reboots of spiderman have sucked immensely all of them.

    1. darkjediknightmare

      No, Sony had every right to do reboot for several reasons. First, the falling out between them and Andrew Garfield was the main reason for this happening.
      Therefore, Sony and Marvel chose to use a much younger Peter Parker, much like the comic books did, which features him in high school.
      Personally, I think this was what the plan was from the beginning of the MCU.

  21. darkjediknightmare

    Here’s why Tom Holland isn’t part of the What If….? series: because he’s technically on Sony’s payroll and the deal he has involves two movies and nothing else. If he were to do anything outside of that contract or sign a side deal for the What if…? series, it would open up a legal can of worms for him and Marvel/Disney.

  22. AC Dev Myles

    Personally, I think it’s time to be done with Spiderman, they layed the groundwork for Spider-Gwen I say explore that with Dove Cameron or Peyton List as Gwen Stacy

    1. RobO

      Cumberbatch played Sherlock Holmes as well as Downey.

  23. Michael S Rollison

    If they ever replace Tom Holland I’m done with Marvel. He has Been the most true to the comics and Tobey Mcguire was a train wreck. Still upset about scarjo.

  24. Dustin

    I think Tom would have done a great voice over but I am okay with Hudson Thames doing voice overs for an animated Spider-Man but I don’t see him as a the live action Spider-Man. Leave that role for kids that don’t look like the popular cool kid jock from HS. Peter Parker is supposed to be the awkward nerdy kid that suddenly gets super powers.

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