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  1. Just passing through

    All I hope is it isn’t hyper woke. I love inclusivity but wokeism is always done in a confrontational way that just divides people. If the Lucas arts is smart they will keep the modern politics out. The game is timeless no need to modernize it

  2. Michael

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure this was Kathleen’s plan all along.
    Every bit of Star Wars needs to be made woke in her eyes…
    and it’s pretty damn annoying.

    1. Ha ha

      So are you.

      1. Knights of the Woke Republic

        Don’t be late for the man-hating trans furry meeting later today. Be sure spit at any male or possible heterosexual that you walk by on the way there!

        #SmashThePatriarchy #ImAMoron

        1. Nelby

          Good to see you publicly melt-down and parrot every bit of populist jargon you can come up with. Incel much?

  3. Mitch

    No idea who this person is that the article refers to but anyone who highly praises the sequel trilogy should be kept away from Star Wars going forward, Kathy Kennedy included. I swear, if they ruin KoTOR then I’m out.

    1. Aaron

      I admit that I hope it’s not too woke and that they don’t change the story too much. That said, I’m also hoping that they use this as a way to bring KOTOR out of Legends and into canon. Either way, I’ve noticed that some people, (both fans & staff,) are over-confrontational on Social media about Star Wars. I get that both groups love it and for different reasons, but geez be polite in how you express that.

      1. BlackSabbath

        Terrible decisions. 1. Why would anyone be hired when remaking one of the most successful games ever? You have a story, do not change it. 2. Pleasing SJWs = angering existing fan base. Take a look at the epic fail High Republic. Thousands of fans were turned off before it even launched because all the wrong people were hired. Sure enough, they have delivered what we thought: Pure garbage. Here comes more!

    2. Andrew

      True that.

    3. Not leaving a Name eithet

      We do not need to like anything this is free country and we are entitled to our own opinions and our own cannon that doesn’t have to conform to anything

  4. Will the brand new “Knights of the Old Republic” also be in canon stories from both Del Rey Books and Marvel Comics?

  5. Matthew Robinson

    I’m sorry but she is right, star wars fanboys are the worst fans in all of entertainment.

    1. BuxarooBanzai

      And? People want good content, and the mentally deficient troglodytes who made the last 3 movies shouldn’t be anywhere near SW. Why? Just look how badly they did. Stop blaming the fan base for their own lame stories, the market proved that we are right, and the Kathleen Kennedy types were completely wrong.

      And bte, I’m very liberal, I hate Trump asuch as anyone, but even I get tired of wokeism being shoved down my throat at every movie made. Take for instance the mental defective reviewers who keep going on about Dune being about the “white savior” trope: they show their own ignorance and prove they know nothing about the Dune books and how it’s ANTI white savior (or any savior, don’t trust charismatics heroes).

      1. jinglo

        Easily tr-tr-triggered, eh? The best thing you have going for you is white skin? Imagine that? How sad.

        1. No

          What a garbage thing to say. Btw white skin doesn’t give you anything. If you have nothing useful to say I suggest you stay on twitter.

    2. Andrew

      Nah, MLP is.

  6. I’d give my name but I don’t trust other Star Wars fans

    This is definitely only a subset of fans. There’s an entire probably sizable corner of the fandom (largely what they’d probably call woke) who have ignored what became canon around KotOR for years. We definitely don’t want a Keanu Reeves movie lmao because we didn’t play in a “canon” fashion, and twenty odd years is a long time to be fighting with the “but the boring thing they turned Revan into via the book and SWTOR is canon and you need to like it.”

    Anyway I think the grand majority of us in this corner are just mad that it’s PS5 exclusive. I’m hoping it comes to PC at the same time. I haven’t waited almost 20 years just to get console-blocked by Sony.

    1. Mitch

      I’m pretty sure I read somewhere it’s for PS5 and PC. No?

  7. SWFan

    So basically a chick who is not a fan of the game and is highly well known for being sjw. Cries hypocrite when saying she’s thrilled to work on a game she admits is not her favorite. The other thing is is being an exclusive and the fact bioware isn’t on board with the story telling. It’ll definitely tie into the movies and shows story wise like fallen order and battlefront two and squadrons has done. Sadly it’s probably going to be chalk full of PC garbage, walking on eggshells so as not to be offensive and be more focus on the other side of the gender group since the particular person working on it fits all that.

  8. Grumbli

    Imagine seeing a writer who not only hates men with a passion but hates the main demographic of your company’s product line. This writer also hates the very game you’re remaking, along with the original version of Star Wars. Then imagine that they hire her to remake the very game she hates for the very group of people she despises. Now imagine those same people are still employed in a year. I can’t.

  9. Patton

    If i’m a stockholder, I am pissed. This is such a horrifingly bad decision that it almost seems designed to self destruct. If I owned stock I’d ask for an investigation to see if someone is intentionally trying to devalue company.

  10. Mitch

    While I agree with you, unfortunately, the reality is the opposite: Disney does what they do to make money, including ruining Star Wars. While fanboys (or girls?) like you and I love the true SW material before Disney’s appropriation of it, there is an absolutely HUGE market in pumping out garbage material like the sequel trilogy and titles like this one which, sadly, will ultimately become another notch in Disney’s belt of super-smash successes because of the sea of kids and jokers who eat this $h!t up.

    1. FJ13

      I really wish I could disagree with you, but I just can’t. It seems you are right; Disney doesn’t really care what the fans want, and are only in it for the money.

  11. ChadMcDudeBro

    You know, it is possible to be a Star Wars fan AND shut the **** up?

  12. Eric M

    Why in earth would you need a writer to reskin an old game with better graphics?!

  13. Not leaving a Name either

    We do not need to like anything this is free country and we are entitled to our own opinions and our own cannon that doesn’t have to conform to anything

  14. Not leaving a Name either

    We do not “need” to like anything this is free country and we are entitled to our own opinions and our own cannon that doesn’t have to conform to anything

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